Louis Koo and Sean Lau’s “Inferno 3D” Dazzles Viewers with Stunning Audiovisuals

Two days after its September 30 release, the Pang Brothers’ Inferno 3D <逃出生天3D>, which is the first Asian fire disaster film in 3D, has amassed more than 26 million RMB at the box office. Feedback from film critics, causal viewers, and real-life firefighters has been so positive that many movie theaters have included additional showings to satisfy moviegoers during the holiday season.

In Inferno 3D, Louis Koo (古天樂) and Sean Lau (劉青雲) portray two firefighter brothers who must rescue their city from a raging fire. Although the blaze was enhanced in post-production, the firefighting scenes were shot with an actual fire, heightening the intensity of the entire film and boosting the realism of its audiovisual effects. One viewer remarked, “I can’t believe such a big fire was actually real – it must have been very hard for the actors! Directors, you have a lot of guts!”

Film critics praised Inferno 3D for accurately portraying the terrifying atmosphere of a disaster film and for ensuring that the technology and special effects moved the story forward, rather than overtaking the plot. One critic commented, “In recent years, Hollywood disaster films have been rather popular among Chinese audiences, but there basically aren’t any Chinese disaster films worth mentioning! What’s gratifying about this movie is that mainland China can finally show a disaster film that is truly of a high level, of high quality, and features first-rate actors.”

Firefighters who watched the film were also impressed by the realistic depiction of the disaster. The Guangzhou Fire Department, which aided in the filming of Inferno 3D, posted on Sina Weibo to thank the film’s cast and crew for their diligence and sincerity in creating such a true-to-life movie: “Some of the firefighters had hints of tears in their eyes, and some of them made movements like they wanted to get their equipment and help put out the fire. The phrase, ‘My duty is to rescue people. I cannot choose whom I am to rescue,’ also resonated with their feelings.”

Polybona Films, one of the investors for Inferno 3D, has also witnessed a rise in its stocks thanks the movie’s success. Yu Dong (於冬), the president of Polybona Films, commented, “This is a return befitting a good movie. Judging from the general feedback, there is no doubt that Inferno 3D’s high-quality and realistic 3D effects were enough to withstand the market’s examination and the viewers’ judgment. We also believe that this movie’s momentum will be fiercer and fiercer, and allow more people to go to theaters to experience the exciting feeling of real fire and real 3D!”

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Can’t wait to see this. Glad its doing well and sounds like the hard work that the actors put in is playing off.

  2. I’ve watched it kast nite…its REALLY REALLY GOOD! Not to be missed..

  3. It’s a very good movie! Just watched it.. Very ‘chi kek’..

  4. Louis is such a great actor. Did he ever rcv’d ” Best Actor Award?” I saw the Golden Horse Nominees but it’s the usual ” Nick Tse, Sean Lau, Nick Cheung etc etc”. It seems like the same actors/actresses get nominated every year?

  5. Great actor but not worth to watch for 2nd time. Too much love and sentimental scenes and less action and sometimes not even explain the scenes and some even not make sense. I prefer The Tower (Korean). I think if Director is “Toh Kei Fung” might different and much more better.

  6. Two of my favourite actors !!! Glad movie is doing well!

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