F4 Reunites for Spring Festival Gala, Causing Fans to Cry

Taiwanese boy band sensation, F4, briefly reunited in 2008 to hold a string of seven concert shows in Japan. Since then, the quartet group separated again to pursue their own acting and music careers.

F4 reunited again on January 31, 2013 to record Jiangsu TV’s Spring Festival Gala, a variety concert to celebrate the forthcoming Lunar New Year of the Golden Snake.

Member Ken Chu (朱孝天) arrived at the Beijing International Airport on January 28. Wearing a mask and a thick jacket, Ken kept a low-profile and held his head down. He was accompanied by his assistant. On January 29, members Vic Chou (周渝民) and Jerry Yan (言承旭) arrived to the airport in the early afternoon, flanked by an insane number of loud fans.  Both Vic and Jerry flashed their smiles at the fans; Vic also took the time to accept his fans gifts and consistently reminded the fans to stay safe admit the packed crowd.

Vanness Wu (吳建豪) arrived hours later in the evening. He greeted the press and wished them a happy Lunar New Year. When he arrived at his hotel, he snapped a picture with Jerry and posted the photo on Weibo, writing, “Long time no see, brother!”

Vanness’ manager expressed, “[Jerry] would sometimes visit Vanness’ home, but because they are all busy, it has been a while since they last hung out.”

In regards to the group’s chemistry and close relationship, Vic stated through his manager, “[I am] very happy and excited [for the reunion]… I hope the group will be able to bring everyone a splendid performance.”

F4’s Stage Appearance Makes Fans Cry

In order to reunite F4 onstage, Jiangsu TV contacted Jerry, Vic, Vanness, and Ken’s managers more than one year ago.

When F4 finally appeared on stage to perform their classic song, “Meteor Shower” <流星雨> from the popular 2001 Taiwanese drama, Meteor Garden <流星花園>, fans sang along nostalgically and started to cry. Jerry’s eyes also moistened. Twelve years have already passed since F4 rose to prominence and now each member have become mature men and forged successful careers.

The highlight of the evening came when F4 spoke about working together as a boy band in the past and their impressions of each other.

Vic was known for his absent-mindedness, often forgetting to meet with friends despite previous arrangements. Vic had agreed to meet with Vanness at a gym, but he did not appear after forgetting about the meetup.

Vanness was considered to be the most hardworking. The other F4 members quipped, “He does not understand Chinese. When we received his text message in Chinese, we were especially moved.”

Ken was deemed as the member with the most idealistic vision. “He has his own lifestyle choices. He is now busy learning Tai Chi and plans to become a director in the future.” Ken was also the most attentive and will bring extra socks and underwear in case anyone forgot on their trips aboard.

Jerry was considered as the most boring, but he saw himself as the most naive. Known for his fierce temper in the past, Jerry apologized to Ken and the two embraced each other on stage. Fans applauded loudly and Jerry’s eyes moistened with tears once again.

Although 12 years have passed since the F4 craze swept across Asia, fans may have a chance to see them reunite for a concert this year.

F4 Reunion at Jiangsu TV Lunar New Year Special

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Relive the “Meteor Shower” Memories

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Source: Sina.com; QQ.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Sigh… I still remember queuing 7 hrs during their fansign 🙂 And listening to their songs on my way to college. Nostalgic!

  2. “F4′s Stage Appearance Makes Fans Cry??”

    what a sad sad sad thing…

    1. Yup,just another boy band that only depend on their look and not their talent(voice) that is why they cannot survive in music industry, now the only thing that they could do is acting,what a pity…

      1. Well, you can’t really say that…
        F4 actually started out as actors, first appearing in Meteor Garden. Then they got so popular and formed the boyband and started to sing. Nothing wrong with them going back to acting. Maybe they aren’t highly talented in singing, but they’re a classic, and people love seeing them together as F4 🙂

      2. Obviously you haven’t seen their recent projects. They’re all seen as good actors, especially compared to idol actors these days.

  3. does anyone know where i can watch this video? is it even aired yet?

  4. I am so happy to see them together again.. It brings back so many memories…

  5. all 4 have their charms but ever since that series from Vanness and Ady An, I have been in love with him.

    I used to like Ken the most when watching Meteor Shower.

    1. I know, Jerry is cute n everything still but that hair has got to go. It’s like for 10+ years he has NEVER change his hairstyle haahha LOL…OMG…

  6. I am totally obsessed with Vanness after watching
    “Autumn’s Concerto-下一站, 幸福 Xia Yi Zhan, Xing Fu” v(⌒ε⌒)v

    1. that series is pretty OK, def a worth watch show from Taiwan. All the other ones are mostly too idol themed. Vanness is also as handsome as he can ever be in this series, the girl was ok too not too hot but acts like the role well.

      1. any other good taiwan drama you can recommend?

        i really liked prince turns to frog 🙂

      2. Recently I saw Ai Ai Ya, Wo Yuen Yi starring Dylan Kuo and Tammy Chen and really enjoyed it. I recommend it to all who have not seen it yet.

    2. Me, too. I ‘m obsessed with him after watching Autumn Concerto. With all the dramas I had seen so far, this is my favorite.

  7. Awww, watching them together again makes me feel warm and happy inside. So many fond memories of my teenage years being obsessed with them. They still look so charming and handsome to this day. Love them!

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