Shirley Kwan After Suicide Scare; Insists Eric Tsang is Not Her Son’s Father

“I had thoughts of committing suicide. I never said I would do it,” Shirley Kwan (關淑怡) firmly expressed.

On September 9, 2012, Shirley left a despairing message on her Facebook account, expressing that she wanted to commit suicide. Shirley explained that she has met many hypocritical and ungrateful people in her life. Aside from her young son, Shirley could not find a reason for her to live anymore.

For hours afterward, Shirley could not be contacted after she posted the suicidal note. It was as if she vanished on the surface of the globe. Shirley’s phone was turned off. She was not at home. She was not at work. Her family failed in attempting to contact her.

“I will not say where I went,” Shirley said in her interview with Southern Metropolis Daily. “I just wanted go to a place where I could be alone, where I could be at peace with my own thoughts. I wouldn’t say I was missing. I waited for my son to fall asleep before I left. I told my housekeeper to tell him that I would be on a business trip for a few days, and I left some cash them. I didn’t bring many things. Only a pair of clothes to change.”

Shirley explained that her sudden depression came from “too many rumors, too many baseless rumors that have hurt me.”

“I am here today to clarify everything. I want justice,” said Shirley.

Diva or Misunderstanding?

Shirley was well-known within the entertainment circle and colleagues for her diva and inconsiderate attitude. When had she gained such a negative image?

“It all started five years ago. Jet magazine contacted my friend that they wanted to interview me and do a shoot for their front cover next season.  However, this friend never notified me about it. The magazine then went on to do location spotting and clothing sponsorship. The entire process took three months to prepare. After they were done with the preparations, my friend contacted them last minute that the shoot and interview were canceled. They could not contact me, and they blamed me for being missing in action. It was not until recently, when my manager Marianne told me about this incident. I feel so innocent and cheated!”

Shirley does not know why her friend framed her, nor had she ever asked him. “Many people thought he was my manager for a while, but I never had a manager until recently.”


“I do not feel lonely. The years I’ve spent with my son were the happiest years of my life,” Shirley said softly with a smile.

Shirley admitted that she often had lingering feelings of depression. “I am often alone in Hong Kong. All my friends and family live overseas. I tend to miss them a lot. Other than that, I don’t mind being alone. I am a loner – I’m the kind of person who enjoys sitting alone in a café, sipping coffee, reading a novel, or watching the people walk by in the windows. I can sit there for hours.

“And then the paparazzi come along and snap a picture of me, calling me a mentally unstable loner. So sitting alone in a café for a few hours automatically makes you crazy? The Hong Kong paparazzi can be really damaging.”

Eric Tsang is Not the Father of Her Son   

“He is my senior. How can this be possible?” Shirley laughed.

For years, Eric Tsang (曾志偉) was rumored to be the father of Shirley’s 10-year-old son. Shirley denied that Eric was the father, but refused to disclose the identity of the boy’s real father. “I never thought of marrying [my son’s father]. He is younger than me, but I am not much older than him.”

When the rumors of Eric and her were mentioned again, Shirley laughed loudly, “This, I must clarify. It’s too funny! After I gave birth to my son, I went back to Hong Kong from the United States. Eric invited me to star in an episode of the Super Trio <超級無敵獎門人> game show. Long story short, I didn’t know how to get there, so Eric offered to drive me. I knew where Eric lived, so I first drove to his place first, and then his driver took me to the studios. The paparazzi then snapped pictures of us together. When we got to TVB Studios, a story was already made up about Eric and I having already lived together for six months! I  can’t believe this rumor lasted ten years.”

After all that talk, Shirley still refused to disclose the name of her son’s father. “If I were to choose between marriage and my son, I will not choose marriage. No, I was never the third party. It’s just that we were not very compatible together, and we met at the wrong timing.”

However, Shirley revealed, “My son knows who his father is. He would often come and visit him.”

Shirley was smiling throughout the duration of the interview. “After I let all of that out, I feel much better now. Thank you.”


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  1. I was almost “shocked” when glimpse through the heading title “shirley after suicide….” i thought she has #@%^…. lucky, she only revealing her interviews here… Shirley in the 80s/90s is really sexy & pretty then, full of mystery-cool aura… Now she has “matured” into “exquisite” fine lady…Yes, we can judge that she is indeed woman that prefer to be “alone” cool yet not aloof…she disappeared in mid 90s when she clashed with paparazzi… she is very much “Faye Wong” persona or “Enya” persona… She is comparable to Faye Wong, sandy lam, vivian chow, cass phang

    1. In the early 90s, she is a highly-sought after popular singer due to her “wispery-angelic hanuting voice” & her eccentric fashionista style & experience with highly-stylistic hair-cut (from long to short) which appear in her “eX” album.. its sad, due to her “paparazzi-shy” persona, she willing to disappear from entertainment,,, if she continue then, i believe she will be very popular like Faye Wong & Sandy Lam…Mid-2000s she trying to launch comeback with concert but “lukewarm”, she is quite sad on this… Maybe different generation, so the taste also change…. Another highly-acclaimed singer that choose to retire for family commitment is Cass Phang.. but Cass prefer solitude simple lifestyle..Cass was once debuted ugly but morphed into “beauty”

  2. Here’s the media at best, blowing things outta proportion, or at worst, making things up. No wonder they say the pen is mightier than the sword. I liked Shirley’s songs in the 90’s. She seems to be the type who’s not super gregarious or a social butterfly – she’s just true to herself. I’m glad she stood up for herself and clarified things.

  3. Paparazzi is really scary. Depression is frightening. These two don’t mix well. Sometimes I like being alone with privacy too and hate when people barge in like that.

  4. I’ve always enjoyed Shirley’s songs. She has a very crisp voice. It’s good to know that she’s feeling a lot better these days, and that the father of her son is still visiting his child. The media is indeed very powerful. What they report can destroy one’s career even if it’s untrue.

  5. She is a great singer but I can understand why she is not likeable. Some of the things she said does not make sense. But she is fine now so I suppose all is well.

  6. What we heard from news was she got depressed ” as her come-back career & having new album is yet to accomplish, her contract last minute cancel (postpone) due to her “sadness” experiences, her financial difficulty & friend betrayal on helping her to revive her singing career…. anyway, she will have up-coming concert in Hong Kong, where her good freind vivian chow & alam tan both r very supportive

  7. As a single parent is not that easy especially in this industry moreover in Hong Kong what can you so more ….must be strong lady…out there

  8. If anyone claimed that I slept with Eric Tsang and had a kid from it, that would drive me to suicide as well.
    How demoralizing, embarrassing, and insulting that insinuation/accusation is.

  9. It seems to be a very Cantonese thing (definitely not a Korean thing unless towards a Chinese) to get really intimate with someone (platonically) and then at the first chance even if it takes years to slip them a banana peel as Shirley Kwan describes her friend ruining her professional reputation. I’ve seen it happen and feel fortunate that I’m not a joiner. I also feel that all personal relationships should be based on sincerity and not just to fill time on your schedule and that means there are many signals that a friend is not for you because there are many ungraceful people out there – including me.

  10. bless the poor lady,
    i know how she feels, sometimes you just wanna be alone.
    how many ppl are like that in this world? You can laugh loud and play loud but once you go home your by yourself feeling cold and lonely.
    Dont get me wrong, i hang around with a big group of chinese ppl in uk and all you get is gossip.. deep down ppl are envious of this and that,
    the only thing i dont like about ppl are if you have something they have to have someone better than you … to me thats fine they way you are..

    at the end of the day shirley, just ignore ppl, and live life to the max with your son.. bless you x

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