Bosco Wong’s Playful Behavior Makes Stephy Chi’s Boyfriend Wary

Above: Stephy Chi pinches Bosco Wong’s ear playfully on the set of “Young Sherlock”.

Due to Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤) warm personality, he is once again romantically linked with his costar. Filming Young Sherlock <少年神探狄仁杰> in Hengdian, Bosco got along well with the cast and especially shared playful moments with Stephy Chi (歲戚).  Although Stephy already has a steady boyfriend, she continued to flirt boldly with Bosco.

Twenty-six-year-old Stephy Chi is one of the rising fadans in mainland China. At 5 feet 6 inches tall, Stephy possessed a 32C-23-33 figure that pleased many male admirers. On set, Stephy often smiled sweetly at Bosco and asked him to teach her Cantonese. Bosco returned her attention and was even photographed draping his arm over Stephy’s shoulders while chattering away.

Stephy has been dating mainland actor, Xu Zhengxi (徐正曦) after meeting on the set of Waking Love Up <愛情睡醒了>. Zhengxi trusted that his girlfriend did not cheat on him, but said that it is important to be more careful when dealing with friends of the opposite sex.

Zhengxi said, “We have been together for half a year. I have a lot of trust in Stephy. [Cheating] is usually initiated by men. I was baffled when I read the news reports.” Will Zhengxi caution Stephy to be wary of Bosco? Zhengxi replied, “Maybe Hong Kong people’s mannerisms are more physical. Actually, we all have to be careful.”

Zhengxi had won the 2005 Men’s Uno Global Chinese Male Model Contest and amassed a loyal fan following due to his good looks. Zhengxi’s fans were upset after Bosco and Stephy’s rumors erupted, and said that Stephy belonged soley to Zhengxi.

Source: Face Magazine #300 via

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  1. that guys such a ******* douche. cheating isn’t usually initiated by men. i think if that girl likes bosco better its fair game anyway, not like shes married to that guy anyway. *** him.

    1. You should not say that watch your language man. Many guys are flirtatous and same with the girls, even when they are married. It is just a part of their personality and does NOT imply that they are trying to cheat or anything like as long as they know their limits…

  2. I like Stephy. She is a good actress, great singer, and judging from all the BTS sets, she has a very fun/playful personality as well. Didn’t know she’s dating ZhengXi. So, here is a real life couple after Waking Love Up and the reporters kept going after Roy Chiu and Tang Yan?!!!

    BTW, the 32C-23-33 measurement a U.S. standard? If so, there is no way Stephy is a C-cup size, lol. Do they even know how big a C-cup is? This was like them reporting Athena Chu is a D-cup. With those reported cup size on these girls’ frame, they will look like Pamela Anderson. Stephy is at best a B.

    1. i think you might be confused. the article is referring to stephy chi.. not stephy tang.

      1. nope, i’m not confused. I know Stephy Chi. I don’t know Stephy Tang. Why do you think I mistaken the two?

      2. I heard some Asian bra sizes are one larger than US sizes. I mean … Jolin is constantly referred to as a G cup? Doesn’t look like it at all.

      3. @lychii04

        G-cup?? hehehee…lol. okay, I guess then it’s not U.S. size. We don’t have G in cup size.

    2. I think Bra sizes in Asia are a bit different from Westerized societies. I mean.. three years ago when I went to buy bras in HK, i was a C/D there.. but here in Canada, I am a B.

  3. Xu Zhengxi comes off as a female hound for saying that.
    C’mon, actors kiss, do bed scenes, and get nude within minutes and days of meeting each other. An arm across the shoulder is equivalent to a handshake in our commoners’ world.

    1. it could be that what he said got taken out of context. He seems pretty friendly and easy going during interviews.

  4. I didn’t know Stephy Qi has a boyfriend and that it is called Zhengxi. She was rumoured and seen shopping with another actor(not Zhengxi) previously before she and Bosco film Di Ren Jie.

    Costars are often playful to each other. I give Zhengxi some benefit of doubt over his statement(since FACE Magazine and Oriental Daily wrote the rumour loosely based on filming photos), but if Zhengxi really did said those, it is an unfair remarks to Bosco, besides from weibo interactions, the whole main cast are pretty much playful with each other. This might be why Bosco is reluctant to “follow” all the main cast including Stephy Qi on his weibo until they playfully forced him to.

    This rumour has initially started by Oriental Daily a few weeks ago. Neither Bosco nor Stephy Qi are stepping out in the media to clear their names. I think they just don’t give a f*ck about their image and just want to concentrate in their work.

    1. I think it is Bosco’s nature of playfulness. I’m surprised they made a big deal out of this group picture. Bosco and Tang Yan were more friendly during their filming than this, but no rumors. I guess at the time, they were too busy speculating Roy/Tiffany’ship.

  5. It is easy to have rumours in this industry and even in real life. I think Asians are generally like that, especially the really traditional folks. If a guy or girl gets a bit closer to each other,talk a bit more than usual, go out for some meals,etc… they would think they are dating, are together, like each other,etc… I guess that is why many really traditional guys or girls really limit their contact and behavior around the opposite sex, while more modernized or flirtatious guys and girls don’t see what the big deal is…

    1. While “flirting” has only one definition, what people think flirting actually is remains subjective. I’ve seen people call men and female SPEAKING with each other, with absolutely no skin to skin, is considered flirting. No seriously, as long as someone is male and the other is female, talking apparently is flirting. Why? I would never know. Then laughing and joking around about cartoons is also flirting? So according to these people, males and females should never speak with one another. Lol…

      1. You know how the elders are.. My mom and relatives are like that. Once my 2nd brother gave his female friend a ride to school everyday since they went to the same school and lived closed by. But my uncle and aunt thought they were a couple. That’s the old folks for you. Even young and really traditional guys are like that because I had a classmate like that. He rarely ever talked or interacted with any girls and limited his interactions with any young girls around his age. But guys like Bosco are more open so he always gets rumours with his female costars.

      2. LOL. Yes I do know how the old folks gossip. Right before I got married, the relatives still thought this one guy was my soul mate because of how “close” we were i.e. talking, seeing each other yet he has a girlfriend too. I don’t know whatever floats their boat. If I sat there trying to explain why their brain circuits are put together that way, it be 3013 already.

        As for Bosco, I think he’s just “playful”. You know the typical guy, likes to talk, not really considered shy and really sociable. I don’t think he’s a player though….I hope he does find his other half soon especially post break up for a while now. 🙂

  6. Boscoe, to me, is a perfectly normal young man and he is naughty but nice to the ladies. So far, he has not made any inappropriate moves towards them and there have been no complaints. That’s why they feel “safe” with him, I guess. It’s the men who are a little jealous of him, I think!

    1. Seems to me like she’s the one who flirts/play first. With his steady financial investments at such a young age, many would consider that a good start.

      Bosco will not intentionally intrude onto anyone’s relationship….not the type.

  7. I am laughing at the comment that “Zhengxi’s fans were upset after Bosco and Stephy’s rumors erupted, and said that Stephy belonged soley(solely) to Zhengxi.” They are so infantile thinking that a person is considered to be the property of one person only and should not be incapable of thinking or liking someone else.

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