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2013 Miss Hong Kong: Contestants’ Profiles Revealed

By on August 1, 2013

2013 Miss Hong Kong: Contestants’ Profiles Revealed thumbnail

The contestants of the 2013 Miss Hong Kong Pageant have returned to Hong Kong, after flying to worldwide scenic locations for their outdoor photography shoots last month.

Traveling to Paris, Seoul, Moscow, Beijing, Athens, Taipei, Bangkok and Chaozhou, the 20 beauties also filmed individual video clips, which they hope will draw viewer votes to help secure the crown. Last year’s competition set a precedent in adopting a reality-TV based approach, allowing Hong Kong residents to vote for the winners, which the 2013 Miss Hong Kong pageant will continue to follow.

The contestants are currently undergoing extensive training for competition night, which will take place on Sunday, August 25, 2013. Meanwhile, TVB released new photo stills and profile information of the contestants this week.

Contestants’ Profiles

#1 Kendy Cheng (張敬仁) (picture in above left photo)
Age: 26 years old.  Height: 5’3″  Weight: 100.6 lbs
University graduate. Enjoys yoga, singing, and movies. Aspires to become a successful entrepreneur and establish a charity foundation to help the needy.

#2 Whitney Law (羅紫君) (picture in above right photo)
Age: 22 years old.  Height: 5’3″  Weight: 100.8 lbs
University graduate. Enjoys cooking, yoga, swimming, and singing. Hopes to become a successful person.

2013 Miss Hong Kong 03 Tessie Yu2013 Miss Hong Kong 04 Iris Lee

#3 Tessie Yu (余思慧)
Age: 23 years old.  Height: 5’7.5″  Weight: 120.2 lbs
University graduate. Enjoys swimming and meeting new friends. Hopes to become a successful Public Relations personnel.

#4 Iris Lee (李曉東)
Age: 23 years old.  Height: 5’4.75″  Weight: 106.6 lbs
Masters degree graduate. Enjoys yoga, music, swimming, and traveling. Hopes to become a successful person.

2013 Miss Hong Kong 05 Ashley Chu2013 Miss Hong Kong 06 Moon Lau

#5 Ashley Chu (朱智賢)
Age: 27 years old.  Height: 5’7.75″  Weight: 108.2 lbs
Works in financial industry public relations. University graduate. Enjoys volleyball, dancing, playing the piano, and singing. Hopes to live a colorful and meaningful life every day.

#6 Moon Lau (劉佩玥)
Age: 23 years old.  Height: 5’8.5″  Weight: 117  lbs
Works as a Project Officer. University graduate. Enjoys singing, dancing, reading and writing. Hopes to become a successful artist.

2013 Miss Hong Kong 07 Acca Sum2013 Miss Hong Kong 07 Susan Tse

#7 Acca Sum (沈桂澄)
Age: 19 years old.  Height: 5’3″  Weight: 87 lbs
University student. Enjoys dancing, traveling, writing, and reading. Hopes to promote women’s health and education and advocate for women’s rights.

#8 Susan Tse (謝海珊)
Age: 27 years old.  Height: 5’4.75″  Weight: 105.6 lbs
Works as a dietitian. University graduate. Enjoys volleyball, volunteering, hiking, and photography. Aspires to promote healthy eating lifestyles.

2013 Miss Hong Kong 09 Virginia Lau2013 Miss Hong Kong 10 Michelle Liem a

#9 Viriginia Lau (劉溫馨)
Age: 22 years old.  Height: 5’7″  Weight: 114 lbs
University student. Enjoys yoga, swimming, horseback riding, and exercise. Aspires to be an outstanding artist.

#10 Michelle Liem (林伊麗) from Oregon, United States
Age: 24 years old.  Height: 5’7″  Weight: 117.8 lbs
University student. Enjoys swimming, singing, reading, and exercise. Hopes to be involved in animal charitable organizations and help the needy.

2013 Miss Hong Kong 11 Summer Ng a2013 Miss Hong Kong 12 Karen Leung a

#11 Summer Ng (吳瑋雯)
Age: 22 years old.  Height: 5’6″  Weight: 126.8 lbs
Associate degree candidate. Enjoys yoga, dancing, singing, and reading. Hopes to help people who have obstacles in life.

#12 Karen Leung (梁家欣) from Scotland
Age: 22 years old.  Height: 5’6.5″  Weight: 109 lbs
University student. Enjoys badminton, volleyball, and drawing. Aspires to become a medical personnel and travel the world.

2013 Miss Hong Kong 13 Tammy Au Yeung2013 Miss Hong Kong 14 Sara Lam

#13 Tammy Ou Yang (歐陽巧瑩)
Age: 20 years old.  Height: 5’4.5″  Weight: 98.4 lbs
Works as a sales director. Associate degree graduate. Enjoys dancing, skiing, and traveling. Hopes to become a successful artist and entrepreneur.

#14 Sara Lam (林思韻)
Age: 26 years old.  Height: 5’7.5″  Weight: 114.6 lbs
Works as a veterinarian. University graduate. Enjoys playing the piano, basketball, cooking, and singing. Hopes to become a successful, independent and well-respected woman, and promote animal welfare.

2013 Miss Hong Kong 15 Sisley Choi a2013 Miss Hong Kong 16 Peggy Tsui

#15 Sisley Choi (蔡思貝)
Age: 22 years old.  Height: 5’4.5″  Weight: 98.4 lbs
University student. Enjoys cooking, yoga, swimming, and singing. Hopes to life a fulfilling and upright life.

#16 Peggy Tsui (徐韶蓓)
Age: 26 years old.  Height: 5’4.75″  Weight: 110.4 lbs
Works as a model. Form 5 graduate. Enjoys singing, dancing, yoga, and cooking. Hopes to become an outstanding artist and singer.

2013 Miss Hong Kong 17 Grace Chan a2013 Miss Hong Kong 18 Cherry Cheung a

#17 Grace Chan (陳凱琳)
Age: 22 years old.  Height: 5’4″  Weight: 87.2 lbs
University graduate. Enjoys singing, cooking, reading and playing the piano. Hopes to become a television variety host and successful artist.

#18 Cherry Cheung (張雪瑩)
Age: 21 years old.  Height: 5’4.5″  Weight: 108 lbs
University student. Enjoys dancing, photography, drama, and traveling.  Hopes to own a coffee shop and become a successful artist.

2013 Miss Hong Kong 19 Natalie Sui a2013 Miss Hong Kong 20 Vicky Chan a

#19 Natalie Siu (蕭穎詩) from Los Angeles, United States
Age: 24 years old.  Height: 5’4″  Weight: 117 lbs
University graduate. Enjoys badminton, cooking and skiing. Hopes to become a doctor and save lives.

#20 Vicky Chan (陳偉琪)
Age: 22 years old.  Height: 5’4″  Weight: 108.8 lbs
University student. Enjoys playing the harp and piano, tennis and yoga. Aspires to become an outstanding actress, and to use performance arts to influence others.

Source: TVB.com

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  • Readers' Comments (87)

    1. Lawls says:

      Wow some of them weigh less than 100 LBS and they are 5.4 ft…….too thin @_@

      • Ah Que says:

        Yeah BUT at least plenty of chest.. i like it very muchh

      • pinkie says:

        i know right? 87lbs?? that’s so unhealthy….

        look at their arms…

        even if their chests are big, it looks so unnatural on their body.

        • Clementine says:

          Even if they look naturally proportionate, 87lbs?! I just googled that into kgs and my mouth fell wide open. That’s 39KGS…considering their height, that’s seriously underweight. I do understand that some girls’ may naturally be that slim hence have difficulty maintaining or gaining to a healthy weight, but I wouldnt be quite sure if they’d be sending a positive message to younger audiences or any everyone audience in general if they are chosen and expected to be role models. just a thought.

      • Karen says:

        I was going to comment on that. They look really stick-thin.

        • Panzer says:

          The thinner they are, the more fake their boobs look. I would wager money on half of them having work done or some sort of padding. Totally unnatural and s**** looking imo.
          Since when has beauty=bust size?
          I thought it was based on skills, personality, and beauty all together?

          I hope a girl with a smaller chest wins, it would be such a burn on the others and teach younger girls that it’s not the size that matters, it’s what’s inside you that makes you beautiful.

    2. Meini says:

      #7 FTW!!! Kinda looks like Myolie

    3. Munkimui says:

      Moon, Susan and Grace is prettier out of all of them.

    4. windy says:

      Age: 23 years old. Height: 5’4.75″ Weight: 106.6 lbs
      Masters degree graduate???? wow, smarter than i am hahahah LOL….

      • Djojs says:

        Having a masters does not necessarily make you a smarter person. I know a few master graduates and I can assure you they are no smarter than some if my friends without a degree!

        • windy says:

          I know but i was surprised at her age. Since thats kind of young for a masters no?
          I know a PHD dude n he’s still dumper than S… no kidding ahhaha LOL…

        • bear says:

          yup. some of my friends who r high school level are even smarter than my friends in graduate school. u cant judge intelligence by their degree. u have to base it on experience and the way they think morally.

        • Clementine says:

          Agree-whether they are still a graduate student, finished a bachelor degree or a Masters, if they stand up there on stage and perform poorly, a Master’s degree or any higher education wouldnt save them the spot in winning. Besides looks and education, they should be able to present themselves in front of the media and the public and handle being put in the spotlight. Intelligence does not come from education alone.

    5. windy says:

      my picks: if i have the names correct hhaha
      #1 Kendy Cheng
      #15 Sisley Choi (蔡思貝)
      #17 Grace Chan (陳凱琳)

    6. windy says:

      #9 Viriginia Lau (劉溫馨) ? looks like one of those NOT famous TVB cameo star, don’t know her name but her face looks a bit like her.

    7. gallanfan says:

      from the picture above i think michelle liem and tammy ou yang i are the hotest two candidate.

    8. Maria says:

      Yikes. Some of these girls are waaay too boney and photoshopped.

    9. Coconut says:

      #3 looks like Eliza sum. Eliza is prettier. Why do they look so old? Some looks 30something. Too much bad makeup? Or bad photoshop?

    10. harkow says:

      me like acca and sisley

    11. Nicole says:

      sisley is really pretty once she put on some make up! Peggy tsui has a sweet face, i think she look like leila tong around the eyes?

    12. TVBFanatic says:

      I think TVB needs to hire better touchup artists. Susan, Grace and Sisley look okay here. But some of these photos aren’t very flattering.

      5’4″ and 87 pounds? Borderline anorexic imho…

    13. Jayne says:

      By the way, last year’s contestants wore these white tank tops already and it’s the same look again this year. Is TVB lacking a bit creativity?

      The look is too much “men’s underwear”, especially with the unflattering grayish-blue tones found in the background and skin color.

      • TVBFanatic says:

        I didn’t find many of the pictures above to be flattering at all. I’ve been browsing the TVB “fansbook” site looking at the photos the women have been posting on themselves and many of them are far better than these “professional” photos.

        As an example, Moon (#6) posted a picture from a photo booth in which she doesn’t even really resemble the photo in this article at all. She’s much prettier in the photo booth photos she took herself!

    14. E says:

      So they went from white tees from last year to white tanks this year, but I prefer the tees more. The 2 girls under 90lbs, so unhealthy it doesn’t look good! I think the girls last year were overall prettier.

    15. AriEm says:

      what happened to karen lam? wasnt she a favorite in the start?

    16. Yum says:

      They edited #17 ‘s picture way too much!

    17. FirstTimer says:

      Susan Tse seems to be the most established grounded, and unique. The other contestants have more or less the same aspirations.

    18. jujubean says:

      Oh dear. some are quite ugly even after photoshopped. (heads dip for actually saying something so rude.)

    19. haha says:

      moon lau looks fresh, may look good in ancient chinese costumes, btw, it’s not really miss hongkong, rite? girls targeting more for miss tvb..

    20. Christy says:

      A lot of their teeth look weird …

    21. dee says:


    22. jc says:

      My pick is Virginia Lau ; Vicky Chan, Grace Chan, Michelle Liem and Ashley Chu hope they made it to the final.

    23. lilo says:

      My pick is no. 13 Tammy Au-Yeung , i reckons she the prettiest one out of all the girls,

      A lot of people saying grace chan is pretty which i don’t think so because she does hasa really big cheekbone when she smile, way too skinny & she looks kinda old to me.

      as for Viriginia Lau i dont think she that pretty either!

    24. chole says:

      Moon is the eye catcher she stands out from the crowd, and Susan resembles Tia Li from my point of view.

    25. kolo says:

      karen leung and sisley choi is the best looking after photoshoped.

    26. sehseh says:

      Some photoshop too much, barely recognize the contestants from their interview pics.

    27. karen says:

      The age gap among the contestants is so wide this year from 19 to 27 years. :O Anyways, I like Kendy Cheung, Moon Lau, Sisley, Grace, and Vicky based on the videos on the tvb site. You can’t really base it all on pics alone I guess.

    28. Jessica says:

      #1 Kendy Cheung is beautiful. She looks similar to Sire Ma.

    29. Yooky says:

      Moon Lau is cute! :) She gives off the Niki Chow vibe

      • bizzybody says:

        Yes, #4 Moon – I like her looks out of all those here. She looks sweet without the wind-blown hair effect :)

    30. Clementine says:

      #1 has my vote. I think this year is quite highly competitive in terms of appearance. Wish them all the best for the finals. Hopefully most has brains as well as their looks.

    31. meme says:

      ugh… from these photos, I cant choose any of them.. they arent good looking at all from what I see.

    32. esther says:

      Saw #17 in other photos, looks very well proportioned and healthy, this picture just has too much photoshop. My friends and I still support her!

    33. aptos says:

      After looking at the contestants, 75% seem to have gone to the same reconstructive surgeon to do their jaw/chin. They seem to have the same shape. Some of them looked so unnatural bordering on fake!

    34. Vel says:

      Wow, haha back then most of the contestants were around 18-20. Now it’s 19-27…I guess nowadays women just want to establish their career first before entering.

    35. BLing says:

      A lot of these girls are seriously underweight o_o omg

    36. AriEm says:

      is it me or does sisley look a lot like elaine yiu??

    37. Hippo says:

      Didn’t know Baraka from MK (nr.2) is joining this ‘tournament’.

    38. Primrose says:

      #19 looks like Suki Tsui aka Mrs Kenny Wee. What happened to the last girl who (almost) everyone criticized on this forum during round 1? http://www.jaynestars.com/news/miss-hong-kong-pageant-2013-first-round-interviews/? Is she one of the final 20?

    39. sandcherry says:

      Based on the above photos, these are my top 5s:

      1) #9 Viriginia Lau (劉溫馨) – very pretty and photogenic overall
      2) #15 Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) – pretty but a bit too slim
      3) #6 Moon Lau (劉佩玥) – pretty
      4) #16 Peggy Tsui (徐韶蓓) – pretty
      5) #8 Susan Tse (謝海珊) – pretty good

    40. hmm says:

      i think #9 is going to win and the rest of the are probably jaynestars readers

    41. Lilly says:

      A lot of these girls are too short for beauty pageants

    42. happybi says:

      Still think #17 is the best looking.. and I don’t get those that put down “hope to become a successful person and artist” that is just so blah!!! I like the one who put down she want to advocate woman rights!

    43. anoninhk says:

      Rooting for 1, 7, 15 and 17 based entirely on their looks

    44. rei says:

      #7 and #5 are pretty the rest are faces you can find anywhere…nothing special. I am 5’3 too but at my skinnest was 90lbs and I starved myself! At 87lbs she must have been starving herself hard, eating only apples and bananas to get by. I too think 87lbs is unhealthy…I like tone skinny instead of skinny to the bone.

      • sandcherry says:

        87.5 lb. is really too thin for a 5’4″ girl. She should be at least 98 lb. to look pretty and healthy.

    45. hmm says:

      like #6 and #17

    46. Primrose says:

      Just watched the semi finals. My votes (in order of preference) – Moon, Peggy, Karen,

      • sushiroll says:

        Number 12 Karen gets my vote. I think that number 13 and 9 are overrated. Number 17 is gonna get a TVB contract no matter what happens.

      • pandamao says:

        My preference:

        #7 Acca
        #13 Tammy
        #17 Grace
        #4 Iris
        #9 Virginia

      • Primrose says:

        Agree! #13, 9 and 15 are over rated. #7 Acca’s – hmm, I don’t know … her face looks weird. It’s like it’s sunken in the middle. Yup, I like Grace too!

        • pandamao says:

          I need to rewatch again since none of them were truly memorable.

          I really dislike how they grouped the girls and picked out their flaws. It was pretty disrespectful.

          Anyone felt like they were trying to copy American Idol, X Factor, and alike …? I like the idea but it was poor execution. Seriously – girls are insecure enough in life, don’t need the extra kick.

          I can relate to the girl that went from 170lbs to what she is now. :)

        • Primrose says:

          btw, pandamao, #4 Iris is not in the top 10.

          The top 10 are (1) Kendy、(6) Moon、(7)Acca, (9) Virginia 、(12)Karen、(16)Peggy (20) Vicky, (15) Sisley, (13) Tammy (17) Grace.

        • pandamao says:

          Do you remember which one was really good at impersonating? I like her :)

        • Primrose says:

          #13 Tammy Au Yeung

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