Jiang Wen’s “Gone With the Bullets” Opens December 18

Gone With the Bullets <一步之遥> will be opening on December 18, and it is expected that Jiang Wen‘s (姜文) 3D film will be a blockbuster. A follow-up to the record-breaking 2010 comedy Let the Bullets Fly <让子弹飞>, Gone With the Bullets takes place in 1920s Shanghai and centers around a beauty contest. The film stars Ge You (葛优), Shu Qi (舒淇), and Jiang Wen, who also co-wrote and directed the film.

Gone with the Bullets completed filming earlier this year and is currently wrapping up post-production in New York. Reportedly, Columbia Pictures organized an early unofficial screening of the film for many Hollywood insiders. Critics were very satisfied with the film’s direction, gave it an “A grade” and stated that it is the best Chinese film in 20 years. The quality of the film’s top-notch graphics impressed even film editors who are used to working on top Hollywood blockbusters.

The script of the film is also praised, with critics calling it witty, humorous, emotionally gratifying, and tender. A critic remarked that the Gone with the Bullets filled him with many satisfying emotions, feelings that he could only get when watching Quentin Tarantino’s films.

The film’s choreographer, Keith Young, praised the humorous yet touching storyline. “I just want to say – Jiang Wen, my brother, you are a talent! Please remember the line that was said in the film – ‘Today, we make history!’”

“Gone With the Bullets” Trailer

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Source: QQ.com 

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Shu Qi always has this big lips and never minded it, but dang her make-up on this poster suck… It makes her look like she ate something wrong and her lips had an allergic reaction.

    1. Yea, she doesn’t look particularly attractive. I never find her beautiful as many others do.

    2. Initially, I don’t think she’s pretty. But after a few movies, I can see she’s beautiful and sexy, but has to be subtle make up. Even though she’s indeed beautiful in a way, that poster is just bad, and I can’t see her beauty. In a sense, it highlight the bad angle of her

    3. Clarify: I don’t think she’s ugly nor is she goddess beautiful. Her look is very unique and pretty, but this poster makes her look like she has duck lips lol.

  2. lmao at least Shu Qi have the natural beauty look, unlike many Chinese actresses with the plastic surgery to look beautiful nowadays.

  3. Shu Qi may not be attractive or beautiful to many of you in Asia, but she sure is beautiful, hot, and sexy with her gorgeous lips here in the US.

  4. I think Shu Qi is very cute and attractive in a way. She doesn’t have that typical “beauty” look like many other Asian actresses do – that’s what make her stand out more than others.

    1. very true. she has a unique look, unlike the many actresses nowadays who have the undistinguishable cookie-cutter appearance. Shu Qi’s minor imperfections make her face memorable standing out from the sea of ‘perfect’ faces.

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