Music Album Review: By2’s “2020”

By on November 19, 2012 in MUSIC

by By2

Language: Mandarin
Released by Ocean Butterflies Music on August 3, 2012


By2’s latest extend play/mini album 2020 <2020愛你愛妳>, though a short record with only four tracks, is a decent album choice if you want to look into listening more Chinese music.

To those who have not heard of By2, here is the breakdown: they are a pop duo consisting of 20-year-old twins, Miko (白緯芬) and Yumi Bai (白緯玲) from Singapore. They trained for two years before debuting under Ocean Butterflies International in 2008. Although they are from Singapore, they are primarily based in Taiwan.

The album is extremely short, with only four songs averaging 3 and a half minutes long. The album’s title song and first track, “2020 Love You Love You” <2020愛你愛妳> is a bubbly dance track. All of these emotions would rush into my mind when I listen to the song and read the lyrics – feeling young and fresh. Energetic and daring. The euphoric feelings of hanging out with your best friends, of being with your first crush….

That is, all of these emotions should rush into mind. But they did not. The song is a happy song to listen to, but it does not get me jumping to my feet to dance along. The music video is also not very impressive. The gray undertone is too dark for such an upbeat song. Their dancing is also not up to par. But I’m not going to lie – these girls are cute, and they look genuinely happy in the music video.

The second track, the extremely karaoke-friendly “You Don’t Know Me” <你並不懂我>, is much better to listen to. This is surprising because this track is a ballad, and I am not much of a ballad fan. I suppose the music video contributed a huge part to my enjoyment of the song, because I thought the music video was very well made.

Another karaoke-friendly song, the third track “Touching the Heart Touches Love” <觸動心觸動愛>, is quite similar to the first track in tone. It is fast-paced and bubbly like “2020 Love You Love You,” but I personally enjoyed this song much more than the former. With repetitive beats, “Touching the Heart Touches Love” is catchier, and definitely a jam I would listen to on repeat.

A ballad with contemporary beats, “Love Storms Through the Door” <愛情闖進門> is the fourth and last track. I do not have much to comment on this song aside from the fact that I like it more than the album’s title song, but that does not say much.

In conclusion, By2’s 2020 is a competent album. It’s not an album I would rush to the stores to buy, but it is definitely an ear-opener for me, and now I am interested in learning more about the girls.

Watch By2’s Latest Music Videos

“2020 Love You Love You” <2020愛你愛妳>

“You Don’t Know Me” <你並不懂我>

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Music Album Review: By2’s “2020”

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  • 14 comments to Music Album Review: By2’s “2020”

    1. jayne says:

      I like By2’s album very much. They can sing decently and their music has an upbeat mood to it.

      I had “You Don’t Know Me” < 你並不懂我> on repeat many times already.

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      • sure-lee replied:

        ME TOOOOOOO <3

        Login or Register before you can reply to sure-lee
        • Looooooooooo replied:

          There are another identical twins hk based group namely aoa comprise of older sister annelle and annice. They co-operate with raymond lam tvb anniversary light switching ceremony performing tap dance.they really impress me

          Login or Register before you can reply to Looooooooooo
    2. Cloud says:

      I thought they were going to be like Twins. Fortunately, these girls actually can sing.

      Login or Register before you can reply to Cloud
    3. sure-lee says:

      For me, 2020 is an okay song, but the melody isn’t the best (even tho it’s still pretty catchy). My fave is also “You Don’t Know Me”. The tune is so good and I love how there’s a part where this beat comes in and makes everything stronger. The two other songs are also really enjoyable, because it’s so cheerful and the melody is just awesomee! I love this mini album 🙂 Looking forward to more songs from By2!

      Login or Register before you can reply to sure-lee
    4. Funn Lim says:

      synthesised voices, autotune to death but doesn’t matter. If talentless duo like twins can be so darn famous for being below mediocre, they will be ok. But Taiwan is a tough market.

      Login or Register before you can reply to Funn Lim
      • Veejay replied:

        Dont worry funn, i’m sure they can make it thru since they’re well equipped now as in “PS” done 100%

        Login or Register before you can reply to Veejay
        • Funn Lim replied:

          Veejay not even sure if it is PS. Saw Taiwanese shows and their make up skills are awesome.

          Login or Register before you can reply to Funn Lim
        • Funn Lim replied:

          “By2 is a Singaporean duo composed of twins Miko (Bai Wei-Fen, 白緯芬 (the older sister)) and Yumi (Bai Wei-Ling, 白緯玲 (the younger sister))”

          No wonder!!

          Login or Register before you can reply to Funn Lim
        • star replied:

          Funn, no wonder what?
          I’m shocked that they’re so popular. I listened to their songs few years back (I think when they just debuted in SG around 2007) and I don’t like them at all. So act cute, even until now when I saw them on JSG.

          Login or Register before you can reply to star
        • Veejay replied:


          I think you can find article of them admitting they had PS done. I rmb reading it online and they were pretty open about it.

          Login or Register before you can reply to Veejay
      • Lolly replied:

        Funn, too funny, too true!

        Login or Register before you can reply to Lolly
      • Terminator replied:

        You guys are bursting my bubble.

        I have thought that talents rule in the CPop scene.

        Login or Register before you can reply to Terminator
    5. Mr. Lee says:

      From the live performances I saw they were like boring, expressionless mannequins.

      Login or Register before you can reply to Mr. Lee