Shen Yue and Jerry Yan’s Drama “Count Your Lucky Stars” Premieres

The chemistry between Shen Yue (沈月) and Jerry Yan (言承旭) in Count Your Lucky Stars <我好喜歡你> is garnering praises after the greatly anticipated mainland Chinese rom-com premiered on August 3. As Jerry rose to fame playing Dao Ming Si in the 2001 Taiwanese series, Meteor Garden <流星花園>, and Shen Yue found popularity playing Shan Cai in the 2018 Chinese remake of Meteor Garden, many fans were excited to see the two stars in one frame. Supporters commented that it’s like Dao Ming Si time-traveled 20 years later to meet the new Shan Cai.

Although there were claims that 43-year-old Jerry initially felt stressed to collaborate with someone 20 years younger than him, especially for his return to the television scene after four years, the behind-the-scenes cuts revealed the two happily working together with great chemistry. In fact, Shen Yue previously disclosed on a variety show that she is happy to have the opportunity to work with her long-time idol.

The actress shared that she watched the Taiwanese Meteor Garden with her mom and sister when she was around three or four years old. With her entire family being fans of Jerry, she said her mom was so excited when she initially thought Shen Yue would be collaborating with Jerry in the 2018 Meteor Garden. “Although that wasn’t the case, she was exhilarated that I was able to achieve our family’s dream in Count Your Lucky Stars,” Shen Yue said.

Playing lovers in the drama, Shen Yue and Jerry’s romantic scenes in the trailer had fans squealing in delight. In particular, viewers noticed a scene in the trailer where the protagonists kissed seven times within 150 seconds. Fans gushed that the leads have “strong couple feels” and that they “didn’t imagine it would be so sweet.”

Count Your Lucky Stars revolves around an unlucky designer Tong Xiao You, played by Shen Yue, and a lucky and successful magazine editor-in-chief Lu Xing Cheng, played by Jerry. Despite his sharp and arrogant personality, 30-year-old Xing Cheng is well-known throughout the fashion industry for his luck and talent. However, this all changes when he shares an accidental kiss with Xiao You. The kiss swaps their lucks with each other, causing Xing Cheng to fall to rock bottom in his career while Xiao You reaches new heights of success. Seeking to help her idol revive his career, she sticks close to Xing Cheng, hoping that he will receive some of her luck. During this time, Xing Cheng warms up to Xiao You, and the two gradually find themselves falling in love with each other.

“Count Your Lucky Stars” Trailer:

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      1. @m0m0 Yeup, he’s got the looks and acting chops for the role. The actress is so natural and charming on camera, the chemistry is undeniable! You should give it a try

    1. @wm2017 @m0m0, both these comments are dumb and shiws how both of you idiots. “Idol” drama, is just a rom-com, and age shouldn’t not matter. At 43 why shouldn’t he be a leading man? Like the old proverb gies, if you both did not open your mouth people wouldn’t think you were mute.

      1. @m0m0 what “facts” should I google do share? That you both are stupid and immature, or that you both discriminate based on age? I don’t need to google any of that, you two were kind of enough to display all that here. My mouth is neither “highly intelligent” or sick, and how does one watch their mouth? I am not intelligent enough to understand gibberish. In civilized society we often say, think before you speak. It’s unfortunate you both are unable to do that, thinking does require a brain.

      2. @seriously Excuse you. I literally just pointed out in another post you claiming you could see an actresses crows feet and how the male actors are all too old now you act high and mighty like you dont discriminate against age? Don’t make me laugh you hypocrite.

      3. @megamiaow you stupid f, I never said any of those long in tooth TVB shouldn’t be leads in their drama. I did state they are not looking good for their age and especially the female actor was physically unflattering. I stand by my comments. The three TVB actors were bloated, haggard, and looked ridiculous. If I make you laugh, that puts a smile in my face, to bring you some enjoyment to your desolate number crunching life. Namaste

      4. @seriously You are the only stupid one who cant even be consistent in all your hypocritical views. I never mentioned anything about leads so youve totally lost the plot. And what the heck is this “number crunching”? You seriously think because I quoted some specs in the other post that they are anything to do with number crunching? Lmao, just because I understand the concept of image resolutions doesnt make me number crunching but Im sorry you are probably too dumb to understand this.

      5. @megamiaow sweetie you cannot follow your own argument, I would continue but it’s pointless. You do not present any counterpoints. Nor are you socially aware that your dumbass is being dragged. Namaste.

    2. @wm2017 I think he’s doings great. Pretty much looking just as good as when I first saw him in meteor garden except now he’s even better with more acting experience. Love the drama! You have to give it a try

    1. @littlefish aside from the theme of exchanging kisses and switch luck, nothing else is plagiarized. In fact the plot is way more different than the first sentence of the plot. I think the leads really pulled off their roles

      1. @sugadough I was thinking of giving this a miss cos I wasn’t too fond of both male and female lead in their previous over-hyped drama.
        From your comment, maybe I’ll try watching.

  1. Y’all have to give this drama a go!! I just finished ep 8 and it’s so addicting. I don’t understand why y’all be complaining about the age gap. Look at Kévin and grace, nobody’s calling them disgusting. I totally ship this couple

    1. @sugadough I am the same age as shen Yue and I watched meteor garden when I was 4 or 5. I find jerry yan really attractive. I totally ship them!!

      1. @sugadough lol I’m totally fangirling over this. I hate having to way until next week for new eps, but this is so addicting. Any other shippers in this forum? Please share your thoughts

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