Chow Yun Fat’s Mother Passed Away at 98 Years Old

Chow Yun Fat’s (周潤發) mother died peacefully in her sleep at the age of 98 years old on February 13. Chow Yun Fat organized a simple funeral in which only their family attended, and did not notify any friends in the entertainment industry. The cremation took place at the Po Fo_ok Hill Columbarium, and her ashes will be returned to their family home in Lamma Island.

Last year in December, Chow Yun Fat was already seen at the hospital in which he acknowledged that his mother was getting old, which is why she went in for her check-ups. Although she was on a feeding tube due to difficulties with swallowing and eating, Chow Yun Fat’s mother was still very spirited and happy.

Responding to press inquiries, Chow Yun Fat’s wife Jasmine Tan (陳薈蓮) expressed, “Thank you for everyone’s wishes. Mr. Chow and I have already recovered, because we know that she left peacefully. After eating dinner, she went to her room to sleep in which she passed away. I think it is a blessing. While she was alive, she told us that she wanted a very simple funeral so we respected her wishes.”

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  1. She controlled her son’s life throughout his life. He love and respects her enough to allow that to happen.
    But Chow Yun Fat will be the last of his generation.

    1. @hohliu it was once mentioned CYF was sandwiched between his mother and wife. to pass away in her sleep is not something many get to experience. many suffer sicknesses before they depart.

  2. Condolences to Chow Yun Fat, loosing a parent, at any age child or parent) is a great loss.

    1. @cutie777
      It is sad but at least they both lived very long lives and had filial sons that took care of them til the very end. Not everyone is so lucky.

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