New Stills Released for Film “Crimes of Passion” Starring Angelababy

After nearly three years in the making, a wide release date for Gao Qunshu’s (高群书) upcoming romantic drama film, Crimes of Passion <一场风花雪月的事>, has finally been set! Starring Angelababy and Korean actor Jae Hee (在熙), the mainland Chinese film tells the story of Lu Yueyue (Angelababy), a female detective who gets tangled up in an investigation about a missing historical artifact. In the process, she falls in love with prime suspect Kim Jung Hee (Jae Hee), the son of a powerful Korean gangster.

The film is set to be released on August 13, 2013, the day of the Double Seventh Festival.

Produced by Shanghai Inlook Media, Crimes of Passion also guest stars Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明), Angelababy’s real-life boyfriend, as Yueyue’s colleague and former love interest, Xue Yu.

Crimes of Passion is a remake of the 1997 mainland Chinese television drama, A Sentimental Story, which starred Xu Jinglei as Yueyue.

On taking over the role of Yueyue from Xu Jinglei, Angelababy expressed that she is not afraid of comparisons with the award-winning actress, stating that she is portraying a “more fashionable, sexier, new century” Yueyue. Angelababy explained, “I’ve never seen the original. I don’t want to have a preconceived impression of the role in my head. I want to portray a ‘new century’ Yueyue. She’s a very dark character.”

Official stills for the film were revealed earlier this week, all featuring Angelababy as the strong-willed and beautiful Yueyue. The 24-year-old actress described Yueyue as “adventurer in the game of romance” and that, despite the character’s headstrong demeanor, she is emotionally weak and gentle. Angelababy said, “There were a lot of emotional scenes for my character. To me, it wasn’t a simple challenge.”

In the film, Yueyue is trapped in a love triangle with Xue Yu, her first romance, and Jung Hee, whom she later falls in love with while attempting to solve a historical artifact case. Angelababy admitted, “I was really attached to my role when I shooting the film. I put myself in Yueyue’s ambiguous situation and that really suppressed me. It was an unforgettable filming experience.”

“Crimes of Passion” Trailer

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  1. she should ditch the ‘baby’ for the movie career.

    1. I totally agree. The ‘baby’ part is really……………….
      angelababy haha *pukes* I really hate the baby part lol

    2. Agreed… it’s time for her to shed the “baby” part and just become Angela. She needs to step forward in her career, and losing the baby part will help that imho. In the trailer above, it’s almost comical in this serious drama to suddenly see “angelababy” splashed across the screen.

  2. she is pretty. but she is soo small. i wonder she can prove herself that she can carry a movie.

  3. too bad her face is plastic.
    Is anyone else watching le tour de france.
    I am looking forward to the Pyrenees and Alps stage.

  4. Angela Baby is Plastic Surgery Baby. Enuff said.

  5. I dont think Angelababy really fits into her role. ._. They shouldve looked for a more tougher female character to take over it. Angelababy is a bit too young looking for it.

  6. HXM is quite hot. That korean actor is not so cute. I also think she should drop “Baby”, sounds corny and childish.

  7. She must keep her name Angelababy, if not nothing is memorable about her. I see the photo above and I can imagine her acting is like “grimace, come on, screw up your face to look like a grimace”. too much plastic?

    1. But don’t worry, Yu Zheng will maker her into a star.

    2. @ Funn

      I wait with bated breath to see how Yu Zheng makes her a star.

      I am not sure what to make of angelababy at this moment. Is she too doll-like? Is she too babyish?

      Is she exotic because of her looks? Does she has good acting skills?

      We will see…

      1. Hopefully she has good acting skills but since her face can emote like the 60 year old on 10 year Botox course, I doubt it. She is not exotic looking or babyish. She is pretty. But Yu Zheng always has this knack of choosing those who looks plastic-ish, though 1 or 2 can certainly act, most of them are rather blank acting. She has a face I can’t remember. Put her next to everybody and I doubt I can pinpoint her. Her most interesting thing is (no not her relationship with the other OTT actor, HXM) her name, Angelababy. If not for the Baby in the Angela, I doubt I even know her name.

        But Yu Zheng will make her a star because ratings=star these days.

      2. @ Funn

        Ratings yes, I have to admit Yu Zheng can make an entertaining series but his handling is sometimes OTT.

        For e.g. in Beauties of the King, Ming Dao and Joe Chen were suspended in the air, flying off a swing that is suspended (from the clouds)? I had to scratch my head and think very hard how a swing came to exist in the middle of the air.

        And I lost count of the numer of times Ming Dao has to save a damsel in distress by flying slow mo through the air in that series alone.

        That said, Yu Zheng’s Legend of Lu Zhen was less cheesy.

      3. I am watching that Lu Zhen series. Very entertaining but if I were to just nitpick, that series has so many holes, it is drowning on its own made holes. All I can say is Lu Zhen is one very lucky gal (and I do mean lucky as in LUCKY) and our hero is one unlucky guy. I notice every woman below 25 is in love with him and will earmark Lu Zhen as enemy no. 1 but no worries, luck will always SAVE Lu Zhen, no matter what. I hate how the word female minister is used so darn liberally. Ahhh but who cares. Some can enjoy trainwrecks and this is lesser trainwreck than Gong 1 to 1000 plus that beauty whatever series. My fave is still Schemes of a Beauty.

  8. A movie about chinese police? What a joke. Chinese police are known to be little more than a bunch of thugs.

    1. lol yeah that’s what i have read on the internet as well

  9. More like grimace baby hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha

  10. I wonder when she aged to 30 to 40 if still with that name Angelababy…..Omg….

  11. HXM may as well be the male lead as it seems like he gets more time in the trailer than Jae Hee, who I may add pales in comparison to HXM’s looks. Not planning on watching this though, already bored with the generic plot and trailer/characters.

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