Netizens Criticize Shen Yue’s Acting

Ever since Shen Yue‘s (沈月) popularity skyrocketed two years ago thanks to the teen web series A Love So Beautiful <致我們單純的小美好>, the Chinese actress has been leading idol dramas back to back, including the remake of Meteor Garden <流星花园> and most recently, Another Me <七月與安生>, the TV version of the acclaimed 2016 movie adaptation Soul Mate. Despite her success, the 22-year-old has her fair share of critics. In fact, her poor acting in a crying scene in Another Me became a trending search on Weibo, with more than 1.2 million people weighing in on the topic.

In that particular scene, Li An Sheng, portrayed by Shen Yue, finds out from her uncle that her mother died from a sickness. When she heard the tragic news, she had a stunned expression before going off on a monologue in front of her mother. Eventually, she broke down and burst into tears, crying loudly.

Although Shen Yue’s crying was very realistically, netizens were dissatisfied with her emotional reaction when she learned of her mother’s death in the show. They expressed it was odd that she didn’t break in tears immediately after the shock factor passed, but instead, she even had a whole monologue – without tears. Also, netizens felt that she was crying just for the sake of crying, making it hard for the audience to immerse themselves into the show.

With netizens leaving negative messages, such as “It was too forceful, looks very exaggerated,” “A dog’s acting,” and “Go back to acting school,” Another Me seems unpopular.

However, a similar situation happened to actress Wu Jinyan (吳謹言) when The Legend of Haolan <皓鑭傳> broadcasted. Jinyan’s character had to face the fact that her mother was pushed into a well and died. In the show, Jinyan only screamed agitatedly on the ground, but she didn’t shed a single tear. When netizens criticized her reaction, the director defended her and said, “People will not cry when they encounter such a situation, because the brain can’t accept it and they don’t want to accept such a message. Besides resisting it, there are not many ways you can react to it.”

Source: HK01

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  1. I once witnessed a girl in class when she found out her bf cheated on her, she cried very badly right away. I was stunned by that for life! I did not expect that type of reaction, I was almost in disbelief if she is for realz… Everyone don’t react the same way. Some people cry right away after hearing bad news, but some don’t. I think, most don’t. Based on pple I know or seen.

    To me, crying right away like that is veeeeeeeeeeery puzzling. I’m the type the brain does need to think through first. I think the netizens r trying too hard to pull down Shen Yue and say a bunch of useless stuff, which didn’t even make a tiny sense!

    I agree with the director, why would anybody start crying so badly if they still haven’t accept the truth yet? People’s reactions to bad news is, the brain goes back and forth first, it keeps thinking until it cannot lie about the truth anymore. Once they accept the truth then they will bring out the emotions afterwards.

    So what Shen Yue portrayed was correct. It looks like many pple are just unhappy about her success, everytime when pple are afraid of a new person rising in the industry they will create trouble for that person.

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