Charlene Choi Nominated Best Actress at International Festivals

Charlene Choi’s (蔡卓妍) breakthrough role in Category III film, Sara <雛妓>, has won critical praise. The EEG movie, which also stars Simon Yam (任達華), centers on journalist Sara (Charlene Choi) who rescues an underage prostitute in Thailand while trying to recover from a dark past. The film is noted for having numerous daring sex scenes between Charlene and Simon, as well as its focus on sensitive topics such as sex tourism in Asia.

Charlene’s performance in Sara helped her win the Best Actress award at the Macau International Move Festival last December. She has been nominated for Best Actress at the 34th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards, the 10th annual Osaka Asian Film Festival in Japan, and the Far East Film Festival in Italy.

Thrilled by the international film committees’ recognition of Sara, Charlene hopes the film would bring more awareness to Asia’s controversial sex tourism industry.

In related news, several movie posters for Sara were taken down and censored by the Hong Kong Motions Pictures Industry association due to its explicit themes. The first poster featured a naked Charlene in a pool of blood, which was deemed too violent. The second poster showed Simon and Charlene in an intimate kiss, with Charlene pulling on Simon’s belt.


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  1. Haven’t watched the movie yet, but she has my support for taking such a daring role in the movie.

  2. Is it a trend now to be qualified forBA nomination is to act in a racy, hardship, despicable job role? Lol. It seems like actresses as a prostitute, gangster no. 1 lady or poor circumstance have the splotlight to be a fav winner. Lol.

  3. i actually think both her and ah-gil’s acting are not bad. i remember seeing her in a thriller w/ shawn yue, and she impressed me. ah-gil’s acting in beyond our ken was also pretty good.

  4. This movie definitely help Charlene grow as an actress! Just watching the trailers give me chills. The movie held a premiere for HK film critics last month and Charlene’s acting was the highlight of the movie so it’s no surprised she getting so many best actress nominations.

  5. Is Simon Yam dropping his drawers or is the nudity limited only to the female actress as usual?

    1. Pretty sure both you and I know the answer to that question. It is quite unfair for women to be so exposed. I am happy she’s being taken seriously now, but does it really take an actress this far to gain recognition?!

  6. She’s striving to become a serious actress and I’m so happy for her. Can anybody tell me what USA/Verizon Fios cable channel I need to order, to watch the Hong Kong Film Awards in April?

    1. @ Ed C

      Are you located in USA? If yes, I heard you can get a TV box from Amazon and you can watch few hundred channels around the world including HK, Taiwan and China.

      1. I only want to watch the awards show live.
        Thanks anyways Dramas4me.

    2. If you plan on watching only the HK film award then you can actually stream it live. I did that a few years back but then you’ll need to hunt down the site on Weibo and that I can be a pain in the butt.

      1. I can’t track anything on Weibo, Baidu or JD. I think im gonna just have to wait for it to be uploaded to youtube. Thanks lol.

  7. Does anyone know where we can watch it online for free? Link?

    Thank you

    1. The movie had only held premiere for film festivals and film critics. Sara’s release date in HK is March 5.

  8. A decent perfomance by Charlene Choi although not really worth the hype. She’s been acting for almost 15 years so I’m quite disappointed. The movie is also not very good and rather superficial.

  9. To be yin hou in HK movie is easy. If you are A lister actress, just took of your cloth, took up a messed up characTer and you will be said a breakthrough. So cliche. A sa has been acting for 10 more years..dont see any special in this movie..

  10. A not so pretty, flat chested, divorcee strips to gain fame n awards w/o good acting skill!? How sad…

    1. Regardless of what you think of her, Ah Sa is still an A-list actress in Asia. She’s still banking millions even for a guest appearance. 😉

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