Superstar Chow Yun Fat Enjoys the Simple Life

One of TVB’s first siu sangs, Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) is not only a household name in Hong Kong, he has also gained stardom in China and Hollywood. Earning at least $10 million HKD for each filming project and owning a property worth more than $1 billion HKD, Chow Yun Fat surprisingly, enjoys the simple life.

Chow Yun Fat may enjoy international recognition for his acting, he has however, always kept a low profile where his personal life is concerned. In 1986, the good-looking heartthrob broke the hearts of many women when he married Singaporean Jasmine Tan (陳薈蓮). Although not an extraordinary beauty, Jasmine’s beauty goes beyond skin-deep. Supportive and non-materialistic, Jasmine proved to be the ideal woman for Fat Gor.

Recently, Jasmine was seen dressed simply in a white t-shirt, black pants and a pair of sneakers while shopping in the outdoor food markets of Kowloon City. On her shoulders she carried an unbranded orange bag. The friendly Jasmine smiled and greeted the stallholders as she went about her grocery-shopping. Environmentally conscious, Jasmine put her newly-purchased shirts together with her groceries and did not ask for additional plastic bags.

Later that afternoon, after a home-cooked lunch, Fat Gor and Jasmine drove to Central for a shopping trip. The towering Fat Gor easily attracted the public’s attention. Upon being recognized, Fat Gor waved and smiled back, nary a superstar’s snobbishness in sight.

Despite walking along the high-end Li Yuen Street West where branded boutiques abound, the couple did not seem interested. Instead, their attraction was drawn to the old-geared shops.

Busy Months Ahead

Since filming The Last Tycoon <大上海> last year, Fat Gor has been taking a well-deserved rest and enjoying his leisurely life. However, with Wong Jing’s (王晶) Casino Situation <賭城風雲> scheduled to begin filming end of this month, Fat Gor will have to travel to Macau and the United States for on location filming.

In addition, it was reported that Fat Gor may participate in China Film Group’s Tragedy of the Chinese Laborers <華工血淚史>, in which filming will commence filming this August.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. Really admired Fat Gor! He forever my idol.

  2. Ooh La La … too bad there aren’t more Chinese actors/men like Chow Yun Fat.

  3. His movies are awesome, especially the one where he plays Mark in “A Better Tomorrow.” He really knows how to act emotionally. My mom used to have a huge crash on him lol :P.

    1. I remember being very upset sitting in Music Palace on Bowery when I first caught the new wave then of glamorising gangsterism – I came away with a sense of foreboding that I was unable to articulate/convince my father was important.

      it’s weird that he married someone so rich and makes a big show of being frugal when you really don’t see that demonstration from other retired less successful financially old actors like David Geung Dai Wai or Dek Lung. It’s almost dogmatic how Chow Yun Fat lives spartanly – kind of like Cherie Chung’s turnaround in the 1990s when she went for the demure look – clean ponytail from her previous trademark perm, more natural makeup, pearl studs and all cotton loose fit clothing – wth?

  4. He broke the mold, tough act to follow for sure.

  5. his acting is great and his ways of life is admirable. Rich but yet subtle. Famous but yet humble and friendly. A lot of HK current generation actors and actresses need to learn from Fatt Gor example.

  6. He use to take public transport-MRT or Public Bus.
    Because of his humble, he enjoying freedom

    1. Yes it’s true, few years ago I had a friend who told me she had met him on the Mtr, I could not believe it and told her it might have been someone else who looked like him. She then showed me a picture she had taken with him.

      She said he was very nice. Friendly and had no airs. Respect.

  7. He always seems to have a smile for everyone. He is wealthy and a superstar but always modest and nice. None of the arrogant attitude you get from the younger stars

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