Leehom Wang Releases “CZ12” Theme Song

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Leehom Wang (王力宏) performs the catchy theme song to  Jackie Chan’s (成龍) highly anticipated movie CZ12 <十二生肖>, which will open in theaters on December 20. The music video, which stars Leehom and Jackie, was released earlier this week.

Since collaborating in the 2010 action-comedy film, Little Big Soldier <大兵小將>, Leehom and Jackie have remained close friends. In 2010 and 2012, Jackie made guest appearances at Leehom’s concert; the men even kissed in Leehom’s Hong Kong Coliseum concert in September! Leehom called Jackie his idol and hopes that the CZ12 theme song is good enough for him.

The music video takes a goofy beat in which Leehom and 12 school children in nerdy boxy eyeglasses and mushroom-cut hairstyles are learning the Chinese Zodiac. Jackie Chan appears and performs a silly dance with Leehom. The cute and cheerful images of Leehom, the children, and Jackie will help bring a happy holiday atmosphere to the audience.

In the video, not only does Leehom don a goofy nerdy student outfit, he also dances to his newly created dance move. Inspired by the number “2” in CZ 12, the video shows him dancing on top of a student desk constantly flashing the victory gesture or “2”.

When Jackie joins Leehom in the music video, the two strike a comedic pose of a snake and a rooster. Jackie used his classical pose of the snake attack from his movie, Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow <蛇形刁手> while Leehom did a silly one-handed gesture to mimic the rooster’s beak and the crown with the other hand.

CZ12 is said to be Jackie Chan’s last action film. Leehom is a huge fan of Jackie, so when Jackie asked him to help with the theme song, Leehom dropped all his work at the time and flew over to work with Jackie. After going over the first cut of the movie, the talented Leehom composed the theme, wrote the lyrics, and directed the video.  The lyrics, naturally, revolved around the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, but Leehom rearranged the orders of the zodiac animals to adapt to the lyrics, making the song fun and easy to remember.

Watch Leehom’s “CZ12” Music Video!

Source: Yangtse.com

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    十二生肖 CZ12 记者会 Jackie Chan in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur – “CZ12” Promo Tour (Part 2/2)

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    Cz12 official song is very nice and good lyrics. That’s all

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