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Steven Ma to Star in New TVB Drama with Tavia Yeung?

By on February 14, 2013

Steven Ma to Star in New TVB Drama with Tavia Yeung? thumbnail

Steven Ma (馬浚偉) will return to TVB to star in a new drama opposite Tavia Yeung (楊怡), according to tabloid reports released today.

Steven had ended his management contract with TVB early in March 2012 due to a unsatisfying work relationship with the station. Turning his career focus to mainland China, Steven filmed dramas Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder <建元风云> and Yuan Yang Pei <鸳鸯佩> last year.

However, Steven remained in contact with Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍), who sought to have the 41-year-old return to the station this year to pull up ratings in preparation for the increased competition in the television broadcasting industry. Steven has been invited to film for Ricky Wong’s (王維基) HKTV, but remembered his roots at TVB and stated his preference to work with the station again.

Catherine reportedly increased Steven’s filming fees from $10,000 to $30,000 HKD per episode in the new 30-episode drama. Allowed free choice to select his costar, Steven allegedly chose to work with long-time friend, Tavia Yeung (楊怡). Steven’s return is speculated to give him a good chance in the TV King race, thereby sealing his decision for a TVB comeback.

Steven Becomes Principal

Recently, Steven ascended to “Principal” status after investing a 6-figure sum in his younger sister Fiona’s tutoring center. Steven attended the i.Study Learning Center’s ribbon cutting ceremony in Hong Kong earlier this week.

Working as a textbook salesman before entering the entertainment industry, Steven will once again cross paths with the educational sector. He believed that knowledge can change one’s fate, thus opening a tutoring center is a close match with his personal beliefs.

Reuniting with girlfriend, Vivian Hui, last year after a short separation in their relationship, Steven indicated that he has special plans for Valentine’s Day, but declined to reveal the details. He said he is happy in both his personal life and career track.

Steven Ma 10

Sources: Ming Pao, ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (63)

    1. Rachel says:

      ahhhhh YES!!! will they FINALLY play a couple that gets a happy ending???? so tired of seeing them never ending up together hahaha

    2. 939393 says:

      fresh pairing. looking forward to it

    3. gold says:

      does anyone know where can i get to see vivian hui’s photo?

    4. sophia says:

      cool tavia + steven ma

    5. Bubblez says:

      I cannot wait to see his comeback drama! So excited!

    6. Applelim says:

      Good news indeed. Look foward to see Steven again. One of my favourite actor

    7. onearth says:

      Actually, SM is kind of boring already n always pair up w/the same actresses over and over…. :(

      • pandamao says:

        he’s not boring, the producers are just boring for pairing him up with the same actresses.

        i think he does pretty well with everyone he’s paired with. I especially love Ada Choi and Charmaine Sheh but all time fave had to be FOJIV with Jessica Hsuan.

        • TvbFanz says:

          Jessica Hsuan and Steven ma paired up in FOJIV??

        • llwy12 says:

          Hmmm…if I remember correctly, Steven wasn’t paired with Jessica in FOJ IV – Jessica was paired with Michael Tao in FOJ IV and V. Can’t remember who Steven got paired with in FOJ IV, but in FOJ V, he was paired with Flora… remember, not too long after Steven and Flora got together in that series, Flora’s character was killed off by Bowie’s character in that boat scene (awesome scene by the way….kept me on the edge of my seat…)

        • llwy12 says:

          Oh wait….never mind….I think you’re right….Jessica and Michael only got together later in FOJ IV….she was with Steven during the first half, right? For some reason, I thought Steven was with Astrid in FOJ IV — sorry, got it mixed up with HH (Steven and Astrid were a couple in HH, not FOJ).

        • clamine says:

          @llwy12, In FOJ IV, Steven was Jessica’s doctor boyfriend until she dumped him for Micheal. Incidentally, FOJ IV was Steven’s 1st major role in a tvb series.

          The link below shows a fanmade 16-min video of Steven and Jessica scenes, and also an old interview whereby Steven talked about Jessica as his FOJ co-star.


        • pandamao says:

          thanks for the video – LOVE it :)

          I actually forgot Steven and Maggie CHY did really well also. Second fave couple.

    8. jjding says:

      Nothing new…same pairing over again. I’d have though Steve choose someone he has not work with! Quite disappointed with his choice!

    9. sandcherry says:

      I am not a fan of Steven Ma, but I think he is a nice person. I am more disappointed at his fadan’s suggestion.

      • Troll says:

        LOL you still bitter about Tavia? Cmon at this point even if all of TVB top fadans, kelefe put together states there is nothing wrong with Tavia, you are probably going to continue your displeasure towards her. Did she accidentally take your husband or something? LOL.

        • sandcherry says:

          She is not my favourite actress. That is all….. ha ha…..

        • skinnymocha says:

          ^ That’s all fine and dandy, but you may have made a comment or two on Tavia that’s *too* personal and offensive, which is uncalled for…

        • sandcherry says:

          What kind of personal comments that I made on Tavia Yeung? I made them based on her interviews with other artistes. They were true facts, at least as per my interpretation. How personal were they?

        • skinnymocha says:

          In a recent article, there were predictions that a third party would come in between Tavia and Him. You decided to respond and claim that Him was far too young and handsome for her (and even had the audacity to laugh about it). I just wondered whether you take pleasure in seeing her down in the dumps? There is a difference between calling Him Law a good catch for the ladies and saying that Tavia is inferior to him. (And – perhaps -therefore deserving of being dumped/mistreated in this relationship.)

        • sandcherry says:

          You take it too seriously. Everyone knows and says that Him Law is too young and too handsome for Tavia Yeung. Him Law is quite a few years younger than Tavia; he has a handsome and baby face and a history of quite a few pretty girlfriends. Tavia is not super pretty, which is a fact. If she loves young and handsome guys, she will have to take all the “consequences”. It applies to every female, not only Tavia Yeung.

          I don’t think those are personal comments. I did not even mention about Tavia’s nose, etc.

        • Gummy says:

          It would be wrong to say everyone as there are always exceptions. All the things you said are pretty much subjective e.g. “Tavia is not super pretty, which is a fact” No it is never a fact, it is purely based on your opinion. While people may agree with you that does not make it a fact. An opinion is an opinion. Calling Him handsome that is subjective as well. Sure people might agree but nonetheless it is still an opinion. You cannot use agreements by others to justify opinions, that would be incorrect.

          It is quite personal when you make accusations about someone’s relationship and putting that person down because you feel she is not up to par with the guy. Yes, that would fit under being “personal” on all levels. You do not need to specifically point out someone’s physical attributes, in this case her nose, to reach a personal level.

          We all have our personal opinions on couples but claiming Tavia is inferior to Him because of whatever reasons is surely uncalled for. It only makes you sound envious and in a sense mindless. You have proven and admitted that she is not your favorite actress, so why then do you continue to make these negative remarks about her? Does it make you feel better as a person to continuously call out her faults, well what you think are her faults?

          There is no need to make this world more colorful than it already is especially right after a Lunar New Year. May you all have a prosperous year.

        • skinnymocha says:

          ^ Thank you~

          @sandcherry: Erm, you sure you haven’t let your obvious disdain for Tavia cloud your judgement? Or are you in denial?

    10. CL says:

      yea…i kind of wish he pair up with some newbie

    11. Mindy says:

      ahh such good news!!! please give tavia and steven a happy ending for once!!!

      :) love them together!!!

    12. what says:

      Excited for see SM back, but Really…why the same pairing over and over again. Come on!

      • sandcherry says:

        In which drama series was Steven Ma paired up with Tavia Yeung? Can’t remember.

        • Sherrie says:

          there’s a few… like Sweetness in Salt and Cupid Stupid.

        • Sherrie says:

          but they never ended up together :/

        • Clementine says:

          Technicallly in Sweetness in The Salt they did ~sorta~ but the ending really made me pull hairs…such an open ending T.T

          If it is true that they are collaborating once more this time (fingerscrossed!) Hopefully they can have a happy ending for ONCE. Man If tvb decides to pull another death or tragic end… all hell may break loose! >8(

    13. Angel says:

      I know right, same pairings over and over again. It’s either Tavia, Fala, or Linda… who pairs up with Steven. Ugh! Til this day, I am still waiting for Steven Ma and Charmaine Sheh to film another drama like “Perish in the Name of Love.”

    14. Lucia says:

      I love Steven and Tavia pairing because they have lots of chemistry onscreen in Cupid Stupid, Land of Wealth and Sweetness in the Salt. I hope this time, their love story will have a good ending.

    15. joojaibao says:

      Steven and tavia looks good as a screen couple I wonder when will he pair up with Linda Chung again they look cute together as a on screen couple as well

      • Bubblez says:

        I always loved the dramas where it had both Linda and Steven in it! They always have interesting plots.

        But I think this pairing is a bit overused. :/

    16. joojaibao says:

      I do wish he comes back to TVB they are loosing alot of good artist due to there stupidity lor……..

    17. momo says:

      So happy to know they are acting a drama together. This time round, please give them a happy ending.

    18. wen wen says:

      I like Steven Ma, he is a good actor specially in ancient series.

      • ebbie says:

        He looks good in those ancient robes.
        But I notice TVB always give him boring roles in those moderns series!!!

    19. a-pop says:

      great for me but please tis time give them happy ending. No tragic bitter pair over and over again

    20. P. Tan says:

      Good Steven’s chosen to return to TVB though I’m surprised he chose Tavia. Thought he would have preferred Linda, but that’s OK.Just glad he’s back.

    21. SY says:

      wow i was surprised that he is only 41. i thought he was older since i saw him acting way back. but at least he aged better than moses chan. haha. i would like to see him act as villain for once instead of good guy all the time.

    22. sure-lee says:

      yess!! looking forward to their collaboration!

    23. HeTieShou says:

      So happy to see Steven come back!!! It is fine if he worked with Tavia since I don’t remember them in any series together. Is this series going to be ancient or modern?? I hope it is an ancient series….

    24. RLF Lover says:

      I was half expecting him to choose Linda Chung to be honest haha

      • Clementine says:

        me too LOL thankgod he didnt though. I have absolutely nothing against Linda, but I am realllyyy bored of this pairing D; and i find her chemistry with Steven to be somewhat…plain. They always give me the sister-brother vibe onscreen.

    25. shu says:

      i think steven is the only one that can stop wayne lai to be crowned for the 4th time as tv king this year.
      i hope he will do it this year,becuase he never got the acknowledgement he should have from tvb.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I hope that Steven will win TV king this year!!

      • clamine says:

        Steven’s return is speculated to give him a good chance in the TV King race, thereby sealing his decision for a TVB comeback.

        “TV King race”, “sealing his decision”??

        lol! As if he cares anymore for that dubious title. He has already moved on. If he shoots the tvb series it is because he is repaying his debt to Catherine Tsang. As of now, the rumor remained unconfirmed by Steven.

        Actually, way back early last year Steven had already mentioned to his onsite visiting mainland fans that he planned to film a HK tv series in mid year 2013. Also, in 2012 September he was to shoot a 3rd mainland tv series as the male lead but because its start date was pushed back so much so as to conflict with his US concert schedule he had to back out.

      • Fox says:

        He has the big chance, especially when Catherine Tsang is behind.

    26. Selena says:

      So looking forward to this.

    27. 1sakura says:

      excited to hear him returning, disappointed on female co-star.

    28. notasaint says:

      prefer tavia…. loved them in sweetness in the salt!!!! but sad about the ending =(

      honestly i rather her than linda chung again. all her dramas with steven ma are stupid and low-budget.

    29. Lyle says:

      Actually this is just a rumor Steven just clarified that nothing is confirmed yet. He did once said if he wee to come back he would like to work with Tavia, Fala and Linda since they’re really close. He’s prob the only actor I like seeing regardless of him being typecast as the righteous courageous guy unlike Wayne Lai…. I just can’t watch his series. I do hope he’ll portray someone more refreshing. I heard the profucer’s upcoming series is a modern one, I would of like an ancient one if Steven is going to film this.

    30. clamine says:

      The father’s news reminds me of this one cute weibo interaction between Steven, Linda and Tavia. Some weiboan @Steven Ma with a video of Linda picking him among tvb actors as her choice for being a potential good father. (LC’s Father’s Day interview, and what’s more..in Mandarin at that.)

      Which TVB actor has the potential to be a good father?

      Linda: Good father? Definitely Steven Ma for sure. Because he’s a very good person, knows how to take care of us ladies and newcomers, also he is very upright, knows how to cook, very smart, and everything that’s good can be found in him so he can be a good father.

      Steven says he’s moved by Linda’s words. And thanked her.

      Later, Tavia chimes in with her remark:

      楊怡 TaviaYeung 23:32 Old Ma, if there were a “Big Brother’s Day”, I would surely choose you too.

      Steven 23:38 Yeung Mie (sheep) If there were a Most Beautiful Sheep’s Day, I would most certainly take to the streets to cast my vote for you.

    31. LyNN says:

      SteVia.. OMG!!! Damn excited with this news!!! Please give them a super romantic & wonderful love story line!!!

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