Eddie Peng Hopes to Work With Chow Yun Fat in “Cold War 2”

Due to A Wedding Invitation’s <分手合约> success in mainland Chinese theaters, Eddie Peng (彭于晏) has joined the elite rank of leading actors whose films have grossed more than 100 million RMB. With his commercial success rising, Eddie has become a popular choice among many consumer brands and film directors.

Eddie Fronts Biotherm’s New Ads

Eddie was in Hong Kong earlier to provide Mandarin dubbing for his character in director Dante Lam’s (林超賢) Guild Wars 2 <激戰> to prepare for the film’s entry in the Cannes Film Festival. Yesterday, Eddie was back in Hong Kong as Biotherm Homme’s spokesperson. With Eddie’s masculine good looks and laid-back charm, the 31-year-old actor is the perfect expression of Biotherm Homme’s image. Eddie clarified that he will not replace Takeshi Kaneshiro’s (金城武) spokesperson status, but will join the company’s lineup to front campaigns for 5 of the skincare lines.

In the advertisements, Eddie is depicted by photographer Matthew Brookes as a man living the high and modern life, while enjoying his success confidently. Regarding the fees he received, Eddie said he was satisfied his work was well rewarded.

Excited to Work with Fat Gor

When director Sunny Luk (陸劍青) and Longman Leung’s (梁樂民) highly successful 2012 crime thriller, Cold War <寒戰> ended with a cliffhanger in which an unknown villain on the phone confronts a major character, viewers already foresee a sequel in the making. Sunny Luk has confirmed that the script for Cold War 2 is under works and filming is scheduled to start by end of 2013.

There were also reports stating that Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) will join the sequel. Eddie was excited to have the possibility to work alongside Fat Gor. Eddie said, “Is it true? If so, I’m really happy and will work hard to do my part.” The anticipation of working with Fat Gor provides Eddie with the exhilaration to work harder.

Does Eddie hope to use Cold War 2 as a vehicle for acting accolades in Hong Kong, similar to how Tony Leung Ka Fai (梁家輝) won the Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Actor in the last movie? Eddie replied, “I’m not thinking of that. I just think I should try more new challenges while I’m still young.”

Video News Coverage

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Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Cold war was well executed by the actors. The storyline is ok. There is a surprise element in it. But there is not enough suspense build up. It didn’t take my breath away. And the ending scene with Aaron and the part with Eddie was a bit of corny, somehow expected. The real challenge is who they cast for the mystery bad guy. The image of the bad guy is very solid which makes it a difficult task to do. Don’t tell me CYF is going to be the bad guy…

    PS: I really like the part Tony vs Eddie in the house. And somehow I’m looking forward to the sequel if the sequel elaborates on the “bad guys” motives and how Eddie character has changed.

  2. Cold War was okay, but not great. I’m still surprised it got so many awards at the HKFA. I hope they have a better and more interesting storyline this time. CYF was supposed to play Big Tony’s role btw.

    I’m looking forward to 激戰 with Eddie. Is that the MMA movie with Nick Cheung and Andy On?

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