Faye Wong Releases “So Young” Theme Song

Leading a semi-retired lifestyle in recent years, Faye Wong (王菲) delighted fans when she agreed to sing the theme song for Vicki Zhao’s (赵薇) directorial debut, So Young <致我们终将逝去的青春>. Entitled “To Youth” <致青春>, the song features Faye’s soulful voice and depicts the turbulent sentiments of the movie.

So Young will be released in cinemas on April 26, but the official music video for the theme song, “To Youth”, was released on April 18. Sung by Faye as a favor to her good friend, Vicki, the MV depicts the 3 main characters after 7 years after separation. Having met again, Lin Jing, Chen Xiao and Zheng Wei walked through their school years through flashbacks in the MV. The fate of the characters was also shown towards the end of the MV.

From the trailers, posters and character stills of the movie, it is revealed that the film will be featuring the many facets of youth: pain, transformation, the feeling of love and being loved, and feelings towards the future and the responsibilities of their choices. Like the movie, the MV and the accompanying doleful song paint the pictures of youth as an important part of everyone’s life and not a standalone event.

The music started with a slow and melancholic piano solo. Then Faye’s clear and sorrowful voice belted the first lines, “His unruly face, like the night sky. Her washed hair, like the hearts of flame.…”

Art house screenwriter Li Qiang (李樯) who also penned the lyrics for the theme song, said, “After the tribulations of time, everyone understands nothing is permanent. They also know the meanings of perseverance and fate.”

Faye’s “To Youth” MV

[vsw id=”noJk6yHOAyQ” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”375″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: Sina.com, Netease.com

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Faye Wong’s voice is nice but the tune of the song is just ok. I thought that the voice over was more meaningful than the lyrics. 爱情就像一条河。谁不是摸着石头过河呢?Love is like a river. Who doesn’t go through pain of touching the rocky stones while crossing it? Not sure if my translation is right haha. Looking forward to this movie though! Have been reading Chinese novels these days:)

    1. that doesn’t sound like love to me at all – do we feel rocks when we cuddle a baby? I think people make trouble for themselves and each other out of ego and dishonest motives in the name of love – that’s their fault and their problem but why force the rest of us to see the world through their misrepresentation?

  2. i seriously dunno what all the fuss and hype all about?

    it was just a mediocre song for a movie.

  3. i think it was more the fact, Faye has released a song in some time.

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