[Breakup Files] G.E.M. Disses Yoga Lin After Breakup

Could the claims of Yoga Lin (林宥嘉) cheating on G.E.M. (鄧紫棋) be true? Yesterday, G.E.M. wrote a long and angry post dissing a certain “thick-faced” person on her personal Facebook account, which was later dug up by Hong Kong paparazzi reporters and leaked online.

Calls Yoga “Fake”

In her post, G.E.M. pointed out Yoga has been using her to promote his upcoming concert. She found it ironic that Yoga refused to acknowledge her as his girlfriend when they walked the red carpet at Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards last year. Now that they have split, Yoga is “trying so hard” to talk about her at his recent concert press conferences.

“He never initiated the breakup, but now he has the guts to talk about blessing one another, that the reasons for our breakup were clear…save me!” G.E.M. then implied that a third party was involved, writing, “It wasn’t until later when I discovered that he was already out there having fun.”

G.E.M. then continued to say that she found it funny how Yoga was always playing the victim when things did not go his way, calling him “fake”. G.E.M. and Yoga once planned for their families to meet for a New Year’s dinner in Taiwan, but Yoga disappeared from the date last minute, and G.E.M. , her family, and Yoga’s family ended up eating McDonald’s together.

G.E.M. ended her post saying, “I’m sorry. I can’t give you my blessings. I’m not as fake as you. I’m very disappointed and angered by your actions.”

A few minutes after her post, G.E.M.’s good friend Renee Lee (李蘊) commented, “Coward!” A minute later, G.E.M. dropped a reply in English, “Yes, those are the only two words for him.” Nearly twenty of her friends liked the post.

Last night, the paparazzi spotted G.E.M. leaving Humming Bird’s studios in Central. Before boarding her van, reporters rushed up to ask G.E.M. if she was bad-mouthing Yoga Lin on her Facebook. She appeared shocked for a brief moment, but then quickly said, “I don’t want to say anything.” Asked if they were still friends, G.E.M. laughed bitterly and said, “I’m in a hurry. I will not reply to these questions.”

After her confrontation with the press, G.E.M. deleted her Facebook post.

In regards to G.E.M.’s angry post against Yoga on her personal Facebook account, G.E.M.’s manager responded, “I didn’t look at her Facebook. I don’t know what’s going on. This incident has already passed. Let’s not talk about it again.” Her manager added that G.E.M. is focused on the I Am a Singer 2 <我是歌手 2> talent competition in Mainland China, in which she is in the run for first place against Han Lei (韓磊).

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This goes to prove that facebook is not private, although you may think it is…

  2. Gem & family emd up eating at McD because Yoga disappearred. I’m sure they can afford to dine at finer restaurants. Sounds fabricated.

    1. it was for new year’s dinner. all finer restaurants may be full booked??

      1. Exactly is new year dinner they would have book an appointment plus there are still many other restaurant better than McD they could have gone to

  3. then I guess Gem have a lot of fake friends too. She better watch her back, someone is sending her personal stuff to the media.

    1. poor her if that’s true. seems like it’s gonna be hard making friends when ur popularity is rising…

  4. seems the FB pos is true…

    doesn’t GEM have a past on bashing some TVB artist too? (myolie or tavia?)

    1. From what I had read was Myolie but I think that was long ago, before she became a singer. She posted in her blog when she was a teenager and anyway she was like many of us, supporting the artistes she like and bashing the artistes that she don’t.

  5. Guess not everyone can consciously uncouple like Gwyneth and Chris.

    1. That’s a good one!

      And like them, no one can be closer now after the conscious uncoupling than when they were together as unconscious couple I suppose!

  6. think before you write ANYTHING on the internet (especially if you’re famous AND using Facebook).

    1. meant what holidayNo. 1 i think i saw you in alot of comments too but, your fake name is not gonna trick me this time.

  7. That’s what you get for dating a 22-year-old girl who’s still trying to seek some sort of childish revenge.

    Her singing really WOWS me but oh man… I thought she could handle this better.

  8. Not sure about her character, but isn’t she criticizing a lot of people nowadays? Feud btw veteran, criticize myolie and tvb on Internet, her ex on social media etc. maybe fame has gotte to her? I can’t be sure how she really is in real life.

    1. Not to be overly critical of her, but she could’ve handled it better, there is no privacy in social media. Have to be super careful of what u say, especially as a celebrity.

    1. In Chinese it is 懦夫 (nuo fu) so it’s two words.

  9. Pretty sure she posted it so he can turn public. If this is true then I would’ve probably do the same and bashed him publicly.

  10. Wait, wasn’t GEM the one who used him for fame and them dumped him as soon as she started getting a little more popular in China? Yoga as always been pretty popular, both in China and in Taiwan. He doesn’t need to use her name to get on the news… Seems to me that someone’s letting the fame get to her head.

  11. wait, wasn’t GEM the one who used him for fame and then dumped him as soon as she started getting a little more popular in china? Yoga as always been pretty popular,both in China and in Taiwan.He doesn’t need to use her name to get on the news…Seems to me that someone’s letting the fame get to her head.

    1. i agree even tough yoga in the other hand,is getting pretty popular in China and in Taiwan.i acually really do agree to mika’s comment because like GEM does live in China.

    2. At least i’m the third person who agrees to this comment.GEM was the one who used him for fameand then dumped him because she was already a bit famous in China.

    3. it’s sad how she got deleted from her facebook post. i love GEM’s singing! she’s awesome.sumimasen,arigato for listening1

    4. Shut up you don’t know anything so shut your moulth

  12. Yoga Lin is a scumbag.dont let me see your face or I’ll put your arm in your butt

  13. i admire GEM a lot and think she has a wonderful voice. and i am also aware that everybody has their own opinion and the freedom to voice them.

    but i really dislike celebrities who think they can bash on others publicly and write these long posts on social media like FB and weibo and rant and rant, but never disclose the names even though it’s super obvious. too much passive aggressive posts that could have been handle a lot better and more maturely in a private manner. i’ve lost all respect for them.

    1. Maybe you. Don’t into the whole story stupid

  14. Haha, I wanna get my popcorn ready for this girl. While on one hand I’m scared for her career if she keeps storming others with criticism — on the other, I’m damn proud for this girl for being so real. She’s the type to say what she means and does what she says. We need more of these artists instead of ultra boring P.C. celebrities.

  15. She probably just needed a place to rant and express herself, after being cheated on, then having all the blame put onto her by the media and fans.

  16. I still find it funny that every time a celeb couple breaks up, they have to go social media to express their hate. haha LOL… I mean do you think that will help w/your anger? It’s just even more shameful I mean who will NOT criticized and talk when you do NOT airing it out?
    Just like how Halle Berry went w/that super good looking Audry or something model and had a with him. They have to resort to violence as well other than her bashing him thru and thru. Who gets more sympathy there when she had been dumped more times than ppl can count? haaha LOL… So funny these ppl, you once had a happily ever after so just zip it up elegantly when it ends esp if you are a celeb? sighh…

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