[Style] 2021 TVB Anniversary Gala

One of Hong Kong’s biggest shows of the year, the 2021 TVB Anniversary Gala was held on November 19, 2021. Despite the onset of chilly temperatures, sheer gowns dominated the red carpet with many TVB actresses attempting daring fashions.

Tiffany Lau’s (劉穎鏇) blue silver dress had openings in all the right places. The dress not only showcased her toned limbs, but also highlighted her voluptuous figure.

Yoyo Chen’s (陳自瑤) yin yang dress was very fashion forward and unique. While one side of her dress was thigh length with a sleeveless bodice top, the other side was long-sleeved and ankle-length. As always, Yoyo did not shy away from showing off her slim figure.

Moon Lau (劉佩玥) wore a white, flowy dress that is reminiscent of a princess. Moon’s soft curls modestly covered up the dress’ low neckline.

Iris Lam (林凱恩) wore a white gown that had a pearlescent top and stark white bottom. Despite the softness and femininity of the dress, the elongated trumpet sleeves covered her hands and made for awkward posing.

Although arguably one of the best actresses at TVB currently, Ali Lee (李佳芯) disappointed in her frumpy ivory gown. The dress was not only ill-fitting, but the billowy bottom also swallowed up her figure.

Kelly Cheung (張曦雯) showed off her long legs in a pale pink mini dress. Although sexy, the open back dress dialed down its sex appeal by tastefully adding a large floral design to the front of the dress. Kelly’s dress is the epitome of business in the front, party in the back.

With her svelte figure, Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) could not go wrong with a bodice-topped dress that boasted a generous neckline. The sexiness was offset by a flowy, princess-like train.

Samantha Ko’s (高海寧) shamrock green dress is simple, yet elegant. The calf length, figure hugging dress boasted a strapless neckline and drew attention to her hourglass figure.

Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) wore a black long-sleeved gown with a unique open front.

Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) wore a ruffled white dress with gold accents. The keyhole neckline teased sex appeal. Sisley opted for a clean, sleek backed hairdo to offset her busy dress.

Although simple, Crystal Fung’s (馮盈盈) black dress was glammed up with gold embellishments that lined her dress from top to bottom.

More Red Carpet Looks

Kenneth Ma and Roxanne Tong
Gin Lee
Mandy Wong
Regina Ho
Jinny Ng
Kayan Yau
Ashley Chu

Watch the 2021 TVB Anniversary Gala Red Carpet Complete Video

Source: HK01 [1,2]

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I saw part of the red carpet on TV and the impression I had was either ugly or boring or boring and ugly. Most of the females were either in white, pale pink or bronze gold. Samantha wore a different color in green but that color didn’t suit her. Tiffany looked like she was going for Latin dance contest, Ashley Chu’s dress was cheap looking (seems like TVB decides to give her another chance though her situation was a milder version of Jacqueline Wong 2.0), I don’t like Kelly as an actress but she is quite attractive until yesterday in that big flora pink dress, don’t understand how Ali could agree to be dressed that way and Natalie actually looked fatter and unattractive on TV yesterday in that dress.
    I like Mandy’s dress but when almost everyone was in the same whiteness, it just added on to the bunch of boring dresses.

    1. Yes, Natalie Tong looks horrible. She looks old either from the ugly front opening dress or her hairstyle/makeup not sure which. haha lol…Ashley Chu – I think she is even worse than JW but that’s just me I am sure. Dude’s wife was pregnant and cheated with her how is that not more serious than JW and AH. Oh right, AH’s wife is super popular and a singer goddess? haha lol…

      1. @wm2017 Yes, Sammi was a big star and loved by the public, moreover the taxi clip was devastating hence to the public which led to TVB’s treatment, JW was more unforgivable.
        AC was caught in the birthday cake situation so they could claim they didn’t do anything more. They were lucky that the wife’s pregnancy wasn’t affected by their disgusting behavior.
        Both situations were awful, all 4 parties should have been treated in the same way yet AC was the only one given a second chance. Her dressing yesterday seemed desperately calling for attention.

  2. Did anyone watch the anniversary? I saw only segments and couldn’t sit through it but Mandy’s performance was worth watching, reminds me of the golden era when the artists really made efforts to perform in the anniversary.

    1. I watched the whole thing. Def better than previous years but alas, It’s still the same few artiste. I wouldn’t even be bothered if not to catch Ali.

      TVB also seems to make it as if Sisley is a big star. She was the last (with Vincent) to appear on red carpet and was standing in the C- position (centrestage).

      1. I think Sisley is the only one with the youth and talent potential to go beyond TVB. But since TVB no longer dominates the market, it is very hard to do that.

        I wasn’t impressed by any of the dresses. Did like Bowie’s flowery one since it was a break from all the white. Samantha’s green color would be better if it were darker not neon green. Really casted a terrible hue to her skin coloring.

      2. @conan2209 Was a little surprised that Vincent and she was the last pair, thought it would have been Moses and Ali.
        I saw the skit, reminded of a similar one TVB did decades ago with Sean Say, Roger Kwok, Francis Ng and Derek Wan but this newer one was bad The humor was forced and awkward. The last part was kind of sad as the participants, mostly unknown faces or unknown names said their name and which acting class did they graduate from.

  3. Gosh no one can pull off the sheer dresses, always showing the underlayer, it goes from sexy to tacky real fast. Natalie’s dress is pretty, but she doesn’t have the skin tone to carry it, so it’s a flop. Ali I love you but what is up with that hair and gown? Mandy looks better than previous years but she needs a necklace. I want to say I like Sam’s dress but the colour with TVB’s crap lighting is not good. Sisley’s style has been pretty good. Yoyo is outstanding (as usual) in a sea of pastel, sexy and cool.

    I watched the gala and I regret every second. These drama actors cannot for the love of their lives carry a stage performance. And TVB’s cameras are so blurry. Edwin and Priscilla didn’t even go so I guess they aren’t being favoured anymore.

  4. Roxanne looked the best to me. She looked very radiant w her makeup and hair and suit. Sisley looks good as usual but I prefer her with short hair, it makes her look more unique. Same for Koling, prefer her with the mid-short length hair that makes her stand out a bit more. Also a lot of the artists are looking quite aged.

  5. This year’s anniversary was a lot better to watch and managed to get singers to join in back to a previous format many years ago.

    Probably the highlight for me was the introduction of new artists detailing their struggles in the entertainment field and reason to not give up to pursue their acting dreams.
    The other was the anniversary drama where the artists portraying filming monkey King scene.
    Each artist introducing what year tvb class they graduated from.

    This was something new and should be expanded on each year.

  6. Man this whole gala fashion really need a fashion police segment on all of them. None of them actually look great in their dress, some are even downright ugly. Best looking one in my opinion? Probably Jinny Ng’s or Moon Lau’s. The rest either make them look like prostitutes or plain ugly dresses.

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