Andy Lau: “Sammi Cheng and I Were Lovers in a Past Life!”

Although it has been almost ten years since Hong Kong actor/singers Andy Lau (劉德華) and Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) last worked together, their off- and on-screen chemistry has not lost its sizzle. In a recent press conference for their upcoming movie, Blind Detective <盲探>, the two shared some exciting stories about their seventh film collaboration and joked that they always portrayed couples because they had been lovers in a past life.

Andy and Sammi last collaborated in Yesterday Once More <龍鳳鬥>, in which they portrayed a husband-and-wife team of thieves, who separated after a quarrel over a diamond robbery. Because they often appear on-screen as a couple, Andy joked that he “couldn’t fall in love [with her] in real life, so it was only in movies that [he] could love her.” He laughingly added that they had known each other in their previous lives and had been lovers for three generations. In response, Sammi teasingly asked, “If we were lovers in our previous life, then shouldn’t we be father and daughter in this life? Are you going to play my father? You’re not old enough.” Andy replied, “No problem, I’m a good actor.”

Directed by Johnnie To (杜琪峯), Blind Detective features Andy as a former crime inspector who is forced to leave the police force after he becomes blind, whereupon he meets a female police inspector played by Sammi. Because Andy’s character is blind, the bulk of the action scenes went to Sammi, who jokingly lamented, “All of the laborious parts in this movie are mine.”

One of the most thrilling scenes in the movie is when Andy drives Sammi around in a car, despite being blind. However, the filming for that scene was quite terrifying, since Andy had not driven a car in almost 18 years. Because he was n0t used to the horsepower in modern vehicles, the car surged forward as soon as he tapped the accelerator, and the two almost drove off the mountain.

Despite the frightening ordeal, Andy and Sammi could not stop poking fun at each other when talking about it. According to Sammi, Andy shouted “Oh shit!” when the event happened, showing that his English is very good. In response, Andy said that he will spew out English when he is nervous and teasingly added, “It was in America that I met and fell in love with her in our previous life.”

Blind Detective, which also features actors Guo Tao (郭濤) and Gao Yuanyuan (高圓圓), will open in theaters on July 4.


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  1. Not driven in over 18yr!!??? Wow….these rich people. 😛

    1. I know… I can’t believe he has not driven in 18 years. I wonder if he still knows how to drive. I know some that haven’t but it meant that it was because they had to use public transportation. It can go both ways since it either mean you are really rich or really poor(can’t afford a car,etc..)

  2. Tired of AL using Sammi now to promote himself. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

    1. Why would he need to use Sammi to promote himself?? It’s not Andy is some unknown artist that is trying to get known. He already really famous himself so what is the point of needing to use Sammi? Andy is clearly not inferior to her when it comes to fame or anything.

      1. Agreed . Andy do not need Sammi to promote himself. He is very famous himself already.

  3. I thought there was scene in “needing u” i mean there are many scenes in that movie which Andy was driving????

  4. I find it hard to believe he hasn’t driven in 18 years. Kind of makes me think he’s not as cool now that he has so many scenes of him driving fancy cars and motorbikes lol.

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