Chiling Lin Announces Marriage to Exile’s Akira

Chiling Lin dropped the shocking news that she got married today! But the groom is not Jerry Yan (言承旭), whom Chiling had dated on-and-off again over the last 17 years. Instead, the 44-year-old Taiwanese actress registered her marriage with Japanese pop group Exile‘s Akira in Taipei after secretly dating for half a year.

The couple originally met eight years ago while collaborating on a stage play and stayed in touch throughout the years as friends. Since Chiling had studied Japanese and English in school, she converses with Akira primarily in Japanese, as well as English and some Mandarin.

What impressed Akira the most was Chiling’s dedication to family and loved ones. The 37-year-old Japanese star shared, “I saw in her giving so much love and courage every day. I was deeply attracted by her strong sense of responsibility and warm personality. At any given moment, she is always accepting and tolerating me with a big smile. That gentleness makes me really want to bring her the greatest happiness.”

Turning from friends to lovers took courage, and managing a long-distance relationship is not easy. But Chiling believes in destiny and the right timing for a relationship to grow. Reflecting on her love with Akira, Chiling shared, “Some people say that ‘love is a gift for a moment’–I think it needs courage, tolerance, selflessness, compromise, and innocence to turn a moment into a life of companionship. I’m willing to face every unknown together, and change and grow together through ups and downs bravely. Let the future come and let the past go. Everyone’s love has contributed to my growth. There are always infinite surprises and wonderful arrangements in the impermanence of life, as long as you believe in love.”

Chiling’s sudden marriage came as complete surprise for ex-boyfriend Jerry Yan. Earlier in an televised interview, Jerry said he was full of regrets in his relationship with Chiling which gave fans hope in another reconciliation. Currently filming in Beijing, Jerry sent his blessings to Chiling and wished her happiness in her new marriage.

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  1. woah, totally shocked. no one really saw that coming. exile and chi-ling. i remember her in a japanese drama many years ago. i guess if you are in entertainment, you pretty much know everyone else in the same biz.

  2. Wow, finally she met a good guy that will treasure her!!!

  3. She probably grew tired of waiting for Jerry to commit/mature…or he’s still hiding in the closet.

    If a man cannot commit to you when you are 44, he never will. 17 years of an on/off relationship, yet she ended up marrying someone else. She’s stunningly beautiful yet she’s walking down the aisle at 44 years of age. Don’t want to take away her current partner and their relationship. But I feel a little sad for her, she may also have problems trying to fall pregnant.

  4. Congratulations for Lin Chi Ling. Pregnant or not is not important. Happiness is the most important thing.

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