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Karena Ng Breaks Up with Former Boyfriend for Raymond Lam

By on February 9, 2013

Karena Ng Breaks Up with Former Boyfriend for Raymond Lam thumbnail

After nearly three weeks of being tailed intensely by the paparazzi, Raymond Lam (林峯) finally announced on February 6 that he is indeed dating his “BB” – 19-year-old Karena Ng (吳千語).

The Hong Kong paparazzi has been tracking Raymond and Karena’s romance ever since the filming of Raymond Wong’s (黃百鳴) romantic comedy film, Love is…Pyjamas <男人如衣服> last year. In January 2013, after winning JSG’s Most Popular Male Singer, Raymond thanked his family and a mysterious “BB,” which prompted the paparazzi to do a widespread pursuit on Raymond’s love life.

Raymond finally confirmed his dating rumors with Karena BB this past Wednesday, stating, “All along, I did not explain things non-related to my job. However, recent news reports have affected the people that I love, including her and her family. As a man, I need to protect her. I don’t want a good girl, someone who I cherish very much, to suffer any misunderstandings caused by external influences. I am only doing what a man should do.”

Karena’s Response

Currently filming for Huan Tian Xi Di Qiao Yuan Jia <欢天喜地俏冤家> in mainland China, Karena stated through her manager, Carmen, that she will personally address the media’s questions once she returns to Hong Kong.

Asked if Karena had known beforehand about Raymond’s intentions in making their relationship public, Carmen said, “She has never mentioned it. She is very calm right now.”

Many of Raymond’s fans have been bashing Karena on her Weibo, exclaiming that Raymond is too good for her. Carmen said, “[The bashing] has been going on for a while. She is feeling fine now. She actually hopes that everyone will spare her family, although she understands that as an artist, she will eventually have to face [the negativity].”

Asked if Karena will return to Hong Kong by Lunar New Year, Carmen expressed that she is uncertain.

Karena Breaks Up with Ellen Wong’s Son

Raymond and Karena first met on the set of Love is…Pyjamas last April. A source close to the pair disclosed, “When they were filming in Hangzhou, Raymond and Karena were seen together all the time. Raymond often invited her over for dinner and karaoke, but at the time, Karena had a boyfriend, Chester Lim (林建億), so she did not react to Raymond’s pursuits. She merely treated him as a friend.”

Karena eventually gave in to Raymond’s persistent chase and the pair began dating a few months later. An insider revealed that Karena and Chester, son of former Miss Hong Kong Ellen Wong (王愛倫), had already been dating since Karena’s modeling days four years ago. “The two of them were really sweet together, but things began to change when a magazine published photos of Raymond and Karena dining together a few months back. Chester asked Karena if Raymond was trying to pursue her, but she denied it. Chester noticed Karena was getting more and more mysterious and whenever the two of them were together, Karena’s phone would always be ringing, but she wouldn’t do anything about it. The relationship then progressed to the point where Karena would not answer or respond to Chester’s calls and texts. Karena then asked Chester for a breakup in a later text message. I’ve never seen Chester cry so hard in my life. He is still feeling unstable.”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly #2309 via ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (89)

    1. sandcherry says:

      Never mind, Chester Lim. It is better for you to break up with Karena Ng now than after marriage. If a person wants to change her mind for another man after four years, she will change her mind again very easily. After all, she is still a young kid.

      • Yen says:

        I often heard people saying that if you ❤ someone, let them go. If they come back, they are yours forever. After being given false hopes for uncountable times, I found that saying doesn’t even make sense 凸!
        Because if I ❤ someone and I let him go, even if he comes back, it doesn’t mean a thing. Simply because he can always leave me AGAIN and if he really ❤ me, he will not have left me in the first place 凸(︶ε︶メ)凸!! Agree?!

        • sandcherry says:

          Agree totally. If a person leaves for someone once, he/she can do it again and again. Either he/she cannot make up his/her mind, or he/she falls in love with other people easily.

        • Crystal says:

          It really depends on what you mean by leave. Did he cheat? Well that is a big no no in my book, I would not even look back and give the guy a nice good bye speech.

          If it is not cheating then something had to be wrong with the relationship. Love is powerful but not that powerful at the same time. Love is important but what makes a relationship work is honesty, compassion, trust and sacrifice. Missing any of fhese is fatal.

        • sandcherry says:

          You must be a good partner for your other half.

        • Crystal says:

          I hope that was not sarcasm. Haha.

          But I try my best. 11 years of dating with this man and going. I get tired of seeing him. :p

        • kaye says:

          I so agree yen!

    2. Jayne says:

      Earlier HK tabloids had reported that Karena had dated Ellen Wong’s younger son, Derek Lim, while this Ming Pao report said that her ex is the older son, Chester Lim.

      If Karena’s ex is indeed Chester, he is the ex-boyfriend of Janet Chow who crashed her wedding uninvited and was bashed by Timmy Hung.

      • sandcherry says:

        Are both Chester and Derk sons of Ellen Wong? I did hear that Karena’s ex-boyfriend was the son of Ellen Wong, but did not realize that Ellen has two sons.

        • Jayne says:

          Chester and Derek are sons of Ellen Wong. Chester doesn’t seem to be well liked as per the Janet Chow/ Timmy Hung incident.

          All previous reports had cited Karena dating Derek.

        • sandcherry says:

          Then it could be an error in this (original) article.

      • Fox says:

        Mingpao is the only source for Chester Lim, others only mentioned of Derek Lim. But it happened that Derek showed his pix with some girls he called “girlfriends” recent months so maybe they changed to Chester for the purpose of news.

    3. Crystal says:

      Can someone give me info as to how Karena got fame? She is really young to be somewhat successful even before Raymond Lam.

      • Jayne says:

        Karena starred in a commercial before producer Raymond Wong spotted her and cast her in his films.

        This article has more info on Karena’s early career:


        • Crystal says:

          Wow very interesting read. But I still don’t see her “exotic” beauty. She is very fortunate to have been spotted by Raymond Wong at such a young age.

          Thank you Jayne!

        • Applelim says:

          I was also wondering who she is!! Regardless who she went out with prior to RL she still has a choice who she wants to date as not even engaged or married yet. However do wonder if she is too young and immature at 19yrs old. Just too young to settle down to a permanent relationship or is this just a stepping stone for herself. Hope RL keeps his eyses open and not being used

    4. Lyle says:

      I was surprised to know she’s my age not that uncommon for her to rise even ppl younger than her are a hit now a days like Bieber and back then Frankie Muiz and Shia Labeouf started out pretty young and successful.

      I highly doubt the reports are true and ppl need to stop bashing her, I swear some fans are just too obsessive and it’s not cute either. They need to find something better to do than wasting their time stalking every news of LF and bashing Karene unless they’re a bunch of 12 yr olds that would be understandable but I know they’re at least in their mid 20’s which is a bit ridiculous.

      • Crystal says:

        I think some of them aren’t even fans of Raymond but like to speak out loud.

      • Fox says:

        I’ve seen less of fans bashed her than non-fans or even antis. I wonder why and how?

      • Lyle says:

        Yup like trolls who just like to bash at other celebs, mainly cause they’re jealous. I mean I get that you may really like a celeb but come on stop with the obsessive thing, he’s going to date and whoever it is they’ll ash them either way. No one is perfect

    5. sandcherry says:

      Karena Ng is surely very pretty and sweet, but not sure if she is very pure (as per other article) and innocent.

      • Fox says:

        I really doubt that there is any pure and innocent girl in the industry, so with some tiny rumours about love life, Karena is still “white” at max.

    6. Tracy says:

      Just got out of high school (Karena) right now she is at the age that want to explored everything, its a fun age, she needs to have fun, I don’t think she is ready to settle. But Raymond, is 32 now, I think he’s serious and not looking for fun..he’s at the age that he want to settle. Why is he dating a 19 yrs old girl? Karena is very pretty they do look cute together, but..I don’t think they will last. well hope Raymond can be strong if one day Karena decided to exprience on others!

      • Otcanda says:

        Lol funny question of yours; have you ever thought maybe he doesn’t want to settle down yet? How do you know he does? Although it’s reasonable and understandable to jump to the conclusion that when you reach 30 you’d be more stable and want to have a family, but that isn’t always the case with everyone. I know Raymond wants to have kids and all but he also did mention he was a kid at heart. I don’t think you’d go after a 19 year old if you wanted to “settle down”.

    7. free to choose says:

      So Raymond Lam is a home wrecker ha,… where is that high moral Nathan now?

      You can’t be seen to be okay with Raymond but not renew JJ’s contract after accusing her of ‘stealing’ another girl’s boyfriend, can you?


      • Yen says:

        The best comment I’ve read today!!

      • Raina says:

        Confused, what happened?

        Not that I think JJ was the home wrecker but I believe louis fan was married. If JJ was the reason why he left his wife umm yes that would be a home wrecker. I dont see how this relates to karena or raymond as neither are married. Its pretty much fair game if karena isnt married yet. Everything after marriage is not as acceptable if at all.

        • Yen says:

          Raina, JJ isn’t a home wrecker. Louis Fan did not get marry with that woman, just like those western style, they got children’s but never married.
          And Louis already broken up with that woman YEARS before he hooked up with JJ.
          Raymond, knowing well that Karena is in a relationship but still insist to pursue her, so yup, that makes him a relationship breaker! Hohoho

        • Raina says:


          I never said JJ was a home wrecker but im just saying that IF she was the third wheel and caused the non existant marriage to break apart then she would be a home wrecker.

          A relationship breaker is far from a home wrecker. I know people view both just as bad but it takes two people for the relationship to work. If karena had a strong relationship with her ex, it wont matter how persistent raymond is, she would have stayed with her then bf which she did not so…..

        • Crystal says:

          Ignore these comments. People cannot seem to make a point without bringing down another person. Very pathetic.

          I do think wrecking a relationship is much less serious than wrecking a marriage. Relationship is that period where you sort your thoughts out, do I want to be with this person, should I continue, etc etc. Karena obviously only saw her ex as another date if she gave into Raymond’s persistence. But we shall see if Raymond will share the same fate.

        • Fox says:

          Chester Lim wasn’t have any picture or proof to date Karena while his brother, Derek Lim was only rumoured to date Karena. What is so sure that Chester Lim have any relationship with Karena? I even can blv Karena and Wu Chun dated than either Derek or Chester.

          Talking about Chester Lim, he is a “love saint” himself through the scandal with Janet Chow and Timmy Hung. And Derek Lim, recently has a number of pix with at least 2 girls after the rumour with Karena. Lolz, now they are “love saints” just because Karena is dating an other guy.

          I have to say, poor both girls, Karena and JJ. They did nothing wrong but ppl accused like they committed a crime.

        • ehh says:

          wow fox, you are good at BS-ing. everyone can see and think for themselves. you sound like someone who is in severe denial of the apparent. you try too hard to cover the tracks of your idol and his BB. sad to say, no one should read any more of you posts, its getting ridiculous and silly as hell.

        • Yu says:

          Actually no. Fox likes to comment about nothing? I mean she’s on other articles too and half the time I have no idea what she’s saying :D

        • Wow says:

          At Ehh, you’re so realistic. I’ve been trying to find the right words to describe fox but finally, today, you basically took it out of my mind! Thank you, you deserve an applaud. I agree 100%.

        • Yen says:

          Crystal, then I hope one day when a girl pursue your guy, u will not blame or stop her but encourage her to do so ya!
          If u know someone is already taken, respect their relationship! Dating and marriage both shares the same importance! COMMITMENT!+TRUST!
          Any relationship is ONLY made for TWO!
          Happy CNY!!!

        • Crystal says:


          If a girl does pursue my guy and he in return leaves me for her. I will not only cheer for the girl but I will give them my blessings. I am not one to start blaming others for the outcome of my relationship or any obstacles I come across. All problems begin with yourself, if the relationship was at flaw, then anyone can intrude and take my guy. I can only blame what went wrong between him and I and perhaps it is a good thing the girl came along therefore none of us will continue the tug of war game.

          A relationship is sort of a trial and error process. Two people come together to see if they’re fitted for one another through the experiences and hardships. Many people are together for the sake of having someone, not everyone in a relationship trusts one another and certainly commitment is questionable. The same goes for marriage.

          Let me ask now, if two people are together and you know for a fact one of them is unhappy in their current relationship. In this type of scenario, if a third person happens to appear perhaps due to fate, and the couple breaks apart…can you blame everything on the third person? No. Things happen for a reason. Relationships break because they’re not strong enough, it isn’t always about the third, fourth or maybe fifth wheel.

        • Fox says:

          Here you come, my fans :P. Your efforts, I recognize but too bad, you are fail. In a new year time, get a life and enjoy things, ok? Wish all of my fans a good year and hope new year will bring you a bit of honest and respect. It’s really necessary to you and your life. Good luck.

        • Fox says:

          P/S: I reserve the option that all 3 are actually 1 as “ehhh” had a past of being at least 3 “ppl”, so the word “fans” should be “fan(s)”.

        • dd says:

          Lol…obviously Crystal hasn’t been in a relationship before

        • Crystal says:

          DD, I hope that was sarcasm. I am married with two kids.

        • Despicable says:

          I agree with the above. It is fair game up till marriage. If people here actually think all relationships are serious, you are all on another.

        • Despicable says:


    8. Ita says:

      12-13 years old not too bad compare with Donnie yen, roger kwok, Michael Chang tennis player. Name one “old” male celebrity that dated same age or older women.

    9. shu says:

      the question is did raymond know she has a boyfriend when he decide to chase her,if yes then he surely have a bad moral,but i doubt if this news is true.

    10. gold says:

      she a beauty? don’t think she’ll win miss hongkong..

      • sandcherry says:

        Karena got promoted already, why does she need to compete for Miss Hong Kong? Miss Hong Kong contestants just want to have a chance to sign up a contract with TVB Moreover, Karena’s qualification (just high school education) will not place her in any top 5 positions.

        • Nori says:

          I read that she lied about her background. She actually came from middle class family but lied that she came from a wealthy family and only high school education in which she lied that she has been study oversea. Moreover, she wasn’t doing well in academy.

        • sandcherry says:

          If a person lies so much, her credibility is questionable.

        • Crystal says:

          Seriously? What does Raymond see in her then?! Well if you actually think about it more, she can lie, pity from her man? Some girls, despite age, can be real sly.

        • Fox says:

          First of all, Karena doesn’t be with Txb or not everyone have to be with Txb. She is doing really well in movie paths with Pegasus and why she has to take part in MHK?

          Secondly, High school education is ok to an entertainer. In Txb, there are many ppl who even don’t have highschool education such as Ron or TY who quit highschool in middle.

          Thirdly, there is nothing at this moment to confirm that she really lied about her family background :).

        • sandcherry says:

          Tavia Yeung quit high school in middle. Really? I know about Ron Ng who only completed so-called Form 3.

        • sandcherry says:

          Finishing high school is nothing nowadays. A minimum requirement these days is to get a B.A. or B.Sc. They have compulsory education in Hong Kong, at least up to Grade 9.

        • sandcherry says:

          Also it was reported that Karena Ng finished high school with poor grades, and she went to a very common high school. The standards vary a lot among different bands of high schools in Hong Kong

        • Fox says:

          @sandcherry: They are two examples from many in HK industry.

        • Fox says:

          I don’t know what is so big deal of Karena’s education level? If she is accused as a liar or predator or gold-digger just because she only finished her highschool, then the names I’ve mentioned should be considered as what?

          Providing that only Ron admitted he was in Form 3, the others hide it. If Karena is “bad” due to her lie (if any) of highschool level, well, anyone who tried to hide about the education level should be treated the same.

      • passerby says:

        Prob would…misshk standard isnt all that

    11. Nori says:

      So Raymond Lam is third-wheel person.

    12. Lucia says:

      Eventhough actors/actresses don’t need to have a high education to work in the entertainment field, but one shouldn’t lie about his/her education.

      • Fox says:

        Karena has never lied about her education.

        Here is the picture:

        – Her education:

        Karena: I studied oversea (more detail: In Australia)
        Reporter: She studied in Hongkong.

        – For family background:

        Karena: My father is in Australia and we have money/asset.
        Reporter: Her father is a char siu shopowner and they live in Satin (poor place).

        Proof given by reporter: A picture of Karena in a school when she was 8.

        – For the rumour with Derek Lim:

        Karena: I’m friend of Derek
        Reporter: There is a picture of Karena and Derek with a group in a boat, they are dating!

        That’s all :).

        The picture is that for you all to judge. The reporters are so successful this time, even if they wrote the truth or lie, or half of the truth. Karena is black for no reason, although comparing her rumours to others’, she is still so “white”. Maybe she still doesn’t have enough fans out of HK.

        Personally, I really feel pitiful for Karena.

    13. kaye says:

      Oh my enough of them…. RL already confirm so next article.

    14. Terminator says:

      Wow, “revelations” about Karena Ng just keeps coming out now!

      I wouldn’t be surprised the next story will be about how she dated Edison Chen when she was only 16. LOL!

    15. Eunice says:

      I think they look more like brother and sister.

    16. subtleness says:

      ermz dunno if true or not but if not true then maybe it is like their new tactic to lie in order for raymond to come out and clarify da truth? poor ray, life ‘s gonna be tough

    17. nessa says:

      she broke up with chester over text message???? poor guy, he’s too good for her. what’s she doing, 19 and dating a 33 year old?

    18. raymond says:

      what’s so weird? its LF ok. If LF also cannot get any girls he likes then only its abnormal. Just like Andy Lau last time also can date any gal he likes but he still faithful with his malaysian gf. LOL.
      Chester ah, who the F is him? just F off. haha. poor guy..

    19. Lol says:

      Just saw RL performed in Korea. Omg! He can’t dance to save his life, the choreographer did their best to make him look like he can dance, but with those sad simple aerobic moves he can’t fool people lol. I don’t get it…his singing is decent why not just focus on that and leave the dancing for real dancers. The dancing is horrible neither hip nor hop lolz….super tacky!!!

      • Sel_fi_wu says:

        agree! cringed watching raymond’s performance in korea.

      • onearth says:

        thats y i always says it must be his wealthy connections that makes him popular in the music world. honestly, his voice for some songs are just ok but he cant even move well and he was in this rap hip hop or whatever dance song n he looks so weird hahah…i think only hardcore fan of his will find his dancing great.

        • Despicable says:

          His popularity comes from his fans and non fans like yourself. His normal and die hard fans is the foundation, buying his merchandise and attending his concerts. Non fans like you who dont like the man and continuously talk about him contributes to his popularity. Therefore i would believe, his connections only helped him land jobs till he could fly freely like a bird.

      • Despicable says:

        This comment is flawed. If you had said Raymond dancing is horrible because there was no choreography to help his case, that would be believable. However with your comment, youre blaming the choreography not raymond. I believe simple acrobatic moves pertains to the choreography and not raymond’s own dance moves.

        It is proven that HK has no good choreographers therefore the argument raymond is a bad dancer is a mystery until he decides to freestyle on stage.

      • sandcherry says:

        Do you have a link that I can watch Raymond’s performance in Korea? If you do, please post the link here. Thanks in advance.

    20. Sel_fi_wu says:

      karena left her bf for chok lam and chok lam wooing someone else’s girlfriend? unsure if i will support these kind of relationship.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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