Synopsis of “Coffee Cat Mama”

New TVB family comedy, Coffee Cat Mama <貓屎媽媽>, premieres on Monday, December 23. Following Bounty Lady <My盛Lady>, it will air in the 9:30 p.m. timeslot. Produced by Nelson Cheung (張乾文), the 20-episode series stars Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Eliza Sam (岑麗香), Michelle Yim (米雪), Nancy Wu (胡定欣), Vincent Wong (王浩信), Koo Ming Wah (古明華), Mimi Lo (羅敏莊), and May Chan (陳嘉佳).

After  Bao Chi Tai (Bosco Wong), divorces his wife, Song Chau Bo (Miki Yeung 楊愛瑾), he assumes the role of a mother and a father to his 8-year old son. Wanting to properly raise his son, he switches careers numerous times to find a more accommodating work schedule. In hopes to help out their housemate, So Sik (Koo Ming Wah) and Yam Ka Ching (Vincent Wong) recommend Chi Tai work at a coffee shop as a brewer. The coffee shop is run by three women plagued by a confusing dramatic family story, which completely changes Chi Tai’s life.

Ma See Nga (Michelle Yim) is the biological mother of Bin Kwai Chi (Eliza Sam). When her husband passed away, he left his coffee shop business to See Nga, Kwai Chi, as well as his mistress, So Mei (Nancy Wu). The three women are supposed to continue running the business cooperatively. However, See Nga believes she should be in charge of the coffee shop, and starts making her own decisions.

After hiring Chi Tai as an employee, See Nga secretly persuades him to be her spy, informing her of everyone else’s each and every move. At the same time, she trains him as a professional coffee brewer. At first, Kwai Chi despises Chi Tai, but seeing he is willing to sacrifice himself for his son, she eventually changes her perception. She helps raise the young boy and eventually falls in love with Chi Tai.

Always wishing Kwai Chi would one day become a doctor, See Nga strongly disapproves of her daughter’s relationship with Chi Tai. She is afraid Kwai Chi would give up pursuing the professional career. On the other hand, So Mei also does not want to see Kwai Chi ending up with her job, and decides to team up with See Nga. Together, the two women come up with all sorts of tactics to destroy Kwai Chi and Chi Tai’s relationship.


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    1. This drama is produced by a producer on Tommy Leung’s side and Moses rarely, if ever, films for Tommy. If I’m not wrong he has filmed exclusively for Catherine Tsang’s producers in the past few years at least.

    2. I think so too. I immediately thought of Moses Chan when I read the above article saying that Bosco is trained as a professional coffee brewer.

  1. LOL..I agree this drama was like tailored for MOSES. How unfortunate. Also the poster looks like its gonna be a comedy until i READ THE SYNOPSIS. LAME.

    1. The sales presentation video implies that this series is a family comedy. May Chan is a great actress, it’s nice to see her again getting a meaty part and included in the poster this time.

    1. I was just about to say the same! I can’t believe Eliza is leading. Just goes to show TVB doesn’t care about talent, just about promoting new fadans.

      1. TVB promoting such a bad acting person as the latest fadan? I seriously wonder what did Eliza do or what’s so attractive about her making TVB to let her lead in EVERY drama she’s in. Tracy and her are basically the leads over Kenneth Tavia in OC2, but at least Tracy is okay, and its her first. I feel extremely bad for Nancy, hearing what she said when she got the supporting actress award in Malaysia is so sad.

        If TVB chooses the right person the promote, their ratings may not have dropped, I still can’t get over with the disappointment in OC2

      2. Which is why I’m not going to watch this lame drama. Eliza is ok for supporting roles but NO way does she deserve to lead over Nancy. I’m infuriated for Nancy. Boycott TVB and their stupid inept casting decisions promoting half baked fadans!

      3. Exactly. And herein lies one of (amongst others) the problems with tvb these days. The fadans and siu sangs back in their ‘glory’ years at least had talent to match; Chow Yun Fat, Tony Leung, Idy Chan, Kitty Lai, Barbara Yung etc.

        Could you ever imagine any of the current actors going on top develop award winning film and tv careers (and no, TVB king and queen don’t count)

        The fact that Nancy is second fiddle to these pageant queens is ridiculous

      4. Priscilla’s another favored one. Don’t understand how she lands all those lead roles.

      5. I know right OMG. she’s not very pretty, just average, she kinda looks weird lol. Okay physical appearance aside, she isn’t talented at all! Her acting is really dry, & kinda like Linda lol. Same old character in most dramas. lame much? but Linda is improving a little 🙂 okay conclusion: TVB’s executives are blind. Not even gonna watch this drama even though bosco is in lol. and isn’t it kinda humiliating for eliza to lead over nancy?! nancy has been in the industry for much longer! she’s prettier & her acting is better too. this drama looks like it’s Gonna be really boring + have low ratings. even though it’s a comedy. whatever TVB whatever, just wait till your ratings drop till … eliza just knows how to whine & act cute lol

    2. Sometimes, the male lead’s choice/input counts too. And, many male leads “would” choose Eliza Sam.

      1. She’s not really “beautiful”… unless she does a strip tease.

      2. But who watches more tvb dramas? Housewives aka Si lais! Viewers opinions count more than a male lead’s preference (and I highly doubt Bosco gets to pick and choose his leading lady). Nancy has charm and her consistent acting appeals to both girls and guys, whereas Eliza’s ditziness may gain her more male fans but her amateurish acting turns off many more poeple.

    3. Lee: sorry nancy is way prettier lol

      pretty sad they picked eliza over nancy. eliza is so bad at acting….

    4. I KNOW RIGHT?
      So disappointing! Eliza is such a boring actress and seems to just be reciting her lines. She’s only knows how the play the same character. She’s displayed the same persona for every single character she’s played and it’s so disappointing.

  2. Vincent Wong, one of the supporting cast? What a waste of talent.

    1. tbh i think hes support cuz hes married, if hes lead its kinda lacking promotional advantages

  3. I don’t think Eliza is leading over Nancy.. It seems that they have same exposure although both are female leads with Michelle? I can’t wait to see how Nancy and Michelle teams up and tries to ruin Eliza’s relationship with Bosco 😛

    1. in the sales presentation trailer it was all eliza and only like 5 seconds of nancy

      1. The sales presentation trailer doesn’t represent the whole drama though. It only shows a snippet of it, a preview of the series. It’s not the final copy of the drama. And if this drama is about Nancy and Michelle’s schemes against Eliza and Bosco and how they retaliate against their attempts of salvaging their relationship, It means that each of the actresses play a crucial role (not a filler role) in the drama

      2. I know that they have finished filming the drama. And I have watched the trailer. And like I mention before, it doesn’t show the whole series, it is a preview of the drama. It’s way too early to say who got more screentime. And personally in my opinion, which artiste has more screen time or which artiste has little screen time has little meaning to me. And I don’t think Eliza Sam has more screentime than Nancy because Vincent is also leading in this drama (second male lead, I think), and Nancy is romantically linked to Vincent as well. and from looking at the trailer, Nancy and Vincent appears to have their own storyline as well..

  4. Is “cat sh^t mommy” the literal translation of the Chinese title?


    1. That is… in Cantonese title: Mao-See-Ma-Ma. Pathetic! TVB is turning this series into cat crap on momther’s lap.

      1. I think the title is supposed to imply Michelle and Nancy as catty mothers based on the synopsis.

      1. Thanks for the tips.

        I sure will stay away from coffee the next time when I’m in HK.

      2. haha, I think it’s not just a HK thing? I know they have it in some higher-end coffee shops in the U.S. but it’s supposed to be pretty expensive. The official name is “Kopi Luwak”

      3. It has its original from Indonesia and Vietnam, but after the French found its too good taste, it became one of most famous coffee in the world with high price. But Larry 3 only cares for the negative aspects of life hence s/he only can read up to the word sh!t.

      4. So the Chinese title makes a reference to kopi luwak? LOL!

        By the way, the coffee industry in general regard kopi luwak as more gimmicky than of substance. It is not really that popular even among the elites in the west. Maybe the thought of drinking civet feces water is not very appealing.

  5. Calm down Raymond Lam, you already have master of a 19 year old brat.

    1. LOL 🙂

      If it weren’t for Mavis Pan exposing LF’s true face, Little Karena would probably be just another Rose Chan and we would all still think LF is still a … haha.

  6. Are you serious? Eliza to be the lead character? That is ridiculous. Her acting ain’t that good, she needs improvement before she becomes a lead.

    1. If Eliza’s casting to be a lead character is extreme, what about the older fadans who won in beauty pageants before Eliza and then was promoted quickly? This was always a trend in TVB’s history.

      Not sure if you notice it, but if you look back at some of the fadans who shine during the late 1999s – early 2000s, some of them achieved awards within the FIRST SIX years of their acting careers. You didn’t see the older fadan artistes complaining about it back then! Example: Charmaine Sheh began her acting debut in late 1999s-early 2000s. She was casted as a female lead in 2000 (3 years’ time, which is exactly the same thing that is happening to Eliza). Within six years’ of time, Charmaine Sheh won Best Actress award (2006). Same thing with Ada Choi! Ada Choi debuted her acting career after miss HK (1991). And in 1996, Ada Choi also won Best Actress Award within 5- 6 years of time. I guess what I am trying to say is, casting new, inexperienced fadans in leading roles has always a trend. I don’t see why people are making a big deal/fuss when it has been done to the fadans who shine during the late 1999s-early 2000s. There’s this double standard. Not to mention, these artistes were the same group of artistes who are a part of the Top 5 Fadans during those times.

      1. You’re right. But the thing is when TVB had those beauty winners cast in lead roles,they also had other excellent actresses to hold up TVB’s reputation. Right now TVB is in a horrible state. They literally have no body who can appeal to both management and the audience.

      2. Very true, but I think some of the other companies in entertainment industry across the world struggles with this problem of productions that don’t appeal to everyone.

      3. The fadans in the 80’s and 90’s can act well as newbies. I haven’t seen a natural newbie lately, the best debut by a newbie in recent years should be Tracy. She’s not a drop dead beauty but very comfortable to look at and natural in her raw acting without having to play cute.

      4. @bbfanny, I know that. I am not saying the fadans during that time period cannot act well. I like watching the fadans act. They are the ones I grew up watching. I am only stating that this trend of promoting new people among respected artistes and the trend of these newbies earning nominations for awards isn’t new. I just feel like that whenever a new artiste is being promoted or placed in a leading role in a drama besides a well-respected veteran artiste, most people tend to question that or freak out that they are in a leading role but they do not recognize that this technique was used on the older generation of fadans as well and that these older generation of fadans were once placed among “veteran” artistes back in the day/when they first started out as well.

      5. Absolutely agree.

        Eliza started strongly in DID. She isn’t that bad. If you notice, Charmaine was highly criticized for her acting during her start but Txb still kept promoting her. Linda is the same. However it’s now proven that Charmaine and Linda established their names with a large group of fans. Eliza can do the same.

        Btw, am I the only one who think Tracy Chu is average at acting? I don’t find her performance is any good especially the way her mouth moves.

      6. Charmaine was weak, but her roles were versatile. So she gets to learn a lot. Eliza is constantly cute role. Even if the one not meant to be cute, she turned it to cute n robot voice delivery mode. And pls, just because they have the same timeline to success, that doesn’t mean other can achieve the same thing. ATM, Eliza isn’t even pretty in my eyes, her voice made me switch channel, and her presence make me avoid the drama. I like nancy over Eliza, I can see she’s more beautiful than Eliza tbqh, don’t know why, but her grace onscreen n how versatile she is, she won me over, initially I would not care for her, but her acting show she’s far more superior than this Eliza

      7. I understand your point, but Charmaine and Ada did not bad in their early series! Charmaine in Return of Cuckoo was cute to watch, she’s got potential. The earlier fadans who were beauty pageants all act well as a newbie. The thing about Eliza is that she’s been in so many series but still not improving, and her cantonese is unbearable. I understand TVB wants to promote someone who’s a beauty pageant, but please choose the right one. Even Rebecca Zhu has shown much improvement in Always and Ever, her 3rd series? If TVB continues to promote all these people, their ratings won’t get any better. Look at TITS2, the storyline is nowhere near good, but it has all the great leads so that leads to high rating.

      8. @little fishy:
        “And pls, just because they have the same timeline to success, that doesn’t mean other can achieve the same thing. ”

        I am sorry, but I was not stating THAT at all. I am not saying that these new fadans would have the same timeline to success. My MAIN point was that the fadans of the late 1999s and early 2000s were placed in leading roles when some of them were very new.. Same thing is happening to today’s fadans.. Furthermore, I know that every artiste’s journey, results and efforts in the HK entertainment industry is different.

      9. @RW: I never said that Ada Choi and Charmaine Sheh was bad in their debut roles. I loved most of Charmaine Sheh’s roles. She’s one of my favourite actresses. And as for Eliza, I haven’t seen her in THC 2 or TITS 2 but I did enjoy her acting in DID! 😛

      10. I know what you said, but again, you picked the two most success pageant turned actress, and then you say Eliza can do the same is a bit of an insult to the other two. Plus Charmaine n Ada worked very hard, have VERSATILE roles, and not as annoying as Eliza. Heck, there are many that’s not as annoying as Eliza, but how many turn great actress material -.- well, I only see Eliza in sniper and that was enough to make me dislike her -.- and no, I didn’t fast forward her screen, half way through I did I think, simple cos I can’t stand her robot line delivery. Gosh, never in my life i hate the sound of Cantonese, but from Eliza’s mouth….

      11. I never SAID that Eliza can achieved the same as them. I only stated that new fadans such as Eliza are PLACED in ‘leading roles’ among veteran artistes in their early years’ of acting, just like how Charmaine Sheh and Ada Choi was placed in leading roles among veteran artistes when they first started out.

        And I don’t know how you thought that I was insulting Ada or Charmaine but I am NOT dissing or insulting Ada Choi and Charmaine Sheh or saying they suck at acting. I AM NOT SAYING ANY OF THAT. Ever since I saw Charmaine Sheh in Lethal Weapon of Love and Passion, I loved her acting and her role.

      12. @fishy: You only watched Sniper, how do you know Eliza acted cute girls in all of her series?

        @RW: Return to the Cuckoo was Charmaine’s 6th or 7th series. She was criticized for bad acting in Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain and Detective Investigation Files IV where she acted same fragile girls. Coffee cat mama is Eliza’s 3 or 4th series?

        How is Will Power’s rating? And War of Beauty 2? Always and Ever? Are you saying those series’ casts acted badly?

      13. Actually the most successful pageant winner turned actress is Anita Yuen. She played the main lead in her first debut against Eddie cheung. Most praised her for her natural talent in acting. She’s moved on from tvb within a 2-3 years to become a major blockbuster hit in Hk during the golden era of Hong Kong film – that’s no small feat.

        Whereas Ada and Charmaine was criticized during their first few years of debut. Ada was said to have a small voice and she has a limited acting range. Charmaine was said to have a small voice as well (she mentioned if in her acceptance speech in her BA win a few years ago). In the end both Ada and Charmaine has a solid career and receives positive feedback from the majority. So it’s not an insult to compare how some beauty pageants started, it’s how they ended that matters.

      14. It is true that in the past, TVB also promoted pagaent winners immediately in lead roles. Not all pageant winners were springboarded into main leading roles but those who got promoted had visible talent and/or charm. However, those who did not have a passion for acting or lack talent usually fade away after a few short years. Also, there is a clear deterioration in the talent level of the pageant-winners-turned-actresses from the 80s and 90s, and those from the 2000’s. In the 80s we had beauty queens like Angie Chiu, Barbara Yung and Monica Chan. In the 90s we had Amy Kwok, Ada Choi, Maggie Cheung HY, Kenix Kwok and Charmaine Sheh. In the 2000s we were deluged with all these overseas borned beauty queens who can’t speak good cantonese and come across more like ‘juk sing mui’ in their roles and are not convincing playing down-to-earth HK people.

        In terms of talent, I rank Angie Chiu>Ada Choi>Maggie Cheung HY>Charmaine Sheh>Linda Chung>Rebecca Zhu>Eliza Sum>Christine Kuo

        That said, I never liked Charmaine Sheh and hated that TVB went into overdrive to promote her and forced fed Charmaine dramas down viewers throats until they were tired of resisting her. That was during the era (early to mid 2000s) when many seasoned TVB fadans from the 80s had left TVB and there was a clear void of fadans. I see that this strategy worked with Myolie and Linda Chung too, and TVB is probably doing the same ‘force feed’ strategy with Eliza Sum.

      15. You forget that back in the day those lead actresses could at least speak the language fluently.

  7. this looks like the females are the mains and bosco is just there like beauty of game. but then again i thought elizas role in diva was the same as mandy. so you cant really say that she is leading of mandy, its probably the same.

  8. Looking forward another modern day comedy after BL. The casting looks good

    1. I am actually looking forward to an ancient series. I have not seen a good ancient series from TVB in a long time.

      1. But sadly, TVB series are depleting in quality and they are way too cheap to make an ancient series. I miss the good old days when they made more ancient series that were of higher quality.

  9. What happened to Bosco’s face or is that him? Seriously, the photoshopping is getting ridiculous on some of these posters. First it was Kathy Chow…

  10. First, Eliza is the lead? Really? Wow this quick? What’s wrong with Nancy Wu? She’s been there longer than Eliza and has a great reputation for her acting. So far all Eliza has been doing are semi comedy lovely characters.

    Second, bad photoshop and too crowded. TVB don’t know how to make good posters.

    Third, Bosco don’t know how to pick good series. Picking a woman focused series(based on synopsis) where he’s just a male ornament won’t give any acting breakthrough for him. Furthermore this is just a comedy soap opera.

    Fourth, who the heck is this Miki Yeung to get her name on the synopsis when she’s just a dead character? Another newbie miss HK that TVB want to promote?

    1. miki yeung is a singer and starred in a couple of hk movies as a kelefe support type of character lol.

    2. Miki previously acted in TVB series her most notable role was probably in Split Second….but she is best known for being a part of the now disbanded girl group Cookies

  11. this isn’t fair. tvb keeps saying that nancy is first lead. and boom when I saw the trailer it was all eliza I don’t have anything against eliza but tvb is really messed up.

    1. YEAH AGREE MAN. they just wanna promote her as a new fadan. it’s kinda annoying because she isn’t talented, can’t speak Cantonese properly, can’t act!! the only thing she can do is whine & act cute lol. SHES 29 SHE SHOULD STOP ACTING CUTE with that weird hamster face of hers gross lol

  12. The synopsis doesn’t look interesting for me, sorry Bosco, Nancy, Michelle and Vincent, I may have to skip this drama. Plus Eliza is the lead? Oh god I cannot stand her acting, is she acting as a cute and bubbly girl again? I don’t really dislike anyone in TVB be she has been getting on my nerves. Grabbing 50% screentime in On Call2? Seriously?? Feel sorry for Nancy

    1. I’ve been holding off on call 2, but if what you said is true, I might avoid it all together or prepare myself to skip Eliza’s part. She is just destroying every single drama -.- no added value

    2. I am not watching On Call 2, but if Eliza grabbed 50% of the screen time, I think I made a great choice. BK stands as my favourite series this year and it’s not because of Linda Chung for sure.

      1. I might be exaggerating a little, but from what I’ve watched, Eliza and Tracy seem like the leads to me, Eliza+Tracy+a little of Lawrence due to Tracy make up around 50% of it, I’m not even joking. Kenneth and Tavia appear for around 5-10 minutes every episodes, there’s no linkage between them and Eliza Tracy they all. It’s a really big disappointment as I’m a huge fan of the first. Still, Kenneth and Tavia did well for their parts, especially Tavia, well done in the scene when she lost her baby.
        BK is great, I actually finished the whole series, interesting storyline, the Macau line is funny. Linda did nothing outstanding in the series thats what I can say. She acts like what she’s been acting for the past few years.

  13. Eliza is only younger and might be a better match for Bosco because Bosco looks a little younger than Nancy? That is the only reason I can think of regarding her lead role in this comedy. Nancy Wu’s acting skills are better than Eliza…I don’t like Eliza’s acting in Sniper. Nancy looks hotter and sexier than Eliza. Nancy should waste her time in other drama where she has better roles.

    1. Eliza is nowhere near young, she’s just 3 years younger than Nancy. Nancy and Bosco look okay together, not much age gap, they are a couple in Midas Touch. The only reason of her lead role is TVB wants to promote her to a first line fadan, due to Fala leaving TVB, if only Nancy is a beauty pageant, she’d have gotten a leading role…

      1. You sure? Wiki says nancy starting in a singing contest then went into tvb’s acting course.

      2. Oh, sounded like tvb’s beauty pageant.

        Isn’t that beauty contest something like a cover girl kind of thing? Much less ‘prestigious’ than tvb’s beauty pageant right?

  14. I’m really annoyed with TVB putting these newbies as first lead in dramas. TVB better not let Eliza win most improved or best supporting. TVB needs to give artist with potential and talent more opportunities, rather than promoting these newbie pageant girls who can’t even speak Chinese properly.

  15. Eliza as lead?! And just like that, this show is doomed. Lol. To refrain from repeated myself over and over, Eliza although cute, really needs to hone her acting skills before she should get any leading or hefty supporting roles. Being yourself in all roles isn’t acting.

  16. wtf is wrong with boscos nose lmfaoo lookstit ahhah after the door incident rofls

  17. Is this not the series that they are matching Nancy with Vincent again?

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