Raymond Lam’s 2011 Hong Kong Coliseum Concert

[vsw id=”oUh-FJjAcFs” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Raymond Lam’s July 2011 concert held at the Hong Kong Coliseum, featuring guest stars Grasshopper and Andy Hui!

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    1. TQ :P. I also recorded some videos. Of course, most of LF fans know Yuki for good quality videos.

  1. good show, i am totally love it ,awesome ray and bravo ray.

    1. mars,
      LOL maybe Ray will hold a 4th concert in a row next year at HK Coliseum! 🙂

  2. best concert to me,well done for ray lam and continue to shine.

  3. awesome concert,well done for ray,the injury didnt effect his performance,blood and his sweat to pave a way out of his blues,good luck for him.

  4. @Yee, His DVD concert will came out end the SEPTEMBER.

  5. Good work Ray, awesome concert really love it, but its hard to have a four face stage, because he keeps turning around not knowing which way to face.

  6. News just came out… Another one of Raymond’s ‘secret girl’ makes an appearance: http://www.tvbchannel.com/face-222-raymond.html

    Reminds me of Mavis Pan. From Mainland. It’s a matter of time until her weibo gets bombared with hate mail from Ray fans. No intimate pics yet of her and Raymond, but there’s pics of her in Raymond’s house. It’s suspicious hanging at Raymond’s house 4am in the morning… who is she? Angel Fong Fong


    1. do you think its Raymond’s ‘girls’ or related to him? She looks like his cousin Lin Xia Wei a bit hmmmm

      1. The girl looks like Jessie Shum more.

        Oh she is quite cute. Xiamen girl?

        Hmm, why I can’t find some of the mentioned pix (the pix of her in his house) in the weibo? I still can find the pic of her with the Alaska Husky and the comments of her and DY.

        BTW, she isn’t someone in the industry, is it’s too harsh to say of her like this? Plus, I wonder how can the reporters know she is a girl who work in bar. Her profile and weibo have no of such info.

      2. I mean the pix of her with the awards. Can’t find it.

        Wanna see which day it is posted but can’t find then can’t know.

        If they broke up then wat’s up with the other pix and the whole storyline in Face?

      3. Hey Fox, I just checked her blog again – she deleted that husky post I told you yesterday!!! I bet she deleted those award pics as well before we all saw it.

        Story is mainly about Raymond’s other girl and that he was dating Angel while he was dating Mavis.

      4. I saw. She also deleted a lot of blog entries. I think the rumour somehow affected her husband so she decided to do such thing. Well, it isn’t good for her, her husband and even her son (lucky that the boy is still small) when ppl around them saw that.

    2. Lara,
      Allegedly Angel and Raymond were together when he was dating Mavis. Angel even taunted Mavis on blog recently. I wonder how will Ray be responding.

      Is Raymond becoming the new Tiger Woods, in the sense that all the women are coming out to say they slept with him?

      1. Oops, PSS denied that she dun say so about Rose and the reporters made up everything.

      2. Someone on weibo just @ PSS and made it look like it was her who made that comment. PSS didn’t make that comment.

      3. and some other users show it can be easily reproduced/faked.

      4. Jayne, different!! Tigers Woods was married and advocating a family guy image when apparently he was such a cheapskate he even slept with the other women on his wife’s bed, didn’t even bother with flowers, etc and guess what? He’s still here. People are very forgiving towards sportsmen.

        Ray was and still is single. So he can sleep around if he wants. The girls know, they taunt each other as you said, so they must know what they were getting into when they launched themselves at him. Doesn’t male Ray less of a lothario but girls willing, guy can, so why not?

      5. Funn,
        “Ray was and still is single. So he can sleep around if he wants.”

        Allegedly, Ray was dating Mavis Pan when he was also involved with Angel Fong Fong. While it is uncertain whether Mavis and Raymond did agree to exclusively date each other, Mavis’ Next interview made it sound like they were certainly serious with Raymond giving her the ring.

        I realize that Tiger Woods’ scandal was of greater magnitude due to his married state. As I noted earlier, I just find it interesting that two women have come forward to shout, “I have slept with Raymond Lam!” to achieve fame. On this note, Raymond’s situation reminds me of Tiger Woods.

        If you slept with a celebrity, would you blast it on your blog? Something to brag about, perhaps makes your ego proud? Perhaps I would brag to my female friends, but I wouldn’t want the world to know nor to take photos so that it leaves an imprint forever.

      6. “If you slept with a celebrity, would you blast it on your blog? Something to brag about, perhaps makes your ego proud? ”

        Depends. If it is an agreed one night stand and no more, yes, probably but no one would believe me anyway.

        If it is an ongoing one or we like each other or I think he does, I want to see bigger picture. I want to have him as my boyfriend and so I will not say a word to anyone until I am certain there is a relationship and even then I will play by his rules; meaning he is a celebrity, can’t be made public until perhaps marriage.

        I place love above ego. Ego won’t get you money nor happiness or bag that guy every woman wants but only you get.

    3. Maybe Mavis wasn’t lying after all…. Raymond cheated on her hmmm . Can’t blame Mavis to come out about it if Ray really cheated then his a d-head.

      1. It isn’t a good move to PSS at all. She ruined him a bit but ruined herself more. Maybe this is why now she denied that all the comments she made to her love rivals (Rose) are reporters’ made up story.

      2. @ Fox

        Maybe she’s telling the truth. Gossip reporters are part time scriptwriters.

      3. @ Fox

        You ask 100 person also 100 will say you paragraph above indicate that you don’t believe her.

    4. It’s a matter of time until her weibo gets bombared with hate mail from Ray fans

      I saw her weibo is following by a lot of his fans.

      Just a think, who noe if she is his cousin. Not the first time his cousin is said to be his lover. Last time Lin Xia Wei is said to be his lover once and her pic is still now be used as one of his girl. If it’s really that, I wonder how ppl will react, lol.

      1. She looks a bit like Lin Xia Wei… that’s why I suspected if she was related to him. Do you know if she is Fox since ur a Ray fan?

      2. Only can know when the main character give out response. Other than that, how can know?

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