Jet Li Finds Meaning in Philanthropy

Aside from being one of the world’s most beloved kung fu stars, Jet Li (李連杰) also spends a great deal of time granting wishes. Currently filming for CCTV reality talent show Amazing Chinese <出彩中國人>, the fifty-year-old hopes to turn many more dreams into reality, and uses the opportunity to reflect on what is truly important in his life.

Fading from the silver screen in recent years, Jet Li has dedicated his newfound free time to helping others. Inspired by the local community’s unconditional support during the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, he established the Red Cross Society of China Jet Li One Foundation Project in 2007 in order to give back. The charity later became independent of the Red Cross and is commonly referred to as the One Foundation. Under his guidance and star power, the organization was able to successfully raise funds for the needy and earned the support of many top celebrities.

Jet Li finds joy in his philanthropic efforts and now sees filmmaking as only a hobby. He has a very clear vision on where he wants to take his charity, and is confident that he will make a lasting change as long as he sticks to it. “We will persevere, for five years, for ten years. When we leave our society, it will no doubt become a better place.”

Suffering from hyperthyroidism, Jet Li was forced to give up his exercise routine when his medication interfered with proper heart functions and gained weight as a result. While many sighed with pity at his current state, Jet Li instead turned it into a positive, using his experience as a lesson on how to achieve inner peace. A practitioner of Buddhism, Jet Li now spends a great deal of time studying religious scriptures, seeking true happiness among pages of wisdom. He has concluded that there is more to life than status and wealth, and is working hard to regain what he has taken for granted – a balanced mind. “Life itself is a performance….but instead of fighting, I now only train hard for my soul.”


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  1. He did amazing charity work for china, given the circumstances and bureaucratic red tape… Hope he gets well soon.

  2. What a nice and kind person he is. Hope he gets well soon!

  3. our true living role model now indeed after sir run run shaw…he will be blessed for his good deeds

    1. Let’s hope so since many do good deeds but do not get much,while there are many selfish people out there that really enjoy their lives living in their own little world.

  4. He should consider to be retired for acting career. So he could live healthy & move on with it.

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