China Adds More Regulation to Streaming Content and Foreign Nationals

Mainland China’s National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) has recently added a new regulation to the streaming of entertainment program.

The new regulation requires all entertainment programs that will be streamed online to follow specific guidelines set by the NRTA. These specifications include forbidding “onscreen personnel”, which include MCs and special celebrity guests, to “speak words, perform vulgar actions, and make uncivilized parodies” on their programs. Specifically, interactions between onscreen personnel on these programs cannot be overly mocking, sarcastic, or sexual.

NRTA is also putting new restrictions on “creative personnel”, such as producers and directors, and their selection of onscreen cast members. Casting directors are not allowed to select entertainers who “ridicule, slander, vilify, and attack Chinese socialism, its sovereignty and safety”, and those who “disturb societal order”. NRTA will also put a limit on artistes who have done misdeeds and have become the centers of negative rumors from making onscreen appearances. Finally, the regulation said it will strictly regulate the casting of “improper” foreign nationals, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan residents.

The new regulation, however, is not clear in defining what constitutes to be “improper”, but this new regulation can potentially impact many Chinese entertainers including Kris Wu (吴亦凡), Crystal Liu (刘亦菲), and Zhang Tielin (张铁林), all who hold foreign citizenship. Kris is Canadian, Crystal has United States citizenship, and Zhang Tielin is a British citizen.


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  1. for effort that they put in on censorship, only if they would put the same amount in regulating the food industry in china….

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