2013 Miss Hong Kong Pageant: First Round Interviews

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Above: 2013 Miss Hong Kong applicants: Virginir , Sisley, and Gloria.

On June 10, over 130 Miss Hong Kong pageant hopefuls were invited to TVB City for first round interviews. The applicants appeared in little makeup and many opted to wear casual outfits to the event. As this is the first major public event of the pageant, many contestants gladly posed for reporters and answered questions, hoping for a positive write-up. While most complied with media requests, some were more shy and hid behind sunglasses and face masks to avoid being identified.

For the initial audition, the contestants were required to wear bikinis and face a judging panel consisting of TVB executives Sandy Yue (余詠珊), Virginia Lok (樂易玲), K.C. Ho (何冠中), Executive Producers Wai Sai Fai (衛世輝), Chan Yuk Leung (陳旭亮), and Art Director Karen Chan (陳惠英).

Several candidates immediately grabbed the media’s attention due to their good looks and sexy physiques. One of the major stand-outs was Sisley, a student from Germany. Sisley was very enthusiastic and outgoing, and immediately took the initiative to speak with reporters upon arrival. She appeared in a black, see-through lace top and black bra, causing reporters to yell “Sexy Baby!” and granting her the nickname “Germany Bra Girl”.

Another media favorite was Virginir (劉溫馨), a voluptuous girl with a sweet face who reporters likened to Karena Ng (吳千語). Virginir attended the interview in a form-revealing pink dress and spoke Cantonese with a slight accent. She was also accompanied by her mother, who seemed overly protective of her daughter, grilling the audition crew repeatedly before allowing Virginir to step onto the contestants’ bus.

Several others who caught the media’s attention included: “D Cup Bowie Tsang (曾寶儀)”, who wore a tight, light blue dress that showed plenty of cleavage; “Tanned Candy Lo (盧巧音)”, whose real name is Gloria and appeared in a black one-shoulder dress, displaying her full bust line; and Zoe, nicknamed “Chocolate Myolie (胡杏兒)”, who sported an elegant black and white dress and a refreshing short haircut. Zoe appeared very confident, and was quite flirtatious to the press. Reporters also spotted Katherine (魏嘉琳), a former host for TVB Entertainment News, at the interview.

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Source: Oriental Daily 

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

85 comments to 2013 Miss Hong Kong Pageant: First Round Interviews

  1. EkinFan says:

    Virginir and Gloria are pretty cute, the rest are meh

    • mmqxueb replied to EkinFan

      the rest are meh???? wat about the last one? the girl on the bottom right? she’s hot

      • amurorr replied to mmqxueb

        Yeah. It’s been a while since i’ve seen such a natural looking girl in MHK!!! best wishes to her, really hope that she will get through to the finals! or even get first place

    • peterleung replied to EkinFan

      think u missed one of them out, hav u checked out the last chick yet? ive already got her on my desktop, have not seen a prettier woman in my life

  2. Sasha says:

    According to asianuniverse.net, it says that “24 year old former TVB news reporter Kathleen (in the blue tube top dress) also participated in the audition. She said: “I quit my job just to participate in this contest. I want to challenge myself!” .. while you guys say “Reporters also spotted Kathleen (魏嘉琳), a former host for TVB Entertainment News, at the interview. She however fiercely denied her participation when questioned.”

    Which one is true?

    • Profile photo of jayne jayne replied to Sasha

      Different HK newspapers may report slight variations in the news. Since Katherine was spotted at the interview, then she would most likely be applying for the pageant. The last line about her fiercely denying her application has been omitted, as it may be a bit misleading.

      • Sasha replied to Jayne

        Actually, I think it’s both different HK newspapers and translators may report slight variations..

  3. Funn Lim says:

    A lot of Nos from me to be frank. Some looks too mature. SOme are pretty though or at least present themselves well. True knock outs? None.

    • Profile photo of jayne jayne replied to Funn Lim

      Among the candidates, Virginir stands out. I also like Sisley as well; she comes across as athletic.

      • Funn Lim replied to Jayne

        Virginir? What a name! Anyway that is because she has the generic look that most will associate with being pretty. From that one picture above, I find her looks pretty usual. Again, no knock outs but some do come across as confident.

      • Clementine replied to Jayne

        I agree- Virginir does stand out, she reminds me of katy kung tbh!! Though Virginir has a rounder face



        I like Zoe too :) I think her image is clean and refreshing, her short haircut makes her stand out. I admire girls who can pull off a good short hairstyle since most girls like to play it safe with long locks.

      • dd replied to Jayne

        There’s nothing wrong with the name “Virginir”.

      • Larry 3 replied to Jayne

        Er have to many Virgin in TVB.

    • Nicole replied to Funn Lim

      They probably need some additional e grooming to look better. But the last girl? If she gets through, i would recommend my mom to join MHK at 55 years old.

      • Dr. M replied to Nicole

        I was trying so hard to see the ‘good’ in that photograph; but couldn’t lol. haha, totally agreed.

      • struggleofhumanity replied to Nicole

        hi nicole, ur mother must be quite a looker, if she is better than the last girl, defs tell her to join next yr.

        and dr m, how can u not c the ‘good’ in the photo? its so obvious that she is the standout this yr!

      • isabelle replied to Nicole

        The last girl I reckon would get through. She’s got the looks.

        So I guess maybe you really should bring your mom to join. Haha.

    • msxie replied to Funn Lim

      Virginir is no less weird a name than the strange names proliferating in HK. Just look at the dumb English names of TVB stars mentioned on this website.

  4. Exo jern says:

    some of them aren’t too bad.. especially compared to the girls in my local pageant..

  5. RLF Lover says:

    At first glance, Bowie Tsang looks quite attractive although a little too matured for the pageant.

  6. Clementine says:

    In terms of appearance, I think thi year’s miss HK contestants are quite attractive compared to last year. I wish each and everyone all the very best for the three months or so leading up to the final show!

    • april.young replied to Clementine

      totes agree. however i would wish not everyone but only the last girl the very best for the final show – she looks nice with a good personality. very down to earth :)so yup, jia you to her!!!!!!!! <3

  7. Sasha says:

    Well, nothing is finalized yet. And this article only shows 12 contestants out of 124. It’s hard to say who’s going to make it.

    • Sasha replied to Sasha

      at least early to say who will make it to final rounds or do the outside shootings.

    • Clementine replied to Sasha

      Wow…124 o___O does that mean 124 applied, or is this number a result of earlier cut offs?

      • Sasha replied to Clementine

        In the asianuniverse.net article, it said that TVB have received nearly 2000 applications. However, 400 applications were chosen for the first audition. But only 129 applicants showed up.

        And these articles, it only shows the same 12 who caught the media’s attention :/

      • Clementine replied to Clementine

        Huh, 400 applications chosen, yet less then half ended showing up? What’s the point of applying in the first place for those who chose not to turn up lol

  8. Karen says:

    Virginir – what a name! She reminds me of Karena while I like Sisley, she also reminds me a female version of Matthew Ko.

    • Clementine replied to Karen

      “..Sisley, she also reminds me a female version of Matthew Ko.” LOL Hey now that you’ve mentioned, I can totally see her resemblance!

    • yeung4life replied to Karen

      omg yes!!!!!

  9. Iris says:

    The girl in the light blue dress has a bit of meat on her bones. And while that is completely normal and healthy for the rest of us, she actually looks chubby next to the other skinny ladies. Hong Kong skinny standards are crazy.

  10. Karena-condemner says:

    I want to throw up!! Wish Virginir doesn’t matter it, I hate Karena’s look!

  11. JuJuBee says:

    Oh my god, the girl in the last picture does not look good at all. She looks old too.

    • phil replied to JuJuBee

      do you mean old as in an ancient beauty? yeah i guess most ppl cant appreciate what ppl from the past used to like….

  12. Eurelia says:

    There are different types of meaning of beauty, just in these competitions you actually need to have beautiful features especially wen attending to certain world events that require miss hong kongs.. you wouldnt want make your country look bad..

    • ricky replied to Eurelia

      hahaha ikr! im pretty proud of this year’s though, esp the last girl, in the bottom right. she’s pretty.

      BTW does anyone know her name though??? because i think i just found my idol

      • virginiawoolf replied to ricky

        so much better than those kpop idolss

  13. Siying says:

    Well. My money’s on that girl in the floral dress, the first one of the nine pictures. She’s nameless. Virginir’s ok, but I like Nameless better.

    • sophia replied to Siying

      yeah i think she is very pretty too.

      • sophia replied to sophia

        and virginir.

      • jankenpon replied to sophia

        and the girl on the bottom right corner

  14. happybi says:

    Is it sad that I don’t think anyone stand out? Some are just butt ugly while some are just pretty. None that really is gorgeous or anything. Honestly why do they still have Miss HK as the quality are just not there anymore! blah!

    • chow replied to happybi

      i kno right? the last girl is pretty, but i think not gorgeous yet becuz of her dress. once the pageant gets heated up, she will be more than gorgeous ;)

  15. Megamiaow says:

    I think most of them there are quite naturally pretty, but the one on the bottom right is shocking. Her looks are below average no matter how you look at it…

    • munkacsy replied to Megamiaow

      you must be very VERY good looking to condemn such a natural beauty like her!!!!

      the girl on the bottom right is so beautiful, i am actually getting pretty hyped up for this years HK pageants!

      props for the people who allowed such a rare beauty to be seen on this year’s contest ^^ she’s perfect~~

    • jake.LIn replied to Megamiaow

      Nah no way man. Dude, if you look carefully, none of them are natural except the girl on the bottom right. she’s fit as hell man!!

  16. Jodie says:

    The woman on the bottom right hand corner has reaffirmed my belief that the Miss Hong Kong pageant is a joke.

    • lise replied to Jodie

      The pageant needs to be fair.

      • sofiekoplin replied to lise

        agreed, a fair contest is where you choose girls with different looks, how can fair pageant be seen as a joke?

    • yeung4life replied to Jodie

      yeah, I was looking at the photos and when i reached the end I was like WHAT???? 4real?

      hahaha she looks like veteran actress yu mo

      • adrionluci replied to yeung4life

        Quite frankly, I would pick the woman on the bottom right hand corner. She’s different to all the other pageants in the sense that she has a very exotic look no other typical Hong Kong pageants can pull.

        My vote’s on her!

      • yeung4life replied to yeung4life

        yeah, I think she’ll win coz she’s never had plasstic surgery ahahha

      • geoffma replied to yeung4life

        out of all the girls without plastic surgery here, think the last girl is the best :)

    • struggleofhumanity replied to Jodie

      it will really be a joke if miss hk pageant turned into what happened at miss korea where every candidate looked exactly the same as they all had plastic surgery. what i like about this yrs miss hk is that at least there is a variety, ppl are not just looking for high nose bridge, small noses, v line faces, large eyes, anorexic…etc. features. beauty should not be about uniformity, to me, beauty is a form of art, in which we should aim for individuality, there is beauty to everything in the world and this is what we should be teaching the next generation.

    • Terminator replied to Jodie

      And to teach them that parading a group of vain/ambitious women for public evaluation, bantering and ridicule is not the ideal form for of aesthetic appreciation.

      • ontology replied to Terminator

        finally! there is someone who can think logically!

  17. Mr. Lee says:

    The standards have been lowered this year. The theme should be ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ this year.

    • hamforlunch replied to Mr. Lee

      thank god the last girl brought up this years standard or else it would be another dull year.

  18. munkimui says:

    the last one is ugly. she looks like an aunty. if she can get in i can too ans so are the rest of the chinese girls from my community.

    • Auguste Russell replied to munkimui

      i actually think the last one is not bad looking. in fact i think she has that out there look, as if she is a beauty from the distant past, she would be perfect for sculptures and oil paintings. she really stands out here. a natural beauty. the only thing i dont like about her is the dress she chose, but she definitely has that frida kahlo quality, very indie, this is what upper class taste is about. miss hk pageant has stepped up to a whole new level. hope she wins and make us hkers proud!

  19. Bianca says:

    I thought it was the girl who wore the black lace see-through that had similar looks to Karena.

    It wasn’t Virginir (pink dress) who looked like Karena. She looked similar to Tracy Chu.


  20. TVBFanatic says:

    Virginir (what an odd name…) has a nice smile and nice eyes in the photo above… the pics of the contestants in the middle are a little small to really compare. But of the nine, the top left (photo #1) also seems to have nice eyes and a nice smile.

    • angiekwan38 replied to TVBFanatic

      nice eyes and a nice smile, that is nothing compared to the last girl, she has amazing eyes, modest and confident smile, thick eyebrowns, what more can a girl ask for? lucky her, mother earth blessed her with such good features, a girl from heaven.

  21. Coconut says:

    Pork chop catering standard so so so low.

    • hkfanatic replied to Coconut

      wagyu beef catering for the last girl on the bottom right. she so yummeehh!

  22. Jingle says:

    I don’t know how that last girl got through. Don’t tell me the other 1900 something applicants are worst-looking than her.

    • yeung4life replied to Jingle

      you mean that girl in the red dress? lol she looks cambodian/laos

      • sunnyme replied to yeung4life

        wow really? are laos and cambodian girls that nice? gotta head there to find wife then ;)

      • yeung4life replied to yeung4life

        hahaha nice comeback

  23. yeung4life says:

    the girl in the top left corner already looks like a celebrity

    • gingerbeer replied to yeung4life

      to be technical, think u mean the one on the bottom right corner. dw i know shes so hot that she prob made u lost sight of directions

  24. simon says:

    the charming looking woman on the bottom right corner really shocked me!

    …i don’t usually watch HK pageant shows but this time, because of her, i’m pumped!!

    • yeung4life replied to simon

      yeah. I’m gonna enjoy watching this!!!!

      but remember, never have your dinner when that contestant in the bottom right hand corner shows up in her bikini. ahahhaahh gross. vomit.

      • junno replied to yeung4life

        i’ll tell you what makes me vomit. ppl who prefer girls with plastic surgery over natural beauties like her, its sickening what this society has turned into! urghhh

      • yeung4life replied to yeung4life

        @ junno,

        annie liu never had PS, adn she’s pretty :D

  25. Adelaida says:


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  31. pinkie says:

    When Anne Heung won in 1998, I stopped watching Miss HK. How the hell did she win??? Unbelievable…

  32. ping0 says:

    i think they look better than last year