Jerry Yan and Shen Yue Team Up in New Romance, “The Exchange of Luck”

Returning to television screens with his new upcoming project The Exchange of Luck <交換吧運氣> (tentative), 42-year-old Jerry Yan‘s (言承旭) co-star will be 22-year-old actress Shen Yue (沈月).

Absent from the Chinese television scene for over four years, Jerry’s last drama was My Best Ex-Boyfriend <最佳前男友>. Jerry continued busying himself with work after his ex-girlfriend Chiling Lin (林志玲) married Japanese star Akira in June. After completing the movie Matchmaking War <相親大作戰> in Chengdu, Jerry then agreed to film The Exchange of Luck – which was scheduled to have roughly 80 days of filming.

Shen Yue first gained popularity after appearing in 2017’s web drama A Love So Beautiful <致我們單純的小美好> and cemented her stardom after taking on the lead actress role in the newest version of classic idol drama Meteor Garden <流星花園>. With her cute and youthful image, Shen Yue is extremely popular among younger viewers and was offered the starring role in Another Me <七月與安生>, the television adaptation of the critically-acclaimed film Soul Mate.

Fans are eager to see the chemistry between Jerry and Shen Yue, who are stars from different generations of Meteor Garden. Although 20 years apart, netizens said that the two looked very compatible onscreen and have labelled them the “Old Dao Ming Si and New Shan Cai Couple”.

Source: Ettoday

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