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JPM’s Prince Always in the Spotlight

By on January 18, 2013

JPM’s Prince Always in the Spotlight thumbnail

Twenty-three-year-old Qiu Sheng Yi (邱勝翊), commonly known as Prince (王子) from Taiwanese boy band, JPM, possesses an image that loves to play it cool onscreen. His noticeable characteristic that differed from others perhaps served as a popularity boost in his career. Whatever age he is, he has always been in the spotlight.

In spite of Prince’s onscreen coolness, he revealed that he actually has a naughty and fun nature deep down inside. When Prince was only 3 years old, he climbed on top of a coffee table in hopes of reaching for a hula hoop on the wall, which resulted in the TV falling and crashing at his feet. His injury scared the adults. “I received many plasters at the time.” He recalled. “Right now, my feet will still occasionally hurt.”

The nickname Prince started when he acted as a prince in a Shakespearean play back in high school. Thus, when he first entered the entertainment industry, the name had stuck with him. At the start of Prince’s career, he was a temporary performer who was not specialized in dancing nor singing. Prince appeared cool and reserved onstage in the Taiwanese variety show, Lollipop <模范棒棒堂>. Soon enough, his attitude became a unique characteristic that distinguished him from others.

Back in high school, Prince was also in the limelight. As the head of the Leisure Unit and a player on the Track and Field team, he was highly popular, and would always represent his school in competitions. After coming in ninth place in Taiwan for a sprinting race, he attracted the attention of many girls. In fact, Prince began receiving numerous love letters. He exclaimed that he did not even know who some of the girls were, because there were too many. Prince’s high popularity eventually led to the jealousy of a senior student, who had threatened him to watch out and stop being so popular.

Prince never enjoyed studying in school and only studied under his parents’ force. Entering the entertainment industry when he was only a high school student was a good path that brought upon good achievements. Today, Prince is part of a popular band, enjoying his job of acting and singing, which allows him to gradually reveal his lively side.

Source: Apple Daily

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  • Readers' Comments (28)

    1. Uni says:

      he looks like a girl……

    2. LindyCity says:

      Nice color lipstick, but you forgot the mascara. Come on?!?!?!?

    3. Lee says:

      Can’t wait until real men come back in vogue in Asia.

    4. ita says:

      He looks more and more effeminate. Need real men back in entertainment industry. In old days men look manly, now all of them got eyeliner and lip gloss and eyebrow trimmed.
      What next? wearing bras and lacy underwear?

    5. happybi says:

      He looks good to me. Such a cutie! ehhehehehehe

    6. hannahh says:

      He’s a cutie!

    7. trini says:

      The lacy lingerie thing has already been taken care of by Show Lou. Last year he admitted it,lol. Prince’s face looks so feminine. These young men are prettier than even the female celebrities. Not good.

    8. sky says:

      gay looking..

    9. Megamiaow says:

      He’s still gorgeous. Girly looking or not, stop hating everyone.

      • trini says:

        Prince does look girly, pretty, cute and gayish. No one is saying he is gay gay though, don’t have a cow. He is wearing some degree of makeup in this particular photo.. I like him and his boyband collegues. No comment here so far indicates hate towards Prince. Just saying what is right before our eyes. stop with the hate talk. It is uncalled for.

        • Exo jern says:

          Agreed. He can’t help it that he’s the prettyboy type and popular because of it.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Why is everyone shocked that he is wearing make up?? Many if not all male artists wear some form or degree of make up so what is the big deal?? It is required for them when they film and all.

        • Megamiaow says:

          Great, I stick up for him, and then *I* get trashed on. Thanks.

    10. pepe69 says:

      wow..he has a “pretty face” that is unisex appeal.. is he following the korean boys “pretty” face phenomena…or is he adapt to metrosexual or gaysexual or unisexual or bisexual? no wonder he so famous…he has so many admirers from both genders that will follow his style

    11. Raina says:

      The whole “pretty” face appeal, did that start with HK or Korean? I never found the answer as to who started that trend?

    12. Haha says:

      Well I like him. Give him a fair go.

    13. HeTieShou says:

      He naturally looks that way so what can he do to change it? At least he did not have PS so why doesn’t everyone just give him a break??

    14. random G says:

      for a moment, i thought jpm is a girl, then i realized he’s a boy when i read the article.

      i guess asian girls have a preference for girlie looking boys?

    15. hazel says:

      This is what you call a flower boy. He is pretty and handsome at the same time.

      • trini says:

        So true, and the men are happy to indulge these girls by looking feminine. I guess whatever works to get the girls,lol,lol.

    16. trini says:

      No one is shocked that Prince is wearing makeup, it was just mentioned. Male and female Celebrities do wear makeup nowadays, even to the store to buy milk and sugar,lol. No one wants Prince to change either. That is his soft, effeminite, natural look
      No one is attacking him, just making observatory comments. Therefore, there is no need to give him a break. A break from what?, from being a naturally feminine looking guy. He or none of us can change that. At least he does not have the feminine body gestures , or speak like a gay man. Geeeesh, give it break.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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