Grasshopper Does Not Regret Signing with Rock Records in the 1990s

Although Grasshopper (草蜢) is regarded as one of Hong Kong’s greatest bands, they only managed to release two music albums in their three-year contract with Rock Records in the 1990s. Despite the lack of new song released during that time, Grasshopper expressed that they do not regret signing with Rock Records.

In 1995, Grasshopper left Polygram to join Rock Records hoping for a change in their music paths. The switch almost ruined their careers, as their exposure level plummeted. However, the group members believed they did not make the wrong choice. They explained that operations between Taiwan and Hong Kong music companies were vastly different.

Calvin Choi (蔡一智) spoke about having no regrets with signing with Rock Records. “It’s not possible to say whether we regret it or not because you have to finish walking that road you took. It’s like having pimples when you’re going through puberty. There will be ups and downs in the music industry; we never regret the things we do. We only soak in the experience from the journey.”

Remus Choi (蔡一傑) explained that they gained a valuable experience from the three-year period. During those rocky times in the music industry, the group gave a lot of thought before releasing an album. Carefully watching the music market, Grasshopper did n0t want to randomly release a mediocre quality album. In the end, Grasshopper’s efforts paid off, as they managed to maintain steady sales records over the last decade and command large crowd turnouts at their concerts.


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  1. I’ve never heard of them. But I have hard of yoo jae suk the grasshopper.

  2. These folks are over-rated and over exposed with no substance. That’s why they only had two albums released. They are just plain bad…can’t act and can’t sing just acting and talking non-sense while “performing”.

    1. You must be joking to say they can’t sing. If they are considered can’t sing,then no eye see for singers like Twins, Miriam, Aaron, Leon, Leo etc.

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