Sequel to “The Four” Movie Releases First Trailer

Although last year’s wuxia film The Four <四大名捕> was a hit-and-miss with critics and viewers, it proved enough of a box-office guarantee that a sequel was already being filmed when the first movie opened in theaters. Directed and produced by Gordon Chan (陳嘉上), The Four II <四大名捕2> will see the return of the original cast, which includes Deng Chao (鄧超), Crystal Liu (劉亦菲), Collin Chou (鄒兆龍), and Ronald Cheng (鄭中基) as the titular four constables.

The recently released trailer reveals little of the film’s plot, but does reintroduce us to the four constables – Cold Blood (Deng Chao), Heartless (Crystal Liu), Iron Fist (Collin Chou), and Chaser (Ronald Cheng) – as they emerge from splashes of ink. Viewers also get a glimpse of returning actors Anthony Wong (黄秋生), Jiang Yiyan (江一燕), and Cheng Taisheng (成泰燊).

New to the franchise is mainland Chinese actress Ada Liu (柳岩), who plays a new character called Ru Yan (Like Smoke). In the trailer, she flashes a seductive but nefarious smile as a tear of blood drips from her eye, hinting at her dangerous and unpredictable nature. According to reports, Ru Yan is responsible for all of the conflicts in the film, including a romantic dispute between Cold Blood and Heartless.

To the surprise of many, Wu Xiubo (吳秀波) also makes an appearance at the end of the trailer. In the first film, Wu Xiubo played main villain An Shigeng, who disappeared into a burst of fireworks in the final fight, leaving viewers wondering whether he was dead or alive. The new trailer depicts him like a “tree man,” with twisted roots covering his scalp and entwining his body. As an old enemy of the four constables, what is he planning this time?

The Four II, which was shot in 3D with a top special-effects team from Hollywood, will open in theaters on November 22. A third installment, which has already been filmed and is currently in the post-production stages, will also be in 3D, although a release date has not been set.

“The Four II” Teaser Trailer

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  1. I actually enjoyed the four. The pace was just right, good characters background introduction, enough intensity and chemistry between the cast. A bit of an unfair statement, but I do hope that this will not e a bomb like TVB sequels.

    1. I too really enjoyed the Four. Thought it was well paced with a good script. Looking forward to the sequel!

    2. Are you referring to the TVB version? If so, then I enjoyed it as well. However, I heard that it was not accurate to the novel.

      1. So far none of The four adaptations is accurate to the novels. The newest series even let Mo Ching walk. The Txb one isnt too far from novels in comparison with other adaptations. At least Mo Ching cant walk.

      2. I like the movie better than TVB version, even though TVB version is closer to the novel.

  2. Wu Xiubo was the only good thing about the first movie, and made it worth watching imo. Hope he has a bigger role in the second one.
    They could totally change the rest of the cast and I wouldn’t care.

  3. Yeah, 1st 1 was good, dunno y a lot of ppl said it sux w/ messed up script..And this trailer is more like characters intro than a trailer.

  4. LYF looks a bit different in that photo. I almost did not recognize her at first glance.

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