7 Celebrities to Become Next Targets Due to Foreign Citizenship?

As the public is eagerly discussing Vicki Zhao Wei‘s (趙薇) whereabouts after her mysterious disappearance, they are also wondering which celebrities would become blacklisted and “erased” by the Chinese government next.

With nationalism on the rise, there is a list circulating on Weibo of seven artistes who have foreign citizenship, yet earn sizeable income from the Chinese market. As their foreign passports may be considered unpatriotic by some, these celebrities are reportedly closely watched by the government for where their loyalty stands.

The list includes celebrities who were born in China, but chose to pursue foreign citizenship. Although born in China, Jet Li (李連杰) possesses Singaporean citizenship and Zhang Tielin (張鐵林) has British citizenship. Crystal Liu Yifei (劉亦菲), Will Pan (潘瑋柏), and Wang Lee Hom (王力宏) have American citizenship, while Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) and Mark Chao (趙又廷) have Canadian citizenship.

Director Zhou Guogang (周國剛), who frequently shares gossip about the entertainment industry, stated that Jet Li should dodge as quickly as possible. Before gaining Singaporean citizenship in 2009, Jet had also received American citizenship in 1997. Netizens feel that he will become the Chinese government’s next blacklist target.

Perhaps sensing his American citizenship would sooner or later become an issue, son of famed director Chen Kaige (陳凱歌), 21-year-old actor Arthur Chen Feiyu (陳飛宇) gave up his American citizenship and became a Chinese citizen in July.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Just rumours… I expect the Government to target those that cheated on their tax returns by huge amount… That is likely priority. The smart ones will quickly get a good accountant to calculate the amount they forgot to pay.

    There are many rich Chinese with other citizenships or their kids with foreign passports. if they are targeted, it will be a big load of them.

    1. Agree. Corruption, tax evasion, other
      criminal offenses, moral issue, etc., there are so many areas they can look into and obtaining foreign citizenship should not be listed high on their priority, if they ever want to put it as one criteria to blacklist artists.
      Also, I may not be a fan of Jet Lee but he hasn’t been acting neither has he been active in showbiz for many years. So not sure how having him cancelled, if ever, as an actor is going to impact him.
      And Mark Chow isn’t born in Mainland China.
      There are also other speculations of the next list of artists such as those who have been close ZW, particularly as business partners.
      Then there is the unconfirmed speculation of 47 names provider by KW involving names from various sectors.
      Or maybe it’s just any other artists doing illegal stuff during this massive clean up exercise.
      Only time will know.
      Wonder if we will ever learn about the downfall of ZW

    2. I agree and why would they suddenly target people with foreign citizenship if they did not do anything bad or wrong? This is another gossiping article filled with rumors only that should not even be published.

  2. Lol I’m getting my popcorn ready.

    I’ll be interested reading a LYF exposé. Her powerful industry godfather, The whole Mulan debacle and calling herself “Asian ” instead of Chinese could’ve probably sunk another actor/actress’ career in China (was seen as sucking up to Hollywood I guess) but she managed to escape unscathed. from my POV c-netz only like her for her beauty but also find her snobby.

    1. Haha that’ll be interesting…the ones taking advantage can suck it then. They should either give it up or be true and give the middle finger to big 6 then…gotta love the prc for condemming true art.

  3. I’m confident cancelling non-Chinese citizen will not do them any good. That’s racism is itself. China themselves have many people working overseas, they would want other country to treat their people with fairness as well.

    1. Those are rumors spread by netizens and shouldn’t even be published. Non-citizen actors working in China would be cancelled only if they support HK and Taiwan separatists.

  4. I don’t think celebrities are being targeted by their citizenship. i doubt they will go after Siqin Gaowa who is Swiss. I think only celebrities who don’t have a clean positive image or clean hands will be taken down. I haven’t Jet Li say or do anything out of line. He hasn’t been out in the spotlight for years.

    I do feel like HXM and Angelababy may be investigated next as they earn a lot but don’t do much and are close to Vicky Zhao. I wonder if they will look into Jing Tian who seems to have a lot of resources despite little popularity?

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