New MVs: S.H.E., Grasshopper, and Mi2

By on November 20, 2012 in MUSIC


“New MVs” is a new weekly feature at in which the hottest new music videos from Hong Kong, mainland China, and Taiwan will be profiled and reviewed for their entertainment value and the songs for their vocal power.

This week, the latest hits from pop groups are the focus. Fast tracks from S.H.E. and Grasshopper’s new albums have been heating airwaves and become fast favorites. Controversial mainland Chinese pop group, Mi2, is setting tongues wagging with its age-defying love story.

S.H.E.- “Flowers Have Blossomed Again” <花又開好了>

One of Taiwan’s most successful girl groups, S.H.E. has churned out another crowd pleaser, “Flowers Have Blossomed Again,” which was released on November 13. With Selina and Ella both 31 years old and Hebe turning 30 next year, S.H.E. has grown up and “Flowers Have Blossomed Again” celebrates their maturity spectacularly. Close-ups of the trio’s fashionable strutting, glossy hair, and smoky eyes fill most of the frames, while their flower-like dance adds to more of the song’s metaphor. Although the MV and music composition do not break any new ground in creativity, the song is very pleasant to listen to.


Grasshopper- First Row <第一行>

Although Grasshopper’s (草蜢) current output has slowed down significantly compared to their prolific 1990s era,  fans will be happy to know that they never lost their rhythm. Grasshopper’s lead vocalist, Remus Choi (蔡一傑) demonstrates his talent to the rapping of Softhard <軟硬天師>, still Hong Kong’s coolest rap duo.  Dance track, “First Row,” is all about the beat and nonsensical lines such as, “Stand up, stand up, stand up…make a human wave!” will make you grin foolishly. Male fans will be happy to see the irrelevant bikini bodies in the MV.


Mi2- Courageous Love <勇敢爱>

Mi2 pushed the outrage button when group member, 24-year-old Zhang Muyi (張木易) announced his love for 12-year-old Miki Ayama in September. Muyi was hired to teach Miki how to sing when she was 8 years old, in which he eventually fell in love with the Japanese-Chinese-German beauty. Muyi and Miki formed Mi2 so that they can release music and face love and life together. Muyi announced on social networks, “I can’t wait for the next 4 years to pass,” when Miki will turn 16 years old. Miki in turned promised to marry Muyi when she grows up.

Composed and written by Muyi, “Courageous Love” presents Mi2’s age-defying love story to the public. The MV aims to be romantic and centers on the theme of an angel coming to life, but it is unsettling to watch Miki attempting to look grown up while belting, “I love you” towards Muyi, who has adoring eyes fixed on her.

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13 comments to New MVs: S.H.E., Grasshopper, and Mi2

  1. Amy says:

    12 years of age gap is nothing but the problem is Miki too young for Muyi now, if their romance is not simply a gimmick.

    I have a 12 year old sister myself and I couldn’t possibly imagine she going out with a boy twice his age.

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    • Amy replied:


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  2. Eunice says:

    Already pre-ordered S.H.E’s new album 🙂
    I’m a huge fan, thanks for promoting their music!

    I enjoy Grasshopper and Softhard’s collaboration, but not a fan of that song or MV. I like this song though: 山頂嘅朋友

    I haven’t heard of Mi2 before, thanks for the introduction! Nice MV, okay song, and they both are good looking youths. But, I personally feel a bit doubtful on their relationship. Would it really last? Who knows what will happen 4 years later? Even after 4 years, the girl is 16, that’s still too young to get married IMO. Good luck, anyway!

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  3. gil says:

    Cool MV by SHE and Ella looks so pretty in the MV.

    Nice song by Grasshopper but the MV is kinda exploiting girls by making them dance and shake in their bikinis. Worst still the whole MV did not even feature Grasshopper in it.

    Never heard of Mi2 before and the girl is sweet looking but bit too young to have a relationship with a guy 12 years her senior.

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    • jayne replied:

      Grasshopper and Softhard make a one frame appearance towards the end of the video.

      I don’t mind the bikini girls that much because you can always just listen to the song. While the beat is nice, some of the lyrics are too repetitive and don’t really make sense.

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  4. jayne says:

    Eunice and Gil,

    I like fast track music, so pretty excited by S.H.E.’s “Flowers Have Blossomed Again”. Since the decline of Cantopop, I’ve been trying to discover other listening options.

    Do share any recommended artists you like as well!

    I can’t wait for Jay Chou’s album later this year.

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    • Eunice replied:

      I’m also a fan of Jay! S.H.E and Jay Chou are my favourite Taiwanese singers actually. Yes, I know they’re quite mainstream, but I’m very willing to spend money buying their albums.

      By the way, I’ve been listening to this fan-made video that comprises of 112 songs by Jay Chou. So for all the fans of Jay’s music:

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  5. LP says:

    Leona Lewis

    Damien Dawn

    Anthony Neely

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  6. ping0 says:

    i still think the relationship of MI2 is for publicity. There is no chemistry between the two, in this vid, or others media source. Yeah it’s a bit creepy to fall for such a young women.

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    • Eunice replied:

      LOL, I think it’s more appropriate to call her a girl or a preteen, but not a woman 😛

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  7. skinnymocha says:

    Does anyone perhaps know more of any obscure artists from HK/China/Taiwan? Since I don’t live there, it’s kind of hard to discover new music like Mi2 (although these two were most likely brought to attention because of the controversy). Or is the music scene over there not that varied?

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  8. Bridget says:

    I’m a S.H.E. fan and am really happy and excited about their new album, especially given Selina’s impressive bounce back into the industry after her terrible accident.

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  9. Susan says:

    Glad to S.H.E back again! They are still as good as before. I have already ordered a copy of their album. Keep going S.H.E!

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