Shen Yue Seeks Growth Through Unfamiliar Challenges

Her passion for acting drives her forward.

Adapted from popular role-playing game Onmyoji <陰陽師 >, fantasy film The Yin Yang Master <侍神令> was released during the Lunar New Year holiday in China. As her first big screen debut, the film was an entirely new experience for Shen Yue (沈月). Sharing her filming experiences, the 23-year-old actress also reflects on her career path.

Tackling a New Challenge

The Yin Yang Master follows the story of Qinming (Chen Kun 陳坤) who traverses the realms of humans and demons. When he saves Shen Le (Shen Yue) from a precarious situation, she is determined to follow along wherever he goes, through life and death.

Portraying the forthright and cheeky character is a natural fit for the ebullient actress, but as The Yin Yang Master features a lot of CGI scenes, filming involved the challenge of green-screen staging. This required Shen Yue to have abundant imagination and faith in the role.

Wants to Challenge Baddie Roles Next

Catching attention with 2017’s popular youth-themed A Love So Beautiful <致我們單純的小美好>, Shen Yue only 19 when she landed the lead role. As she did not want to waste her fleeting youth, she signed on for the role and found the drama to be an interesting project.

Ready to take on more challenging onscreen characters, Shen Yue hopes to play “an antagonistic role” similar to those in the Hong Kong crime film genre.

From a student who majored in writing and directing to becoming an actress, Shen Yue had once admitted her feelings of displacement. Asked if she had overcome that period of feeling lost, she describes life as “a journey filled with unknown factors–every phase bringing with it its own challenges.” Her feelings of displacement were then followed by new doubts and challenges at the next juncture. “It is only through continuous trials and mistakes that we can learn from lessons and achieve growth.”

Finding Career Motivation

With the intense competition in the entertainment circle, Shen Yue has no illusions about lasting popularity. She knows that hard work, passion, and lots of commitment are the keys to unlocking self-actualization and gaining fulfillment in her career.

“My attitude is: if you want to work, you have to work hard and love what you’re doing in order to excel,” Shen Yue mused thoughtfully.

“The Yin Yang Master” Trailer

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