Christine Ng and Remus Choy Make Out in Chilam Cheung’s New MV

Christine Ng (伍詠薇) and Grasshopper’s Remus Choy (蔡一傑) gave bold performances in the music video for Chilam Cheung’s (張智霖) latest single, “Finding Happiness” <尋開心>. The two good friends were not awkward at all when they intimately hugged and kissed each other. Their sensual interactions grow more intense throughout the video, with Remus stripping Christine off her clothes, even to the point of touching her breasts and feeling up her legs.

“Finding Happiness” is the latest single from Chilam’s latest cover album Déjà Vu, which was released in January 2014. The single, originally performed by Bondy Chiu (趙學而), was omposed by David Chow (周初晨) with lyrics helmed by the acclaimed Albert Leung (林夕). The lyrics of “Finding Happiness” expresses the heightened emotions of a couple who are in a scandalous relationship.

The music video, which premiered on May 8, garnered significant media interest. Chilam’s wife Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) thanked Christine and Remus on her Weibo blog, “[Our] two good friends gave very emotional performances. Speechless and thankful for [your] support to Mr. Cheung! Love you guys!”

Christine replied, “You’re welcome! No need to say anything. Will always support old friends!”

“Finding Happiness” MV

[vsw id=”zAfs92HPCPw” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”375″ autoplay=”no”]


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  1. It is Chilam’s song yet his face does not even appear in the mv.

    Watched the mv,is indeed very daring and intimate. Wonder what would Christine Ng’s husband feel about it. Imo Christine looks so enjoy but Remus looks a bit uncomfy.

    1. I guess it’s because Christine is a straight woman and still enjoys a man fondling her, while Remus is gay……..must have been difficult for him.

    2. I would love to make love to Christine, she is hot, hot and hot! full of sensuality and sexuality.

  2. really??? then what’s the point of doing the MV!!!!!!!!!!
    LOL…………me too i think so too i even like how remus choy looks he looks so gay in this pic………….HEHEHE

  3. Captain Cool has so many young fans. What was Chilam thinking when they decided to come with this mv?

    1. i agree….it this even appropriate for the general audience…..?

  4. Chilam and Anita are bffs with Christine – that’s probably how she got on his MV…

  5. wow what are u think???? @KW it is not a good MV i just hate i just don’t want to look at that remus choy i hate him very hate him and i really hate the MV!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. everyone knows Remus is gay. Can’t they even get a straight guy to do the make out scenes?

    1. That’s why they chose Remus cos he’s gay. Christine will be safe from rumours and her husband won’t even have to worry. Get it?

      1. Gay or not gay,I wouldn’t want to see my wife make out with another guy.

      2. However, if is a must to choose then a gay is preferred.

      3. haha, if yr wife is in show biz, i guess it can’t be helped sometimes but in real of cos no guy can’t stomach wearing a green hat.

      4. gil,

        Exactly, so what if he’s gay. Your wife is still making out w/a dude? hahaa LOL.
        But I guess the second hubby wouldn’t be a jealous type since she was a gold digger married to a really old man before him no? hahaa LOL…I mean this Christine woman has always shown she is so open and affectionate w/males I think so for a hubby to be jealous type probably wouldn’t work. She married this old bag back in the days and don’t know if she became rich from it but def well off right? So she probably don’t care what others think and she probably does enjoy it but that grasshopper is gay. Looks uncomfortable for him in a way or it was just my eyes.

    1. I think he is crazy!!! Or better yet, a pyscho racist who jst wants to raid azn websites to spread hatred

  7. I understand this video may be inappropriate the general audience, but really…. there’s no need for all the nasty comments about HK peeps being better off “d”. Seriously!!! Wats more inappropriate is all dese talk about the chinese peeps being killed. Its jst a mv!!! It has nothing to do with politics or the war, but more to do with social acceptance. Jayne if u r reading these posts, i hope u delete all the hateful comments abt hk peeps shud “d.” People really need to get a life

  8. I don’t know about WW3, but I’m pretty sure most would agree with me that getting rid of you will already be a plus for humanity.

  9. The amount of wretched comments here are totally startling. While the MV may not be to your liking, the degrading comments only reflect your own undignified mind.

  10. They did something similar in the MV for Remus’ old song 失樂園.

    1. Yes. The first thing I thought when I read this article is ‘they did the same thing in 失樂園’s MV’. 😀

      失樂園 is one of my fave Grasshopper songs.

  11. So whats the big deal about this mv? Is it because it’s performed by Chinese artist? Because I have seen a lot more daring performance in American mv.

  12. The MV is beautifully made. Remus Choy and Christine Ng did an amazing job. 😀 Chilam as usual sang beautifully. 🙂

    1. Agree … totally tasteful and Christine was totally beautiful in this. She is an artist and to produce art like this in a video, its not easy, as it could be turned into something sleezy. Those who are complaining … come on! Also seriously kids these days are more open and knowledgeable than we all dare to think! Absolutely fantastic!

  13. Don’t like the song much but the MV looks OK. Not as bad as the ones you see for the US rap ones! Everyone is almost naked in those!

  14. Wonder if Anita said thank you if chi lam was making out with Christine in the video instead

  15. i wonder would anita have said thank you if chi lam was making out with christine in this MV but christine would have said no need to thank me

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