Chiling Lin Remains Jerry Yan’s Greatest Love

Jerry Yan (言承旭) and Lin Chiling (林志玲) have been in an on-and-off relationship for 17 years. Although Jerry and Chiling have broken up, the two have maintained that they continue to keep in touch with one another. In 2017, Chiling and Jerry were photographed on a date in Malaysia together; many thought the couple would have a happy ending. However, Chiling’s marriage announcement today to Japanese pop group Exile’s Akira put an end to fans’ longing of reconciliation.

What was more shocking to fans is that the day before Chiling’s marriage announcement, Jerry’s ex-girlfriend, Seanna Chang (張熙恩), revealed that the woman Jerry loves most is and has always been Chiling.

Though speculated to have been dating, Seanna and Jerry never confirmed their relationship. Now four years later, Seanna finally revealed that the couple dated for two years before breaking it off. During their relationship, the couple rarely fought. Seanna admitted that she had more masculine personality traits and did not like to be tied down, while Jerry was more attentive and thoughtful. Despite breaking up, they remain friends and still keep in touch.

Seanna shared that after Jerry confessed his love for Chiling, she encouraged him to pursue his heart’s desire. Perhaps the confession came too late, as Chiling is now happily married to Akira.

Currently filming in Beijing, Jerry was startled when reached for comment over Chiling’s marriage. Jerry said, “Is it real?” After receiving confirmation, he said, “I truly wish her happiness.”

Source: Yahoo HK

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  1. REALLY???

    Chiling probably grew tired of waiting for Jerry to commit/mature…or he’s still hiding in the closet.

    If a man cannot commit to you when you are 44, he never will. 17 years of an on/off relationship, yet she ended up marrying someone else. She’s stunningly beautiful yet she’s walking down the aisle at 44 years of age. Don’t want to take away her current partner and their relationship. But I feel a little sad for her, she may also have problems trying to fall pregnant.

    1. @dramafan
      ” She’s stunningly beautiful yet she’s walking down the aisle at 44 years of age. ”

      Since when does appearance have to do w/marriage? Lol…There are also of UGLY people who gets married at an earlier age. Don’t feel sad/bad for her just because she married late. Just be glad she finally found someone to share her life with.

      1. @wm2017 yes of course I am glad she finally found someone to share her life with. She absolutely deserves it. I truly hope for her sake that he is the one and she married for all the right reasons.

      2. @dramafan
        if she still desire to have kids, i am sure that she has already made the proper prep. plus with this day and age, you got $$, you don’t even have to carry your own baby. she can hire a surrogate to carry. she could be 60 and still have a baby.

      3. @m0m0 yes let’s hope she has made the proper preparations. Keeping in mind, the quality of the eggs of a 44 year old woman may not be as healthy as the eggs of a 24 year old woman. Yes, having a surrogate to carry the baby to full term is important, but the quality and health of the eggs is also very important.

      4. @dramafan
        i am saying if she did any prep work, it would have been in her earlier days. eggs at 44 is probably hard to come by and not as good.

      5. @dramafan Yeah, it’s true life can be a gamble. Sometimes you thought you married the best man but still ends up divorced. It’s all about timing too I mean she is 44 not like she’s 24 and still wait and have time to pick and pick you know. 🙂 Jerry’s certainly missing out and I just realized he’s the last F4 that is not yet married. There is no right/wrong but perhaps he’s just extremely cautious of making that final leap w/anyone.

    2. @dramafan jerry seems to have commitment phobia. how can any woman possibly have a sense of security when the guy doesn’t give her a status after waiting for a long time? myolie had her youth wasted on bosco.

  2. I think Seanna’s revelation really came in an inopportune time. Maybe it’s true that when Seanna dated Jerry, he loved Chiling the most, but after they broke up, I’m pretty sure he hasn’t been idle. There was even an article from before that said Jerry was really thankful for one of his exes who was with him through his darkest times and that wasn’t Chiling. Maybe she’s the one he loves the most now.

    In any case, it’s best for both parties to move on. Jerry-and-Chiling’s lingering ties are tiring to hear about. Now both parties can’t use each other to stay relevant anymore. They can finally be free from the papz.

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