Jane Li Reveals What It’s Like to Grow Up as Jet Li’s Daughter

Jet Li (李連杰) and Nina Li’s (利智) 19-year-old daughter, Jane, recently attended Le Bal des Débutantes, a prestigious ball in Paris for the offspring of business and entertainment personalities. A Harvard student and involved in many charitable activities, Jane is already making a mark for her achievements. In a recent interview, Jane talks about growing up with famous parents, and how she hopes to be independent.

As a child, Jane remembered there were always people taking photos of her family, but it wasn’t until she was seven years old when she realized that her father is a famous martial arts star. A classmate really wanted to be her friend because that little girl’s mom said it was important to be her friend. Jane felt upset that her friends only liked her because of her famous parents.

As she grew older, Jane never shared information about her family in front of others. She wanted to prove herself so she worked hard in school and her extra-curricular activities. She wanted people to know she can succeed without the spotlight of her parents.

Though she grew up with celebrity parents, Jane was always taught that their success does not equate to hers, in which she needs to work hard in school to build her own reward. Ever since she was young, Jane had habits of doing chores, and only getting an allowance if she did well in school.

Throughout the years, Jane has lived in Los Angeles, Paris, Shanghai, Hawaii, and Singapore. Currently, she is attending Harvard University for business and finance in hopes of expanding her knowledge of different countries, especially China.

When asked if she feels pressure being a second-generation of celebrity parents, Jane said, “My dad always tells me that I need to work hard in order to succeed, so I don’t feel that pressure. I think I’m very lucky and I want to do better!”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

Jet Li Proud of His Daughters’ Achievements


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  1. it’s nice that she understands the value of hard work take on challenges to prove herself. she sounds like a smart girl.

  2. Always good to hear that there are some rich 2Gs or celebrities 2Gs who work hard for their own careers and successes, unlike those who are spoiled and only rely on and mooches off their parents.

  3. Her parents taught her well and impart good values in her. She’s also a very independent and smart girl who has the right mindset. Her parents should be proud of her and themselves for doing a good job raising her.

    1. @khoobunny
      yea, bringing up children with the right mindset is very important. i once met a girl and she said no need for girls to do well in school or be smart. just marry into a man who would take care of u and $$. i was in utter shock. she probably didn’t realize that her man could cheat and leave her w/ nothing after a short period of time. haven’t seen her since but not interested in getting to know a brainless girl.

      1. @m0m0 Lol… Her parents are probably like that and brainwashed her since young. One of my friends grandmother is like that. She always tells us when we visited … don’t date anyone who is poorer than you esp since you are beautiful?? lol…what ? haha… We were always like your grandma sure is cute..haha … my friend said cuz she came from a poor family and she didn’t marry a better guy so people like often have regrets and would tell others to marry better.

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