Disney to Delay “Mulan” Release Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Disney announced today that its live-action movie of Mulan will be delayed due to growing coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns. The movie was originally scheduled for a March 27 release, but will now be postponed. Disney’s theme parks in the United States will also see closures starting March 14 for the remainder of the month.

Playing the titular female warrior, Crystal Liu (刘亦菲) also sings the Chinese version of the theme song “Reflection” (自己) which was originally performed by Coco Lee (李玟) in 1998. In a new video released of the recording session, Crystal is seen surrounded by a live orchestra and dressed in a simple black outfit with headphones on. In response to the photo, netizens joked, “It seems that all Disney princesses have to sing.”

Currently in Los Angeles promoting Mulan, Crystal revealed that she had actually released a music album in her early career. The 32-year-old star said, “Even though it was so long ago, I am still very good at karaoke!’ She also revealed that she loves singing the new theme song to Frozen 2.

The English version of “Reflection” was originally sung by Christina Aguilera in the 1998 animated film. Disney again invited her to record an updated version for the 2020 live-action movie, as well as a new song, “Loyal Brave True”. Speaking with Variety, Christina credits “Reflection” for helping her attain global recognition in her early career, “Being able to return to such a classic movie feels very magical. This movie is full of energy and motivation.”

“Reflection” by Crystal Liu

Source: HK01

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com, and was revised on March 12, 2020 at 10:28 p.m. to reflect the delayed theatrical release of Mulan.

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  1. singing in Staccato instead of connecting every note on the chorus which is the hardest part of the song. good technique to make her sound good for an amateur singer.

  2. I thought Christina Aguilera sing it first in the movie? Anyway, this version while sound nice, it’s also so boring, and feel like it got smooth over lol. I know it’s late, but I fell asleep listening to this song! Also great music playing? Like if you have the sound of the musical instrument so loud and hide the voice of the singer, it kinda feel like karaoke lol, also super boring

    1. @coralie “Mulan” will open in North America on March 27. The action scenes look good and I’ll like to go watch it.

      1. @jayne
        thing is will anyone be seeing it given the current social tension and state of emergency in the heavy asian populated states.

      2. @m0m0 agreed. this is the worst time to air a movie rooted in chinese culture. nobody’s going to watch it, especially not in the theatre. and crystal herself has generated a lot of backlash for her support of hk police. the west doesn’t look kindly on opinions like hers.

      3. @coralie this might disappoint those who don’t like opposing opinions, but the movie and Liu got very high marks by those who saw it at the premiere.

      4. @coralie
        LOL, it’s a tiny fraction of people who have problems with Crystal and her views. Most would care less and will watch it for what it is.

      5. @m0m0 It’s true. Disney just announced a few hours ago that “Mulan” will be delayed because of growing coronavirus concerns in the US. The theme parks are closing temporarily too.

  3. a wise business decision. no one is going to see the movie b/c fear of getting the virus. i wouldn’t be surprised that they delay all the block busters too when the situation doesn’t improve.

  4. She sang it well. Of course it’s not going to be like Jane Zhang and Faye Wong, as if how many people on earth are going to be that good? Even Zhang Bichen is not as good as them. LYF voice is naturally good and smooth, even when she’s only casually speaking it already sounds nice. This sounds the same like when she sang on reality show without any music. She gets picked on because she’s got that face and all those talents, even before her unpopular opinions came out people have always been picking on her.

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