Jet Li and Chingmy Yau’s Daughters at Socialite Ball

Jet Li’s (李連杰) 19-year-old daughter, Jane, and Chingmy Yau’s (邱淑貞) 18-year-old daughter, Sham Yuet (沈月), attended the annual socialite ball Le Bal Des Débutantes in Paris yesterday. The networking and fundraising event is for the elite second generation of business and entertainment personalities. The event received a lot of media attention, and photos of Jane and Sham Yuet dressed beautifully in gowns circulated across social media.  Both Jane and Sham Yuet are deemed to be great achievers of the second-generation in the future.

Jane, a Harvard student, wore a wine-colored dress with a tulle shawl that highlighted her elegance. It was clear that Jet, being a proud father, was in a great mood during the entire night as he constantly took photos with Jane and danced together.

Sham Yuet wore a crystal and feather pink dress that displayed her sweet aura. She also brought a handsome male partner who knelt on one knee to kiss her on the hand. Sham Yuet’s mother Chingmy Yau also did not lose her stage, and stunned cameras with a deep V black dress that accentuated her enchanting looks.

Jet and Chingmy who worked on films together in the 1990s, took a photo together along with their daughters with happy smiles. The actress was asked if she would recommend her daughter to enter the film industry, but Chingmy prefers to not give pressure to her children and let them freely discover their interests.

Source: Yahoo HK

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  1. They both look very nice!! Wow! Débutantes ? haha How come I am thinking it’s the medieval times and not modern times? haha Lol… Cute indeed!

  2. Should we praise these tiger moms and thereby encourage these outrageous rearing behaviors on children who never get to have a decent childhood?

    The way education is going, it’s turning into a rat race to get kids to the front of the line instead of allowing them to learn for the sake of learning. I hate it and don’t think this is the way to live.

    In some European countries, kids get equal education and they all fare better than their American counterparts without ever needing parental intervention. Pushing them to excel academically without a childhood only suppresses their natural curiosity and you get robots as a result.

  3. Puleeze. How pretentious can anyone get?

    BOTH these ‘debutantes’ moms were near-p**n, or p**n stars.
    Nina Li-chi (Jet Li’s wife)
    Chingmy Yau

    洗底, 洗根 (washing background, washing roots much? to social climb). – for entry into better fish to fry pool for marriage prospects

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