Daniel Wu is Suffering from an Eating Disorder?

Above: Daniel Wu filming “That Demon Within”.

Daniel Wu (吳彥祖) looked as skinny as a skeleton last Tuesday, when he appeared in Sai Kong with costars Nick Cheung (張家輝) and Andy On (安志傑) to promote for their upcoming cop thriller, That Demon Within <魔警>. Daniel admitted that he had to lose a lot of weight for the film and added, “The last step of the weight-loss regimen was the most difficult for me.”

After months of explosions and car races in the compact streets of Hong Kong, the Dante Lam (林超賢) film is finally near completion. However, Daniel still needs to report to the studios for the next several nights to film some loose-ends.

Portraying a struggling cop, Daniel had to lose over 30 pounds for the film. The pressure for him to lose weight became so extreme that he moved from a healthy diet to not eating at all. 3 Weekly claimed that Daniel was beginning to develop signs of anorexia in the first few months of filming.

Last Sunday, Daniel and Lisa S. were seen taking a light walk with their dogs around their Sai Kung neighborhood. Lisa S., who is six months pregnant, looked particularly chirpy and cheerful, but Daniel looked sullen and exhausted. When the couple caught the press, Daniel looked tense and urged Lisa to return home. The couple went back home 15 minutes later.

Tabloid magazines earlier reported that Lisa S. had suffered from prepartum depression. The doting Daniel was very worried for his wife’s condition and asked her parents to stay in Hong Kong to care for Lisa while Daniel went to work. After filming That Demon Within, Daniel will take a year off to recharge his batteries and prepare himself as a first-time father.

As a result, Daniel decided to turn down Alan Mak (麥兆輝) and Felix Chong’s (莊文強) Overheard 3 <竊聽風雲3> and Johnnie To’s (杜琪峯) Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2 <單身男女2>.

Lisa S. refused to comment on Daniel’s eating disorder rumors. However, a source close to Daniel said, “Daniel loves to eat, but for the film, he couldn’t eat anything. Everything has to be controlled – more vegetables, less rice, and more healthy drinks. A nutritionist is following his case, but he gets really tense and grumpy whenever he sees his costars eating big meals in front of him. It’s getting worse, because now whenever he sees food, he doesn’t feel like eating. Daniel is athletic and he keeps up with his exercise, but now, he would feel faint when he works out too much. It is very easy for him to gain pounds, but as long as the movie is still shooting, he will not be able to eat.”

Source: 3 Weekly via kuangaitvb.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com

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  1. Daniel. it’s definitely not worth your deteriorating health for a movie, you don’t owe this Dante Lam anything,…

    1. “this Dante Lam” happens to be one of the biggest HK film directors who pretty much made people like Nick Cheung.

      1. So? does that make him god?

        This ‘Daniel Wu’ happens to be one of the biggest HK film actors who pretty much made directors like Dante Lam,…

      2. I know what you mean about him making Nick Cheung, but I disagree. Nick was already a very excellent actor, but just lacked the perfect opportunity in the film world (as if starring in those Wong Jing films will help). Dante Lam’s films helped Nick gain the recognition as an actor since the Secret of the Heart.

    2. It’s the professional conduct required for the actor or actress. When you sign for a movie, you don’t just sign for acting in your role, you sign for all the promotions and prep work (whether it’s martial arts training for some like Tony Cheung, or dieting / gaining weight to fit into the role). I won’t comment losing weight drastically like this and potentially messing up your health is worth it for a role, but as a seasoned actor, I’m sure Daniel Wu knew what he was getting himself into.

  2. He has the biggest role ahead of him and I hope he’s ready for that role. So he has to look after himself well in preparation for that.

  3. Can’t eat, don’t want to eat and controlled eating are all very different things. Which is why? I am sure it is controlled eating but still unhealthy.

    1. No one would know which category he falls under but himself. Maybe it’s even a mixture of can’t eat, ont want to eat and controlled..easting disorders are extremely difficult to define and describe since it all depends on the individual’s situation/condition..whether or not he’s suffering from an eating disorder or not, hope he will recover back to a healthy state mentally and physically >_<

  4. I love Daniel and hope he’ll recuperate from this fast enough.

  5. Hope Daniel can finish this movie quickly and have some time to rest mentally and physically in time for his new baby!

  6. no big deal, it’s not like he has no money to eat, he is getting paid handsomely for doing this

  7. I hope this movie will be good, and for him not seeing his big effort gone down the drain. Look forward to his recuperating soon.

  8. this is nothing compared to christian bale in the machinist.

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