Dayo Wong’s “Bounty Lady” to Rescue TVB Ratings?

It has been four years since Dayo Wong (黃子華) last starred in a television drama. From 2000’s War of the Genders <男親女愛> to 2009’s You’re Hired <絕代商驕>, most of Dayo’s dramas have been well-received in the public, and with TVB’s recent slump in TV ratings, the company hopes Dayo’s upcoming Bounty Lady <My盛Lady> will bring the points back up.

Produced by Man Wai Hung (My盛Lady), who has worked with Dayo in You’re HiredBounty Lady stars Dayo as Heung Kwong Nam, a PR creative director who is still struggling to forget his heartbroken past. To live with no regrets, Dayo dedicates most of his spare time to help “leftover women” find the love of their lives. Together with his “Super Senior” friends Tung Tin Kiu (Louis Yuen 阮兆祥), Pat Fan Keung (Jazz Lam 林子善), and elder brother Heung Sin Nam (Benz Hui許紹雄), work day and night to help these women.

Whenever Kwong Nam comes upon a kind-hearted woman, he naturally recoils and avoids her. To hide his insecurities, he would act as a complete jerk in front of her, and to his amusement, his new co-worker Jennifer Shing (Kate Tsui 徐子珊) mistakes Kwong Nam as a playboy.

Jennifer is a woman who has the big three – education, income, and social status. Like Kwong Nam, she too is recovering from a broken relationship, and seeing Kwong Nam’s playboy personality only irritates her further. After witnessing Kwong Nam’s sincerity in helping their clients, she slowly starts to fall for him.

According to Producer Man, Dayo himself sponsored over a hundred high-end fashion items for the drama, including clothes, shoes, socks, and accessories. “He personally chose either item and carefully planned the script with us. He has encouraged us all to work hard together,” said the producer.

On his thoughts of how Dayo has changed in the last four years, the producer said, “In the past his characters have all been extremely intelligent and witty with good comebacks, but this time, he’s going through a more emotional approach on his role. I once saw tears in his eyes, especially on the scenes about his brothers. Dayo’s acting is both relaxing to watch and touches the soul.”

Bounty Lady will premiere on Monday, November 25.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Every new series to “rescue TVB ratings” but none have been successful…

    1. We have not seen anything that is really special from TVB shows for several years. There are some that having good starting but after a few episodes, they get messed up and you have to say “WTF”

      1. TITIS 2 had a really good start but then after wards it was all messed up

    2. Only Tits II rescued tvb by a bit cause it’s only 1 series but the others are kinda crappy.

      1. you’re right, TITS2 isn’t crappy cos Ron’s in it (and I’m being sarcastic)

      2. TITS 2 was a huge garbage pile. The See-lai’s dominated the viewership.

      3. @ Larry 3, that about sums up TITS 2 nicely. Still don’t understand why it and its main cast (cough, cough, you know who i mean)is generating so much hype in online polls. TITS2 best drama? TVB is doomed.

  2. dear god. please please save TVB. i have practically no hope for them now.

  3. I’m looking forward to this series. Even though there’s a big age difference, I think Kate and Dayo look good together.

  4. I heard that TVB purposely postponed the nomination date to next Friday in order to include Kate Tsui as a Best Actress candidate in “My Prime Lady”.

    1. dayo looks like he’s been sick or something cos he lost so much weight. Can barely recognise him.

  5. Dayo may not be the most handsome actor out there, but I do like watching his comedy drama. I look forward to this series, simply because he took part in planning the scripts.

  6. TITSII has been the only saver so far… but that’s mainly because it’s a sequel and for the two heavy weight actor. If the storyline were to be lead by someone else, i think it would be a doom.

    1. i think people watch TITS2 cos they missed TITS so much that even a lousy sequel is better than nothing.

  7. TITS only average 30 points. That’s not exactly saving anything. Having said that, I don’t feel TVB needs any saving. It’s become a fact that people don’t watch live tv anymore so the low ratings don’t really worry me. TVB still has about 95% market share. I’m so tired of the media deeming every new series a ratings saver.

  8. I have no faith for TVB at all since last year. Goodbye TVB, my watching TVB series dayz are over!

  9. Dayo’s shows are generally of a good standard. Looking forward to this.

    On another note, Dayo is so emaciated, he looks like an addict in the photo

  10. Since we’re on the subject of Dayo Wong…did anyone get a chance to read the latest issue of Mingpao Weekly that just came out today? The cover story is about Dayo, as he accepted an interview with MP and in the interview, he reveals the reasons why he decided to return to film for TVB and why he ended up not filming for HKTV (even though they had initially approached him). He also talks about his past filming experience with TVB and gives some more insight into his new series Bounty Lady. Definitely very interesting article…

  11. How does tvb know how much people have their tv switched on at what time do they have a spy and especially the peak per each ep do people tune in and out we don’t have viewer ship ratings in Australia tvb is bringing their own station down with this silly ratings poor ratings thing

    1. Heard of NIELSEN RATING? Check before making a stupid comment. TVB doesn’t make up their own rating and if you don’t want to support our HK station then by all means don’t watch.

    2. umm australia does have tv ratings. pretty sure all countries would have some form or another, otherwise not sure how advertisers would know how to choose where their ads would be most watched?

  12. Tvb must be grasping at straws! 2 Tv kings at the golden hour of 9.30pm can’t even scrap together more than 26 points on average, they expect Dayo to work miracles or what?

    1. You will never know. People in Hong Kong don’t like serious drama series. They probably prefer to watch comedies.

      1. i thought this is rather comedy-like as in it’s not serious law drama?

  13. You forgot how surprisingly well “Inbound Troubles” did at the beginning of this year. I think people are looking for a good comedy. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love a good drama – but nowadays, TVB dramas are lacking that substance. Plots are way complicated and confusing, they try way too hard to overdo things (like costumes, intimate scenes, exploding effects, etc..)

    In my opinion, TVB has tried to push the envelope and I don’t think it’s generated much results. Sadly, they result to finding former TVB artists to “rescue” ratings and possibly save the corporation from plummeting.

    Way to go, TVB.

      1. It was never expected to do so well, unlike the high expectations for flops like Beauty At War.

  14. Hurry up and bury yourselves tvb. Let the new people in to at least try to revive and breath life into HK’s entertainment industry

    1. You have sent a message to the wrong recipient. TVB is nit authorized to issue new free tv licenses. Please kindly resend to CELL of HK SAR , Mr. C. Y Leung. TVB have many supporters in HK hahahoho.

  15. Sorry typo error,CELL should be CE, don’t want to get your muddled head confused further

  16. Dayo Wong looks like skeletal with a bad wig. With big company. It is hard to know who is actually working. I lost interest in miniseries for a while already due to bad scripts and the generation nowadays can’t act. Edwin Sui terrible and yet TVB still invest in this type of actor. why ???

  17. I refer to the comments wait till you get a taste of drama series produced by Mediacrop in Singapore a government linked company only then you guys will appreciate TVB’s production. We Singaporeans are so sick of local production and because of that we turn to TVB and Korean series in other words we rather subscribe to cable TV or turn to the internet for our TVB fix. Most young Singaporeans may not understand Cantonese but they more than happy to read the English subtitle than to watch in Mandarin which sounded unnatural.

    1. yes great story, but that doesnt change the fact that tvb’s production values have basically stayed the same or worsened for a while now instead of improving. its a shame that hktv didnt get their licence, it would have seriously upped tvbs game. tiger cubs is a good example in which tvb invested serious money to get a good production result. too bad its not applied across all its major series.

    2. MediaCorp’s predecessors (SBC and TCS) actually produced some good/decent series back in the ’80s and ’90s. They went downhill after a management shakeup at the turn of the century, and some of their best actors have now either left showbiz completely (Xie Shaoguang, Huang Biren) or ventured overseas (Fann, Chris). I’ve said it before, but I think there are a lot of parallels between MediaCorp and TVB situation (they both have monopolies or near-monopolies in their respective markets) and I think MediaCorp is a cautionary tale or an example of how a company can go dramatically downhill due to mismanagement and a lack of competition.

      MediaCorp script quality has declined but to give them a bit of credit, I think they have improved their production values.

      A lot of viewers here (not just young viewers but the “aunties” also) have switched over to watching K-dramas, that’s true.

      1. Yup in the past it is still watchable but since then MediaCorp’s productions are the propaganda machine of the government. The scripts are usually pro government, they will include things how can there be poor people in Singapore? They will also include things you must appreciate the government. On top of that there are lots of unnecessary shoutings in the drama.

      2. Also to take note Singaporeans would not have supported the recent hacking of websites belonging to The Government of Singapore if they have treated the people well and not introduce policies that hurts Singaporeans like mass immigration of foreigners talents/workers, free scholarships for foreigners especially PRC citizens and to make things worst we ended up being mocked by them. We Singaporeans also be discriminated by colleagues who are foreigners and if they are our bosses they favor hiring their own nationals instead of Singaporeans…

      3. If you are referring to I’m In Charge (小子当家), that sentence was actually uttered by the villain character, and was actually a case of the scriptwriter putting words into the villain’s mouth to paint the statement as misguided/erroneous. The scriptwriter actually means the exact opposite of what was said, so I don’t count that as an example of propaganda.

        I don’t necessarily disagree with your broader point, though — the productions have certainly gotten more propaganda-ish ever since TCS became MediaCorp, but plenty of them are just bad soap operas that are awful enough even if they don’t contain any propaganda.

  18. kind of wish they got a different female lead. kate is way too young lol. dayo can be her father. even his older dramas had much other female leads, ada choi, cecilia yip, charmeine, etc. and i don’t think dayo looks that different. the guy’s just getting old, man. a 53 year old drug addict wouldn’t look nearly as healthy as that haha

    nonetheless, i’m looking forward to this because dayo’s dramas are usually good.

  19. kate tsui is awesome hehe. episode 1 was SUPER hilarious hahahahaa!!

  20. Dayo Wong always plays himself in TV serials but he has become too old and haggard, and too stale ie repeated formula that it has become boring. Other stars stand out more eg May Chan and Sharon Chan.

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