Myolie, Tavia, Linda, and Fala Fight For Best Actress Award

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After Charmaine Sheh left TVB, the Four Fadans, Myolie Wu, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung, and Fala Chen fight for the Best Actress Award.

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  1. Haha, this video is pretty funny. I’m so glad they left Kate out of it at least. 🙂

  2. The winners for best actress year doesnt seem exciting no one really stood out this year. Only person that received much attention is Linda Chung but I doubt she’d win since a lot of people say it’s too early for her to win the award O.O

  3. I think this year either Myolie or Tavia will receive the TVB Best Actress Award. Either one of them wins is good because they are more deserving than Linda or Fala. Eventhough Linda’s acting is much better than Fala.

    Personally, I’m rooting for Tavia. But, if Myolie gets the award, it’s alright too.

    1. Lucia,
      Based on roles and audience reception this year-to-date, Myolie Wu may have a slight leading edge over Tavia Yeung this year for the Best Actress Award. It will be a close contest this year…

    2. Based on merit and audience support alone it should be Myolie. Her two roles so far are well received by audience and her upcoming role in The Queen of Queens look very promising.

    3. I think it’s either Tavia or Myolie as well. However, I do have to admit that Myolie’s roles were more promising this year, unless Tavia has a surprising breakthrough in Men With No Shadows.

      1. I agree with what Sure-lee said!! Even this year Tavia has acted in many drama, but her roles no prominent than Myolie Wu.

      2. Yes Myolie shined with her roles this year. Tavia did not. From the previews Men with No Shadows will concentrate on Raymond more so Tavia having a breakthrough is unlikely for now. Besides that Myolie also has an interesting role in Queens of Queens

  4. The clip is so cute! Rotten Apple’s anime. They should make a studio for this, haha.

  5. Based on this year’s performance, I’m hoping that Myolie gets Best Actress. I liked her in both of her roles so far this year and the good ratings for both her series so far definitely count for something in TVB.

    Tavia’s best role this year could have been from The Truth but it sucks for her that she was sick at the time of filming. Also, Linda’s role overshadowed hers in Yes Sir, No Sir but her role is also more of a supporting one to me. Fala is not very convincing as a Madam in Lives of Omission.

  6. I’m rooting for Myolie. Her acting is overall better than them. This yr contestants ain’t very strong.
    Linda’s role mayb b praised by netizen in Yes sir due to her improvement, but it’s really too soon for her to b TV King.
    I would rather pick tavia, Fala or even Kate instead of Linda. Mayb she will win best female character instead?

  7. I;m rooting for Myolie too!Base on her two series this year and TVB’s plan to air Queen of all as an anniversary series is already a MERIT POINTS for her!

  8. Based on this year out of the nominees it’s Myolie. Linda is famous but she’s only a supporting role. Tavia and Fala are lacking.

    Yay no Kate 😀

  9. It’s really unfortunate for Myo and Tav to be compared with Linda and Fala when they are clearly their seniors. If Fala and Linda can be grouped together with Myo and Tav, then Myo and Tav should be able to be grouped together with Charmaine. Charmaine entered only 1-2 years before Tav and Myo. However, Linda and etc. entered 4-5 years after Myo and Tav. TVB clearly treats Charmaine like Queen. Even Tav and Myo have to hail to the Queen.

    Before, I remember the rising fadans were Myo, Tav, Shirley, Bernice. Also Michelle Ye, but she left. And Leila and maybe Niki, but they’re not with TVB. Now only Myo and Tav remain popular with TVB. Sharon and Nancy should also be in there, but they are too underrated.

    If Linda, Kate and Fala weren’t so loved by TVB, they should be in same generation as Selena, Natalie, etc. But no.

  10. If Myolie win the award, she will be the first actress from her ‘generation’ that will the Best Actress/Actor award.

    1. She was also the first one out of her generation to win the Most Improved award(2002), wasn’t she?

      1. Three 79-ers Myolie, Raymond and Tavia are given chances in Golden Faith, but Myolie acts wonderfully as Yan Yan and grabbed her rightful award 🙂

  11. Anyone who is in doubt about Tavia’s promotion and wonder why she’s not in the list of new fadan should be reassured by this info now.

    TVB high executive Virginia Lok said in a radio interview with Eileen Cha (CRHK) that besides heavily promoting Tavia Yeung and the four new fadans Fala Chen, Linda Chung, Myolie Wu and Kate Tsui, TVB is also giving chances to Nancy Wu, Selena Li, Natalie Tong and Aimee Chan.

    1. *knock knock*

      Wonder if TY fans will go to praise 620 like mama now or not.

      I bet No :P.

      620 is still maltreating TY because she dun give 620 luxury bags. LOL.

    2. Forget to comment: I like 620 to promote Nancy Wu, Selena Li and Aimee Chan. Hey I put Natalie’s name out :P.

      1. Ah Natalie. I missed the fresh faced Natalie that I saw in The Seventh Day(Sasa). I thought she was a cute and attractive young girl.

        Perhaps it’s the grown up process, but when I look at her now, I don’t find the same attractive Natalie anymore.

      2. Masharu,
        Agree Natalie was very pretty in The Seventh Day and even in At The Threshold of a Persona. With her increased promotion, perhaps the overworking has also aged her. I felt her face was a little unnaturally swollen in “The Other Truth,” to the point where she looked as if she received some sort of derma filler to plump up her face to make it look more youthful.

      3. I see her charisma in FH2 but not now. Now she seems to be blur.

      4. You serious? Aimee Chan? Yeh thanks to Moses, she’s being promoted/noticed now…..

        Oh Natalie/Bosco pairing annoyed me in The Seventh Day. Wasted lots of screentime – Niki/Kevin storyline was a lot more interesting.

      5. I see her charisma in FH2 but not now. Now she seems to be blur.

        I saw her potential in The Seventh Day. I like Don and Sasa’s chemistry and I think this girl has a Korean youth chic-cute looks to her. Now she had lost that chic looks and easygoing acting that I saw back then.

      6. Haha, Fox, I want Nancy too! Aimee is more promoted than she deserves. Nancy is much more likable than her.

        As for Selena, I like where she is at now. I’ve came to accept that she can’t quite lead a series on her own. Or if she did, I wouldn’t be rushing to the stores to rent her series. She is likable, but she doesn’t have the ‘big sister’ feel.

        I was never convinced of Natalie’s acting until Fistful of Stances. I still don’t like the way she speaks and it prolly has to due with her Fuzhou (or Suzhou or wherever she is from, I forgot) accent. She is kinda boring in Sentinel. I think she is becoming boring again. She was merely lucky in FOS.

      7. I want to see new face. It’s too boring to see same faces series after series in 2011.

      8. @ Chriselle

        “I was never convinced of Natalie’s acting until Fistful of Stances.”

        I find Natalie overact big time in FOS. Like Funn said, she’s always so dramatic. In one scene where she and Yuan Qiu’s character was asking Domonic where was their husband/father, she went hysterical when she hardly knew the man.

    3. I also notice Natalie tong appeared in a number of tvb series lately.. I guess that answers why.

    4. Yay, I’m happy for all these names… except for Aimee. Other than her relationship with Moses, I really don’t get what they see in her. Her acting is not up to par and her enunciation is pretty awful. I wish they would give her more supporting roles instead of pushing her to lead roles so quickly.

      1. so glad that i’m not the only one who like watching aimee chan, doesn’t get the hype of her promotion, she definitely need to polish her acting skill, way too exeggerating imo.

      2. exactly, now my question goes to.. why aren’t they promoting more of Sharon Chan??
        Ammmiee is really undeserving.. ughhh

      3. oh the person below reminded me.. prolly Mandy Wong is even more deserving than Amie. Mandy’s acting is so much more superior than hers.. really dont get why tvb is willing to promote an overseas bimbo.

      4. @hello

        I think they are promoting Sharon more now. She was out of the public eye for a while due to an injury but it looks like her and Fala will be the female leads in a series with Roger Kwok.

  12. Never like Myolie, I just don’t like her acting nor seeing her face. I’m hoping Tavia will get it.

    1. I feel the same. What is her acting in Ghetto Justice. Just so annoying with her acting and facial gesture. If it is not for Kevin Cheng, and other 3 guys and Joyce Tang the series is really suck. I like her Assistant acting better than her.

      I would love to see Tavia to win the award.

      1. Mandy Wong(girl who plays her “assistant”) had soooo little screen time on that show, she deserves more!! I think she’s a great actress, and should be promoted more!! Can’t wait until a series where she gets to be the female lead!!!!

    2. I share the same sentiments…I will go for Tavia rather than Myolie. Tavia looks so cool in The Other Truth but a bit disappointed because there is still no news for part 2. And the dramas Tavia acted in are really excellent. Hope she will win this year.

    3. co-sign what’s the hype with her anyway she is very ordinary

    4. Hong Kongers don’t like Myolie. That’s why she has never won any popularity awards in recent years. Tvb was so desperate to give her an award that they created a best dressed award one year just so that she could appear on stage to collect something..

  13. Yeung yee or hung yee one of them should win the best actress award ka yan its just way too early & the reason why she got so much attention its cause of the yes sir, no sir miss koo and fala she’s just cute, i dont think she is good actress

  14. Has anyone read this magazine article? A kalafe (extra) made a post on weibo saying how they were mistreated by a TVB Diva. No name was given but its pretty obvious who it is:

    – The kalafe made a post one day praising Tavia for being nice, well-mannered and respect for the group of kalafes that were filming. She got her assistant to buy drinks for the whole crew. The kalafe said he/she felt so good and appreciated her good gestures because the day before, another TVB Diva mistreated her and the whole crew.
    – The TVB Diva (no name given) not only not benefit the whole crew like Tavia did but shouted at them for being so slow and even SWORE at them. So bad-mannered! The kalafes were so angry and felt so upset coz afterall they are humans! Mutual respect.
    – Furthermore, this TVB Diva thinks she is a big-shot. During break time, everyone went to get their meals. This TVB Diva got her assistant to get it for her and while she was eating, had to ‘fan’ her (as in the fan that you hold by hand because hk is very hot atm). Acting like she was Queen!
    – Netizens were very curious who this TVB Diva was. The blogger never specified who it was because of their job they can’t mention it. But obviously gave clues as to who it is:
    a) she is ‘somebody’s’ girlfriend
    b) she is Miss HK
    c) TVB Diva (big name top actresses at tvb)

    The magazine posted a few possibilities:
    1. Linda Chung – she doesn’t have a bf and she’s Miss Chinese International not Miss HK.
    2. Fala Chen – she is Miss Chinese International not Miss HK.
    3. Kate Tsui – she was on holiday in Europe during that time.
    4. Tavia – not Miss HK and the blogger praised her already and compared she is so much nicer than the TVB Diva.
    5. Yoyo Mung – netizens thought it was her but she’s not Miss HK.
    6. Charmaine Sheh – not known to have a bf
    7. Myolie Wu – I think its pretty obvious who it is by now.

    Not get big-shot yet and already having this bad attitude at work. Geezzzz, we’re all humans. Some people need to work their a** off for so little money and there’s no need to be so rude. No need to even swear. There will always be people on set who forget their lines or whatever, you can try and help them or ask them nicely or whatever, but really no need to swear.

    For people like these, I don’t think they deserve anything.

    What a b*tch.

    1. @Lara,

      Is it Myolie???????? OMG… lol

      Myolie says “she sounds like me, looks me but she’s not like me” keke.

      Famous phrase extracted from my fellow counterpart when they were caught red handed by the authority 🙂

    2. Witch hunting season, haha. Everytime we’ll see one.

      Myolie seems fit all the listed info. She is MHK run up, have bf, TVB female leader.

      But then again, who can ensure that this person is really existed :P. Give her a little doubt as 0.5 cent. It’s award season and everyone wanna win!

    3. I would like to see the original post. But, the extra mos probably has deleted it.

      It’s interesting to read accounts of extras on the stars.

      Too bad I can’t back the forum post (I don’t even remember which forum) where the behind the scene worker talk about Kevin. He also speak other other actors. I don’t remember the other actors he speak of besides Dayo. The comment on Dayo was also positive.

    4. “somebody’s girlfriend”…very obvious hint from this kalafe actress. but since it’s near the awards night, I won’t believe it much. maybe this kalafe actress somehow feels jealous or envious of “somebody’s girlfriend” status or making a mountain out of a molehill, we might nvr know. who is the kalafe? what’s her weibo link? worked with somebody’s girlfriend before i assume?

    5. Myolie? No way! No way! She is classier than that! What about Shirley Yeung? except she is no top diva. Charmaine is not Ms HK

      1. Charmaine was miss hk 1997 3rd place.

        Shirley is another possibility.
        But myolie is the top suspect. I remember there was a story about her bullying that girl JJ. Maybe myolie has become big-headed and snobby like her bf.

      2. 3rd place isn’t Miss HK. Miss HK should refer to someone who won 1st place.

        I never knew Myolie was like that. Never strike me as one. Got another miss HK perhaps?

      3. But a Miss HK with a bf…who else could it be? Maybe she didnt actually refer to the winner of Miss HK? maybe someone who has taken part in Miss HK but didnt necessarily won first place.

      4. 3rd place is still Miss HK.
        Miss HK = pageant contestant not winner.

        @Josie: Who’s JJ?

      5. @Lara: JJ Jia (Ga hiu sun- excuse my chinglish).
        I can’t remember what’s the last series she was in. Maybe “beauty knows no pain” as Joe ma’s gf.

        @Funn: if 3rd place doesn’t count, then myolie is not miss hk either.

      6. @ Funn

        “3rd place isn’t Miss HK. Miss HK should refer to someone who won 1st place.”

        People usually call anyone who has participated in Miss HK and has a place ‘Miss HK’.

        People always call Stephen Huynh a Mr.HK but only reach top 4.

      7. Josie, I always thought she was 1st place!! So much news on her when she first joined and all. So it is true to the tradition 3rd place is most promoted as an actress. So, who won her year??

      8. Now this open up a whole possibility of almost every single actress except Tavia and those Miss Chinese international.

        Really Myolie??

      9. @ edmwer

        “But a Miss HK with a bf…who else could it be? “

        Aimee Chan. But, she’s not a top diva yet.

      10. Aimee Chan, I doubt even more. Doesn’t strike me as someone who swears, etc. Bernice? Ok ok, no no.

        But.. Myolie????

      11. @Funn: sonija kwok won myolie’s yr.

        @kidd: aimee probably only knows how to swear in english

      12. Sonija Kwok? But she isn’t in HK at this time.

        Maggie Cheung? She is also from MHK and obviously she is DIVA.

      13. @Funn: Bernice is MCI, not MHK.

        More guess:

        Griselda Yeung? She isn’t top TVB artist.

        Toby Chan? Oh she hasn’t in a series yet.

        Sire Ma? Bf might be Ron, lol.

        Mandy Wong, bf is Him?

      14. JJ Jia is in the new series with Myolie, Linda, josie.

        One more: Grace Wong.

        Oh, the guessing game. Witch hunting season.

      15. @Kidd Oh right! I totally forgot about Aimee! It could be possible. She’s got a lead role now thanks to Moses…

        Maybe that curse and swear thing was meant jokingly and it could be possible the kalafe actress was having her that week of the month?

      16. @ Fox

        “Sonija Kwok? But she isn’t in HK at this time.”

        Funn was asking who won the crown during Myolie’s year.

      17. @Kidd: No I don’t reply funn. I’m joining the witch hunting season by listing names.

      18. @ Edmwer

        “Maybe that curse and swear thing was meant jokingly and it could be possible the kalafe actress was having her that week of the month?”

        Very possible. Using swear words is not rare in HK.

      19. Sonija Kwok year? I didn’t know!!

        Wow, the suspense! Who ah? Who?!

        Let’s just summarise;

        1. Miss Hk participant (no year indicated)
        2. has a boyfriend (as in celebrity boyfriend?)
        3. top TVB diva (I take this to mean top TVB ah jie?)

        Who? Maggie Cheung is a diva but a swearing diva? I think after her illness she mellowed down a lot. Moreover, boyfriend? Not heard of any.

        Charmaine is often praised for being nice to everyone (unless you;re Shirley Yeung)

        Shirley Yeung had her criticisms but is she in TVB now? And if she a top diva?

        Very few top divas right now. So I suppose I gotta admit defeat; sounds like Myolie.

      20. P/S; What is swear word anyway? Hardcore stuff (in English equivalent to saying F**k) or sort core stuff that we all say like sh*it, D*amn,

      21. And remember whoever you name, must be first and foremost TOP DIVA in TVB.

        Top enough to act the way she does without repercussions. Maybe only this ke-le-fe feels that way? I mean some divas may channel the J-Lo “Don’t look at me when talking” sort of demand. That is why they’re top, and they’re divas. What they expect? Nice, polite, well mannered? Even directors at TVB swears at the actors.

      22. Yeh person is a A-class actress …. and ‘somebody’s’ girlfriend… they always refer myolie and bosco’s other half as “somebody’s gf/bf.”

        Like what happened to Fox how Bosco was rude to her, similarly Myolie did that to the kalafe.

        Myolie probably thinking the throne is hers so that’s why she’s acting so rude and cocky. She probably has the ‘princess disease’…. The fanning bit by the assistant wasn’t too nice either.

    6. maybe myolie already knows that she will get the award so she is getting cocky

      what a fake

  15. Here’s the kalafe’s blog:

    I can see August 21 entry which has reference to that actress which is still there … but she’s also made a recent post about deleting the ‘controversial’ entries.

    1. I just clicked on her weibo and find it ironic how she followed Myolie on WB. I mean if that “diva” is really Myolie and if I’m the kalefeh that got screwed by her I would IMMEDIATELY go home and delete her in my list as I don’t see the need to follow her anymore.

      1. But all the little hints are pointing towards her direction….Hmm….I dunno wat to believe as I’m a myolie fan and I’ve meet her in reality and thought she is good in person and is really caring towards her fans.

      2. You know, sometimes can’t blv what they wrote much. Just face it yourself and have your own opinion.

      3. It’s not ironic coz I do that too haha. I follow artists that I hate and like. Just to stalk them and see the photos they post up with artists that I like.

        Don’t look at celebrities on the surface. They can be quite two-faced. Just depends on personal experience and own opinion on if you believe it or not. Some ppl might have a good experience, some ppl might have had a bad experience.

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