Jet Li’s “Badges of Fury” to Open June 20

Jet Li (李連杰) new movie Badges of Fury <不二神探> is slated to be released in China on June 28, 2013.  Unlike Jet’s recent movies, Badges of Fury is an action comedy thriller.  This lighthearted movie sees a breakthrough in Jet Li’s more solemn acting style as he plays a sharp-tongued and witty police officer.

This film is directed by Wang Ziming (王子鳴) and produced by Po Chuchui (崔寶珠). After Ocean Heaven <海洋天堂> and The Sorcerer and The White Snake <白蛇傳說>, this is the third collaboration between Jet Li and Wen Zhang (文章).

The plot sets around 2 police detectives, Jet Li’s Huang Feihong, a veteran inspector and his buddy, Wen Zhang’s Wang Buer, a young detective. They are both well known in the police department as Wang Bu Er is impetuous and reckless while Huang Feihong is timid, sarcastic but kind-hearted.  Young maverick Wang Buer always land the two of them in hot water.

Audiences will continue to see Jet Li flexing his action skills while Wen Zhang is the comedian in this movie, who is playful and funny and even puts on a pair of Mickey sunglasses and wears a Scottish kilt.

Also in the cast are Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩), Michelle Chen (陳妍希), and Liu Yan (柳岩). The three female casts add glamour to the movie with each character vastly different from one another.  Cecilia Liu portrays a damsel in distress but in reality she is not as weak as she appears to be. Michelle Chen is the capable and aggressive policem madam who directs Jet Li and Wen Zhang in solving their case, while Liu Yan is the sexy and beautiful sister of Cecilia Liu.

There will also be more than twenty famous celebrities appearing in this movie as guest stars, including Collin Chou (鄒兆龍), Tong Dawei (佟大為), Michael Tse (謝天華), Raymond Lam (林峰), Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), Wu Jing (吳京).

With the lethal combination of action and comedy and the sparkling chemistry between the co-stars, Badges of Fury is slated for success.

“Badges of Fury” Trailer

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  1. this movie look interesting, looking forward to watch Jet Lie in new movie 🙂

  2. Yay! Jacky Wu Jing finally got his wish to star in a fight with his idol Jet Li! No wonder he refused Donnie’s movie. So happy for him!

    I actually hate the wire fighting but I like the stars so looks like “Badges of Fury” is on my to watch list.

      1. that one where Vincent and Donnie had a row over. Jacky was one of the stars that was set to replace Vincent, then Jacky injured his knee, then Donnie waited but he still declined. There were rumours floating around the chinese forums back then that Jacky wanted to do another movie so probably its this Jet one.

    1. So it was true after all… Shame that Wu didn’t accept it. But it’s not a total loss if you ask me as Collin Chou, Ken Lo and Andy On would make for awesome fight scenes under Donnie’s direction.

  3. the music for the trailer is too much without being informative or evocative.

    1. Too bad Jet hasn’t done a great action movie since Fearless. Seems that he lost the passion for great action movie-making after that.

      1. I think he mentioned about retiring from kung fu films after fearless hence the lack of kung fu films.

      2. Yeah but he did say that he would continue to make other types of action movies, mainly modern actioners. But we all know how those ended up. I wish he could make more movies like “Kiss Of The Dragon” and “Danny The Dog”.

  4. Aside from the overbloated use of wirework, the action scenes looks pretty good. The movie itself looks terrible though, an action comedy with a romance vibe doesn’t cut it for me. Here’s hoping for some good fight scenes.

    1. LOL, Dont say that… in before crazy fans beat the heck out of you 🙂

    2. lol, u just opened a can of worms.

  5. >The plot sets around 2 police detectives, Jet Li’s Huang Feihong

    Eh heh, I see what they did there.

    1. What? Huang Feihong reincarnated as a modern detective?

      Was the script written by the same guy who did “Bullet Brain”?

      1. They’re probably going to change the characters around. I think the rights to the Wong Fei-Hung name belongs to somebody.

      2. Bullet Poop for Brains.

        Duh heh heh hehhhhhh

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