Shirley Kwan Heats Up the Coliseum in Her Concert

Shirley Kwan (關淑怡)’s 2-day “Philip Stein Your Favorite Shirley Kwan Suk E in Concert 2013”  sizzled on its opening night on Saturday, with revealing costumes and exceedingly suggestive sexual dance moves.

Despite claiming to be recuperating from a flu, Shirley was no less sensational in her opening songs where she sang renditions of classics from Anita Mui (梅艷芳), Leslie Cheung (張國榮) and Jackie Cheung (張學友). Looking ravishing in a tube dress and 5-inches heel, she belted out song after song with no sign of letting down.

When Shirley came back on stage after, she was dressed from head to toe in a body-hugging black lace leotard which left little to the imagination but definitely left her fans screaming for more.

Highly Sexual Dance Moves

The climax of the show must belong to the dance Shirley did with a male dancer who was dressed in black lace and high heels. Not only did Shirley allow him to touch her body, including the sensitive parts, they also engaged in an extremely suggestive dance. At one point, the male dancer gyrated against Shirley’s rear erotically. Not wanting to be outdone, Shirley turned and sat on the dancer, her hips swaying side to side. This led the male dancer to bury his face in her chest. Both were so engrossed in their dance that Shirley lost her balance and fell off the stage, bringing along some of the stage props. However, Shirley quickly regained her composure and continued with her performance.

Following that, Shirley engaged in another seductive dance with 8 other male dancers. Afterward, she invited Grasshopper (草蜢) on stage and together, performed a provocative song and dance item. Throughout her performance, Shirley appeared in a slew of revealing outfits, showing off her wild and sexy side.

Friends Giving Moral Support

Close friends such as fellow singers Joey Yung (容祖兒), Wyman Wong (黃偉文), Karen Tong (湯寶如) and sisters Kathy Chow (周汶錡) and Niki Chow (周麗淇) were present to give their support. Alan Tam (譚詠麟) was invited on stage to duet with her, where he rallied the crowd to give Shirley encouragement to continue singing and not suddenly disappear again.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. OMG she looks SO HORRIBLE NOW she use to be okay at one point lol……….

  2. “Both were so engrossed in their dance that Shirley lost her balance and fell off the stage”…. hmm, very sexy… not.

  3. She does look hard and not feminine at all. Now we ask, were the crowds focusing more on her singing or her “contortions” on stage and her sparsely clad costume? Artistes like her attract a different kind of crowd I guess.

  4. never really liked shirley and her voice, especially in the previous years. sounds too airy and pitchy.

  5. She comes across as having depression – with her extreme highs and lows.

    1. very unstable mood swings…. too true.
      i wonder if bipolar disorder runs in the family at all?

  6. Why couldnt just focus on vocal?. Nearly 50 still do this kind of stunt. It was same as Lan xin mei as well. It’s kinda gross. She should think of her daughter feeling.

  7. wonder when is the DVD concert is out? she is pop diva of the 90s and she was once one of the most beautiful singers.. she really can sing and her concer costumes are very stylish… love shirley

    1. Yes, even having 2 parents is hard if you don’t make much financially and all. But being a single mom is twice as hard.

  8. she seems to be echoing some of Madonna’s moves…. madonna being 50 and still wearing almost nothing on stage… gyrating away like crazy… madonna even had her son up on stage at one point!

    i wonder if it is a desperate cry for attention from a fading pop diva?

  9. do only nostalgia seekers buy tickets? Why would young people go who were not “consuming” her in her heyday? or do your parents drag you to these things?

  10. You are people really not respectable !?!!!!!!
    In her age and experience which she done she look fantastic !
    To have 2 days performance in Coliseum and 20 000 people sing with her dance and screaming I thing she amaizing !
    Will see how you guys going to look like with that experience like Shirley

  11. WTF happened to her here??? Did she just get out of a chinese soap opera session ???

    1. One has to have heavier make up than normal in a stage performance. Plus, isn’t it a trend for singers nowadays to have outrageous make up and costume nowadays?

      She doesn’t age that well, but, she has a great singing voice. People go to her concert to listen to her sing.

  12. Saw the youtube recently,the dance with the male dancer is indeed erotic and hot. Too bad she did not engage such dance move with Grasshopper,else will be even more exciting ;). Her voice is still very good,love her singing.

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