EEG New Artist Angela Hui Releases Cantonese Debut

New vocalist Angela Hui (許靖韻) released her full-length debut Cantonese album Angela Hui on October 9.

EEG has been working hard to address the lack of young, local talent, and Angela may just be the answer. Winning multiple vocal and piano competitions over the past decade, Angela first entered EEG’s radar when she earned one of the top three spots during the company’s singing competition in 2010. Despite being a full time student, 20-year-old Angela spent the past three years training in vocals and dance. While it is stressful, Angela has apparently gotten used to constantly stretching her hours, and is thankful to her company for giving her a flexible schedule.

To prepare for her major debut, EEG hired top songwriters and promoters, and even gave her a starring role in their summer micro movie “Time is Like a Song” <歲月如歌>. Inspired by TVB’s hit series Triumph in the Skies <衝上雲霄> and its equally popular theme song, the micro movie also starred hot EEG artists Adason Lo (羅力威), Ken Hung (洪卓立), and Sherman Chung (鍾舒漫). Angela plays a young flight attendant involved in a love triangle with Adason and Ken.

Highlighting her youth and potential, EEG prepared a record filled with pop tracks and easy listening. Her first single, “The Next One” <下個他>, describes a hurt young woman trying to stay optimistic about her next romance. The ballad “Suspect” <嫌疑犯> discusses the darker side of love, where distrust and suspicion can easily destroy a relationship. While the album focuses mostly on secret crushes and lost love, “Freedom Hill” <自由之丘> seems more like a youth anthem in contrast, illustrating the carefree nature of the younger generation backed by the hypnotic rhythm of dance music.

The album includes 11 tracks with a bonus DVD of Angela’s music videos, as well as the audio and mv of Eason Chan’s single “Brother and Sister” <兄妹>, the Mandarin version of “Time is Like a Song”.


01. The Next One 下個他
03. BA BA BA
04. Time is Like a Song 歲月如歌
05. Suspect 嫌疑犯
06. Have Not Given Up 仍未心死
07. New Person 新人
08. A Pure Misunderstanding 純屬誤會
09. Freedom Hill 自由之丘
10. Late Night Talk 夜長話多
11. The Next One (Mandarin) 那個他 (國)

“The Next One” MV

[vsw id=”vwN3TyedwEA” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”375″ autoplay=”no”]


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  1. Finally a new young talent. I wonder if we will ever have a new generation of “Twins” in this decade. I grew up with Twins music in the 90’s…miss those days.

  2. She looks like kenix kwok. I thought the main lead actress was michelle wai?

  3. Face looks unnatural in the music video, especially the nose. Song is just okay.

  4. she looks like that actress turned mom of three who had the babies out of wedlock to that rich twice her aged. haha.. dont remember her name exactly..

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