Shen Yue’s Dating Rumors

The star is spotted hanging out and returning home accompanied by a bespectacled man.

Chinese actress Shen Yue (沈月) has always prioritized her career. Recently, photos of the 22-year-old star with an unidentified male returning to her home made their rounds online, seemingly revealing their relationship. Dressed youthfully in a striped tee and denim high-waist shorts with a backpack, the actress resembled a college student attending class.

She was spotted going to the mall with two companions, one a bespectacled male who chatted amicably with her and the other a female who walked ahead of them. Besides the trio, the meal gathering that day also included others, but Shen Yue and her companion stood together while the rest stood in a group.

This bespectacled friend also especially took out his phone and seemingly shared a video with Shen Yue, who watched it attentively and smiled sweetly. Paying attention to this male companion and looking serious, it seemed that they shared a special relationship.

When the skies got dark, Shen Yue prepared to leave for home, but she was not alone as her male companion went along, leading the way in front while she walked behind him. At the entrance to the apartments, the two maintained a short distance, and entered the same building block together.

While waiting for the elevator, Shen Yue glanced at the mobile phone in her hands, while the male companion took the initiative to close the door to the block, in a caring move which showed his attention to personal safety. Let’s hope the busy star can share good news with fans soon!

Source: Sohu

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