Chow Yun Fat Continues Filming Despite Head Wound

While filming an action and chasing scene for the new Hong Kong film, Sun Years <驕陽歲月>, Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) was unfortunately injured on set. However, the 63-year-old disregarded his wound and continued to film the scene to its completion before motioning for medical attention.

Once the scene successfully concluded, Chow Yun Fat gripped the open wound on his head and asked if there were any medical professionals on set. With blood dripping down his face, he found his own way to a chair and calmly asked for a towel to compress the wound and clean water to wash it. Despite his injuries, he continued to reassure his worried costars and the behind-the-scenes staff not to worry and that he was fine. A staff member parted his long hair, which was grown out for his role in the movie, and inspected the wound. They decided that it was best for him to head to the hospital for stitches.

As he walked off the set still gripping on his head wound, Chow Yun Fat continued to show his professionalism and said to the director, “Why don’t you film the scene on this side first? I’ll go get stitched up and come back so we can continue filming.”

At the hospital, the cut was found to be more than an inch long and required five stitches. Because he had gotten hurt on set while filming, there is a high chance of infection as well. Chow Yun Fat quickly asked the doctor, “I still need to go back on set to continue filming. There are quite a lot of scenes left. Can I get the stitches without cutting my hair?” The doctor was able to stitch up the wound and remove as little of his hair as possible. After getting some food, Chow Yun Fat returned to set and continued filming. Many of the film’s staff was impressed with the superstar’s work ethics and professionalism

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  1. Respect Chow Yun Fat for his work attitude, being a big star can take it easy but still gives his best

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