BY2’s Yumi Presses Charges Against Pervert Masseur

By on January 20, 2019 in NEWS

BY2’s Yumi Presses Charges Against Pervert Masseur

Recently, news broke out Singapore pop group BY2 member, Yumi (白緯玲), was molested by a masseur in Beijing last month. The singer finally broke her silence to shed light on the situation, revealing the scary incident she encountered.

When Yumi entered a massage parlor in Beijing last December, a masseur introduced himself to her, wanting to give her a massage to which she agreed because of how tired she was. Taking advantage of the fact that they were together in a room by themselves, the other party molested her while facing her. When people questioned why didn’t she defend herself and kick him, she helplessly said, “I was doing an oil massage, how can I kick him? How can I take down a male by myself? If he locked the door, what would I have done?”

Immediately afterward, she wanted to stop the massage, but the predator insisted on continuing. Originally not wanting to make it into a big issue, Yumi only told her friends about the experience, but they strongly advised her to report the incident to the police. “The people around me all said it was too extreme, almost to the extent of rape,” she said. “I think girls need to be careful, they need to protect themselves.”

Traumatized by what happened, Yumi was unable to sleep the next two days and eventually had her twin sister, Miko (白緯芬), who makes up the other half of BY2 and her manager to accompany her to the police station in Beijing to file a police report. “The police arrested the guy the same day using wrist cuffs, it was very scary,” Yumi said.

She panicked, as it was her first time seeing the police arrest someone and she also had to identify the culprit. The duration from filing a report to arresting the suspect only took 10 hours in total. Yumi is scarred from the incident and said she does not dare to get a masseur in the future.

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  • 7 comments to BY2’s Yumi Presses Charges Against Pervert Masseur

    1. mike says:

      The are some massage places that help the client feel ‘happy’. Its usually done by women masseur to pleasure other women.
      Don’t know what happened in that room. If she felt she was touched intimately and she didn’t want it, she must shout no verbally and physically protect herself and leave that room asap.

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    2. linda says:

      This is incredibly scary. I have read stories regarding sexual assaults and it does seem like us girls tend to get so scared in that moment that we dare not go against the predator too aggressively, for fear that he will hurt us more, I think girls mostly don’t feel confident in terms of physical strength when it is 1 male to 1 female. The mentality is that the girl is scared and just wants the nightmare to end ASAP

      What I’m trying to say is that it is easy for others to say ‘why don’t you just kick him in his balls’, but when fear overcomes you, yes you will be scared of “what if the door is locked?!??”

      All the above is just my own thinking, I fortunately have not been in this scary type of situation before

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      • dramas4me replied:


        You are right. When one gets scared. Some people become numbed & don’t know to react to it. Personally I don’t get massage from men because i never want to get to the uncomfortable situation. Also most of them are too strong. At the same time I would never get an oil massage from a man. With the dim light & a strange man – it’s a dangerous combination.

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    3. passingby says:

      For the life of me, I can’t understand why women would want to get massage from a man. It is definitely creepy to be massaged by an unknown man even if it’s all professional.

      Login or Register before you can reply to passingby
      • linda replied:

        @passingby I think it is considered quite common in China. When I was in my late teens, whenever my family went to Guangzhou to visit friends, my dad would bring my mum and I to foot message regularly because he loved it. The masseurs were men, and “foot message” also includes neck area and back LOL

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      • terrycrews19 replied:

        men on average are much stronger and can give a deeper massage

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    4. niangniang says:

      Wow, I won’t receive a whole body massage from a stranger man…Foot or back massage in the open space is fine but a whole body massage in a private room is looking for trouble….

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