Jerry Yan Didn’t Send Apology Texts to Chiling Lin

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Jerry Yan Didn’t Send Apology Texts to Chiling Lin

Jerry Yan (言承旭) and Chiling Lin (林志玲) have been in an on-and-off relationship for 17 years, and it was alleged that Chiling is the love of his life. However, the Taiwanese actress recently surprised everyone by announcing her marriage to Japanese pop group Exile’s Akira. Even Jerry was shocked that Chiling is now a married woman, and his drafted apology texts to her will never need to be sent.

Though Jerry wished the newlyweds happiness, fans speculated that the news saddened him. He was spotted at the airport dressed in all black and looking very down. Even when his fans greeted him, he only nodded his head and never spoke once.

After this encounter, fans began to bring up the “F4 Curse” that has been circulating for the past eight years. A fan once shared, “Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) got married, but the groom wasn’t Vic Chou (周渝民). Kelly Lin (林熙蕾) got married, but the groom wasn’t Ken Chu (朱孝天). Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄) also got married, but the groom wasn’t Vanness Wu (吳建豪). If Chiling Lin gets married, will the groom still be Jerry Yan?”

To follow, rumor has been spreading that Jerry had drafted an apology message to Chiling that he never sent to her. The content revolves around: “I was not good enough, not mature enough, so I can’t beg you to wait for me too long” and “Since we broke up, I haven’t’ stopped crying in front of my friends.”

Although the message indicates that Jerry knew his immaturity was the reason for their breakup, for some unknown reason, he never sent his apology to Chiling.

Now there’s no turning back. The Taiwanese actress decided to not wait for Jerry anymore, and married Akira after dating him for six months.

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  • 4 comments to Jerry Yan Didn’t Send Apology Texts to Chiling Lin

    1. babycakes says:

      Oh shut up Jerry. Shoulda coulda woulda means nothing. Wah wah wah

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    2. says:

      Where does all these rumors come from?? I heard rumors on Jerry Yan being a gay or shall I say a Bi-sexual….Thus he could not commit to Chiling. Anyway, I really am not interested in those rumors. Must be a fool to believe in them.
      Chiling is married and I am super happy for her. Jerry Yan may just be happy not being married. He loves his freedom.

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    3. prettysup1 says:

      Well if these rumours are true, I am glad that he didn’t get to send them. Does he expect Chiling to wait for him another 17 years? Congrats to the newly weds!

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    4. gray says:

      Nothing wrong with sending the text message right now. It’s just a closure. But of course, Jerry is too cowardice to do it.

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