[STYLE] 2015 TVB Sales Presentation Red Carpet Fashions

TVB held its annual Sales Presentation on November 4 with over 200 artistes in attendance. Aside from promoting next year’s drama lineup, many stars dressed to impress potential advertisers, flashing designer looks at the red carpet event.


TVB Sales Presentation Kate TsuiTVB Priscilla Wong in Pius Cheung

Sporting the best look of the evening, Kate Tsui‘s off-shoulder, ¾ sleeved white dress leaves just right amount of sexily demure and suggestively innocent glow. Her hair is loosely curled and falls sensually on her shoulders.

Priscilla Wong’s easy-going Pius Cheung dress and long, flowing curls radiate a feminine look.

TVB Sales Presentation Eliza Sam Linda Chung Grace Wong

Grace Wong’s rocker look from Dyos is near flawless. Her side-swept hair, large earrings, and dress is beautifully designed. The color of her overall look is understated, but sharp and defines her figure. The only flaw is the length of her dress, as it would look better being a thigh-high dress rather than the awkward mid-calf length.

Eliza Sam pulls off her usual innocent, princess aura yet again. Simple and typical, but she still exudes a radiant charm. The outer sheer and mint green color of her dress from Moreno Bridal emanates her youthfulness.

While the blue undertone of Lindy Chung’s Armani dress is lovely, it fails to highlight the curves of her body and makes her appear flat and boring. The shoes, at a glance, look like water shoes.

TVB Sales Presentation Christine Kuo Lai Lok Yi Queenie Chu

Though evidently much larger in frame, Christine Kuo is well-aware of her body and drapes a sheer shawl around her arms and areas that show skin.

Beloved Come Home, Love stars Lai Lok Yi and Queenie Chu make an elegant appearance in their subdued wardrobe choices.

TVB Sales Presentation Elena Kong, Natalie Tong, Grace ChanTVB Sales Presentation Natalie Tong in Mildred Lo

Louis Cheung, with his tall stature and fit physique, pulls of the trench suit well. Paired with the skinny tie and a neat comb-over hairstyle, his overall look is traditional and near flawless.

The usually reserved Natalie Tong wore an intriguing, open-back Doris Q dress, which brings attention to her skeletal frame. The sharp contrast of her red lips and red shoes against her pale skin is eye-catching though.

Ben Wong is rocking a pair of black leather pants. The nude colored bow tie and leather pants give off a more feminine feel.

Grace Chan is equally elegant next to her male counterparts. Her choice in jewelry is understated and does not take the limelight away from her body-fitting dress. Grace’s overall look is runner-up for best dressed this year!

Elena Kong opted for a chic pant look and sheer black top that sexily reveals her black bra.


TVB Sales Presentation Sharon Chan in Alex Lam 2

Sharon Chan is still in her wedding mindset. Designed by Alex Lam, the layers leading down the train of her dress accentuate her tall and slender frame. As usual, Sharon overdoes it with over-the-top jewelry glamor.

TVB Sales Presentation Myolie Wu in Georges Hobeika 2TVB Sales Presentation Nancy Wu in March Jacobs and Myolie Wu in Georges Hobeika

Myolie Wu has been dallying with outfits with teasing cut-out panels. Despite the deep open slit in the front, this Georges Hobeika outfit appears as flat geometric panels on her thin frame.

Nancy Wu looks like she is going to attend a funeral in this Armani mid-calf dress that does nothing for for her bosom.

Elaine Yiu is charmingly dressed in a contrasting black top and white skirt. The v-shaped crop top is feminine and sensual, while the white skirt is sleek and fitting.

Mandy Wong opted for a less formal dress; the loose skirt and her reserved hairdo is prom-like.

TVB Sales Presentation Kristal Tin Moses Chan Nancy Wu

Krystal Tin, with her short, boyish rocker hair is chic. But the checkered pattern and shape of the dress makes her figure appear box-like.

The life of being a dad has taken a toll on Moses Chan, who looks as though he rolled out of bed and put on his outfit in between stop lights on the way to the event. His respect for the occasion is evident in his messy hair, loose suit, tennis shoes, and half undone tie.


TVB Sales Presentation Koni Lui Jess Shum

Long-legged crab, Koni Lui, instead chose to emphasize on her post-pregnancy chest size in this sheer, laced peach dress. Against her yellow skin tone, the Alex Lam dress makes her look motherly.

Similarly, Jess Shum loves to show her cleavage at TVB formal events.


TVB Sales Presentation Carol Cheng in Dorian hoTVB Sales Presentation Eddie Kwan Jade Leung Ngo Ka Nin

Is it any surprise that Dodo Cheng is yet again in a cutesy Dorian Ho dress that should probably be worn by someone three times younger than her? The bow-styled belt and crystal accents seem more fitting for an eight-year-old.

While Jade Leung‘s hot pink dress screams teen prom, her matriarchal hairstyle ages her look immensely.

Ngo Ka Nin’s rocker outfit is surprisingly stylish and dashing. The combat boots pair well with the loosely fitted leather pants. The contrasting Michael Jackson inspired jacket presents an overall fashionable look.


TVB Sales Presentation Sisley Choi Him Law Lin Xia Wei

Sisley Choi’s red dress is predictable, safe, and conventional.

Muscular heartthrob Him Law sported hideous, stretchy black leather pants. The boxy jacket and tight pants give him a football frame that is disproportionate and unbalanced.

Did Lin Xia Wei‘s floral dress take cue from an Ikea Knappa pendant light? Her legs seem ridiculously fragile perched on nude platform heels.


TVB Sales Presentation Katy Kung Joel Chan Maggie Shiu

This category says it all – worst dressed all in one picture!

While Katy Kung is young and beautiful, her ballerina look is tacky . The pale color of her dress against her skin tone makes her appear sickly.

What exactly was Joel Chan thinking when he put himself together? Basketball shorts and a colorful eagle jacket…I cannot even fathom.

Maggie Shiu‘s look here is confusing with the outdated motherly dress, blazer thrown over her shoulders to keep warm, and alarming pink earrings.

Note: This article was updated on November 9, 2014 to reflect the correct designer label for Natalie Tong’s dress which should be Doris Q.

This fashion review is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. i like kate tusi the most dress fit her wel very pretty

    1. looks bad :/ very hideous lol whats with the lace at the bottom..

  2. Compared to past years, this year seems conservative lol. Have to say the guys come out looking worse this year for a change.
    Agree with the worst dressed group haha.

    I generally dont agree with the style opinion articles for the big events on Jaynestars as I lean a lot more conservative than most, but I would say I agree with pretty much every observation on this piece.
    Good Job Huynh! 😛

  3. I would love to wear Priscilla Wongs dress – my favourite as well as Eliza Sam and Myolie 🙂

    1. Eliza sam’s dress, while pretty, looks too typical – like the ones you’d always see at Forever New

    2. I love Priscilla’s dress too, the color and design is suits her image.

  4. I don’t think Nancy Wu’s dress is that bad. Looks good on her.

  5. At the worst dressed group: what were they thinking? Halloween party?!!

    1. I know, OMFG….hahaa LOL..seriously, WOW just simply tasteless or forgot their brain when they picked them out. I still can NOT believe the ex-noodle Maggie woman looks like that now. OMG…..

      1. ikr. I think Maggie forgot to draw in her brows lol looks like she’s just got foundation

    2. hahaha i agree with you. i thought it was a halloween party or somethting.
      most of the dresses are so hideous

    3. @yeungforlife,
      I know, OMG she used to be such a looker right? My mom used to say she’s very pretty and then she never even have kids and she looks like that now? OMGosh..

  6. I actually like Myolie’s outfit. It suits her well. Love her chique & classy style.

    Nathalie is my favorite. She totally rocks this outfit !

      1. would have been nice to see taking a foto with him lw

  7. I don’t like Grace’s dress. It looks too busy and the two part skirt cuts her legs up. Lin Xia’s looks playful and cute. I like Linda’s but minus the teal lining and shoes. It may also not be for the right event. Jade’s has to be the worst. She looks prego and the barbie color does nothing for her.

  8. I personally don’t like Grace’s outfit. It looked too bridal to me and I seriously think she is far too skinny.

    I love Kate’s dress as well as Myolie’s.

    Eliza’s was boring ans I felt that the bodice didn’t fit her well. It made her look far bigger than she really is.

    I realise the cleavage baring outfits are usually worn by those actresses that are not popular?!

  9. Kate best dressed? She looks like she’s wearing a tablecloth with lace details, lol

    Yes to Priscilla and Eliza. I wonder how long Eliza can pull off the “princess look.”

    Per usual, I don’t expect much from Linda. Who’s her stylist? Jeesh

    What?! Sharon is not showing her thighs for once?!?!

    Myolie has been sporting the edgy look, which is a hit and miss, but mostly miss.

    Grace Chan’s head is not proportionate to her body. Oh, PS does wonder.

  10. Natalie Tong’s dress is mildly intriguing. Priscilla’s dress looks pretty but I need to see full length. Kate’s dress is totally ruined by that awful hem. Everything else was darn boring!

    1. advo,
      I like Natalie Tong’s dress too, especially the back details and how she wore her makeup. However, not too fond of the fold-down collar.

      Given that bridal studios are frequent sponsors of artistes’ outfits at red carpet events, it’s not surprising that they are a lot of pastel, girly outfits seen every year. Aside from Eliza Sam’s dress, not too fond of the bridal looks the women wore at the Sales Presentation.

  11. Really love Kate dress, it looks so elegant on her and beautiful.

  12. i think some of these artistes must have got invites which says “halloween party” cos that’s what some of them look dressed for. Myolie’s dress looked super uncomfortable for her as it was threatening to split open for a major wardrobe malfunction if she ever turned around or bent down. Kate’s dress looked like a mummy’s wrap or bandage around her chest and made her already non-existent booobs disappear totally. The swept up fringe aged her. Grace’s dress looked fussy and matronly. She looked like some fussy old tai tai. Linda’s dress looked too casual but she carried it off with her toned frame. Eliza’s dress looks pretty and sweet. Ben chose leather pants…..again! Dress your age Ben. Him Law should really stop pumping so much iron. He looks out of proportion and stocky like those muscle men who lift weights. Louis Cheung isn’t tall btw. Seen him in person. He’s rather short and has terrible pock marked skin.

  13. My favourites this year are priscilla,kate and eliza,all very pretty.
    also like queenie and sharon.the ones i don’t like are gracew,elena,nancy,kristal.but the really shocking ones are linda,joel and maggie.

  14. I love Priscilla and Eliza…absolute princess and so sweet.

  15. I like the Ngo Ka Nin’s rocker outfit. It works on him thou a bit too rockie but it still OK on him and the guy in the left tall veteran actor which i dont know his name. He looks AWESOME still. WOW…and I like the princess like ones of Eliza Sam & Priscilla. What happened to that Christine woman? She’s pretty but what is up w/her figure? Woww… but still an ok dress on her thou.

  16. I think linda looks awesome! Despite her skinny frame, the dress is really interesting

    1. I think so too! The only thing I didn’t like was her shoes.

  17. Kate certainly looked tired. Not a good photo of her. She looked quite skinny nowadays. I think she looked better in the past when she was slightly chubby?

    1. Agree. Kate looks older and tired nowadays. Her acting is suffering along too.

  18. Kate’s fashion actually is quite bad. Eliza looks sweet but too plain and simple. Linda simply looks horrible and too manly.

    1. Agree too. I think the dress did not suit Kate that much. Not an expert in dressing, but I felt that the sleeves of Kate dress was quite loose on her. I think Kate should wear dress like the one Queenie or Eliza wore. Her hair should not be pin up too, it made her face look large? And Kate should gain some weight too, She would look better if she do. Personal opinion.

  19. Him Law looks hideous in that pants and his built up body seem too big for his facial shape. Over workout?

  20. Best dressed Kristal Tin who looks casual for a sales presentation but not too casual. I thought she looked rather chic.

  21. Like Kate Tsui’s and Myolie’s clothings. Linda Chung’s dress can be expensive but she doesn’t have dressing sense and pairing with that shoes does look ugly. Maggie Siu’s clothings errr don’t look good either.

  22. Absolutely love Natalie Tong’s dress! I’m pretty sure it’s a DorisQ design… Why did the article say Mildred Lo???

  23. What the “f” is wrong with Moses? He looked like he just rolled out of bed. Tsk tsk! So unkempt! How can this be the Big Brother of TVB? No wonder tvb is sinking. Smh!

    1. He’s just getting old and losing his hair. He’s wearing a wig I bet. Even Adam Cheng can wear a wig better than him and fooled us all for years.

  24. Euuuw Kate’s dress is the worst! It’s a badly designed prom dress for a tween.

    1. Totally agree. It looks like a cheap knit jersey dress that a young girl might wear.

  25. I love Joel Chan’s get up. So different from that ah pek looking Moses Chan. I think Moses should be demoted and be relegated to uncle roles from now on. He hasn’t aged well at all.

  26. Eh? Jade Leung has come back to TVB? She’s still a looker after all these years..

  27. My favorite is Priscilla’s dress. Also like Kate, Natalie and Nancy. Eliza is always wearing the same style so quite boring.

  28. It’s a matter of opinion, but yes, I think Kate’s dress is very nice and she wore it nicely. It’s also very different, whereas most of the other actress’s choice of dress is very ordinary, Eliza is wearing basically the same style as she always have been, same with myolie (maybe just this year, but it’s the same kinda of dress just different cleavage cut out -.-). If it’s not ordinary, there are flaws in the way they wore them, so I agree with the writer of this article that Kate’s the winning looks. While princess dress is nice, but they are princess dresses, it’s nothing special about them, they are the typical safe choice, and almost too boring.

  29. i like kate’s, priscilla’s, eliza’s and elena’s outfits, and think linda and jade leung looked the worse. everything about linda looks horrible; the limp hair, dress and fugly bulky shoes. jade’s dress is so tacky and the hair is ugh.

    boys wise, i like louis cheung’s classic look and joel looks the worse.

  30. i honestly think lin xia wei looked pretty good except maybe her nude heels. i think she shouldn’t have been placed in disappointing looks.

    1. I agree that the dress is pretty good. However, since her outfit is literally hair do, dress, and heel. And 1/3 made the whole thing went wrong, it’s therefore disappointing. In a sense, the category is for: could have been so much nicer, but they kinda ruin it. So it’s like the “has potential” category

  31. My favourite dresses are those worn by Myolie, Priscilla, Queenie, Lin Xia Wei and Grace! I think Linda and Kate’s dresses are nice too, but they are probably too casual for this event. I noticed a lot of the men seem to like wearing leather pants!

  32. I don’t think Katy Kung’s dress is that bad, but would’ve looked better if it was longer/floor length.

  33. your deep knowledge on most of the outfits never cease to amaze me, how you manage to spot them all?

  34. I don’t think Katy Kung and LXW are bad. It’ll be super sexy if Katy has bigger busts and LXW pairs with a flat or even just a sexy open toes heels. I guess chunky shiny platform shoes are in…

  35. I like Priscilla dress. But what the hell is Linda wearing??? Yuck

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